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Biography SAGITTARIUS Edward
photo SAGITTARIUS Edward
Born July 21, 1937 in Perovo Moscow region..
Country USSR.
Position Striker
Clubs: "Torpedo" Moscow (1954-58, 1965-70).
In the championships of the USSR: has 222 matches and scored 100 goals.

There was another football player, was referred to so many, long and discordant, as Eduard Streltsov. And it was not suesloviem, empty peremyvaniem seed. As he was a prominent man in the field, . major, . recognizable at a glance, . Nature fashioned for football exploits, . and all the circumstances of his life were the major players, . sharply delineated, . dramatic, . open, . convenient for, . so they posostyazatsya views.,

. He started ..
. Let help Tyutchev the line: "... when the first spring thunder, as if to frolic and play, thunder in the sky blue". In 1954, he was seventeen, but already all of Moscow had heard that the "Torpedo" came Sagittarius. Full-what else - like purposely invented to Frontline! Boyish blond forelock, angularity, a shy smile and taller vymahal their adult companions, the force it has, the legs themselves run baggy strides. Then just broke up with football Ponomarev, Bobrov, Beskov, Fedotov, Paichadze, Solov'ev - a galaxy of Frontline different cut, and somebody had to come to replace them. One Simonyan was not enough, without class "nines" People did not think of a football. Streltsov were happy, as a follower, this youngster claimed all in the idea that the earth does not fail on Frontline, everything is as it should be.

In his first season, he himself did not know, rumbling in the distance. And in the second thunder right overhead: Streltsov marched on the gates. Grow up its relief musculature, . Attaching his massive obedient dexterity, . introducing in the blink of an eye there, . which tore his eager heart attack, . and squatted on his white line in fear of goalkeepers, . flatten defenders, . knowing, . how to stop the looming edifice,
. It was the shock of the basics: a small team of junior factory Frazier "forced all tested masters and coaches wrestle with how to play against him. "Torpedo" was on the sidelines, is not directly compete with the then leader, the Moscow "Dynamo" and "Spartacus", but "the problem Streltsova" burned and fired the football all the society. The young center forward at that time of torpedovskogo quickly turned into a general, "our": in the national team he made his debut in Stockholm, and the gates of the Swedes scored three goals.

. In 1956, the 19-year-old Sagittarius in the list of "Top 33" is recognized as number one center forward
. At the Olympic Games in Melbourne in the puzzle game, with the Bulgarians, Streltsov scored a goal, who saved from imminent defeat and opened the way to victory - in short, was rescued. In the finale with the Yugoslavs it is true, coach G. Kachalin deduced from the composition, preferring Spartak played five forwards, led by 30-year Simonyan, and the gold medal Streltsov not received. Interestingly, while many people thought that he was not hurt I was in front of so many international tournaments in which he could not thunder!

Now the world championship, the first, which was attended by the Soviet national team. In the qualifying tournament she fell a further match with the Poles on a neutral field in Leipzig. And there Streltsov opened the account, we won 2:0, and now - the road in Sweden. All the while we were waiting for this championship with confidence that the Soviet national team does not frighten, as could be, and bring the "Golden Goddess". Needless to say, the balance of power in world football we have seen in the rosy mist of Brazilians to be judged by the club "Athletics Portuguesa, visited Moscow, and nothing but jugglery, without showing. West Germany, the then world champion, our twice defeated in friendly match. Won at the stadium "Dinamo" famous clubs of England, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and the recent success at the Olympics in Australia means something. But that was no doubt is the fact that the team at G. Kachalina indeed formed as a selection.

And then, shortly before departure, calamity befell. Streltsov committed serious misconduct, after which it was not on the football field, either at home for six years, while the other two - defender of lights and right extreme Tatushin - were disqualified. Squad went on a journey with "patches" - without three key players. I was seconded to the championship in Sweden, and so far I as a witness, kept asking: "If it were then Sagittarius and Tatushin with Ogonkovym could our national team to take first prize?" Questions of this kind of answers do not exist. "If-then ..." But by itself this question, living for many years, conveys the bitterness of misguided expectations, then tested by many.

Streltsov back to "Torpedo" in 1965. Was him on 28. That and not the. The same muscles, massive, sweeping step. Bald head, the movement pomyagchavshie, slow. Stout gust replaced prudence, caution. Young Frontline replaced football with the same name, which has not advanced on the gate, like a thunderstorm, and approached him, leading the partners, combining together with them, sharing Roofing felt the chances of. And we discovered another Streltsov. With many forwards this change happens, but it happens gradually from season to season, there have been committed at once, cool. They waited one, there was another. However, the other was so interesting that of the young, if not thrown out of his head, then set aside in the past. And engaged in a new, goals are still scoring, but coolly, as if in the case, and most of all the leading game, looking for the continuation of the unprecedented, generous and patient, whose dominance in the team is now expressed in the wisdom of senior. Both Edik, Sagittarius, was a figure, and this, Eduard Streltsov, used in the field of human queen.

There is a book "I see the field". It was written Streltsov in collaboration with the writer Alexander Nilin. I think that Streltsov has the right to be satisfied with a book - it is one of the best in the genre of football memoirs. And the name of her exact.

Not about the book I want to say (it is self-explanatory), and the impressions of it made. By, . Streltsov, . looks at us from its pages, not just the man to ruminate (in this order of things, . although most of the memoirs of the authors - informants, . Events commenting with rustic categorically), . a and doubters, . avoidant jump to conclusions and judgments, . admits, . that admits different interpretations of an event, . the role of a man,
. Following the progress of his thoughts while reading, I always saw him at the same time on the field. He played well - not insisting that the WHO-can one single solution he knows, but some are not suitable. He had a high opinion about football. To say that I loved him, he will still respect. There he had the honor to football, playing it, football is his gift, allowing him to play on the big stadiums. Modesty? No, this is more complicated: elevation view of a true master, which opened the possibility of his case, hidden from casual observation, and they themselves are not implemented in full. Such an attitude to football stars and to inspire full confidence in myself. He played and searched, played and thought, played and suffered, if I can not. When I now sometimes that we see Streltsova in the stands, watching the game, I feel that he continues to look and think - so he goes to himself.

And one impression. In the books of famous football championships, tournaments, matches, travel cases, talk so closely adjusted to each other that could not help thinking: "That's as interesting to an old man!" The book Streltsova this motley entourage not much. It's wonderful that the author found, than to replace it. But sadly. The man whom so much was given, which was destined to become a figure of world written values (say, and say: "But could be like Pele, as he worse?"), Has remained outside the main line of fable of his time. Had the opportunity to speak at three World Cups and three European championships, but was not on any. "Torpedo" in his absence, in 1960, became team-standard. In 1964 torpedovtsy could almost have lasted up to the champion title - lost to Dinamo Tbilisi additional match in Tashkent. Streltsova was not with them.

Only once he was able to experience success. This was the first year after return. He carried forward his "Torpedo", has scored more than anyone, the fall became the champion of the country and once again, as in his youth, in the "Top 33" was named the first center forward.

Two times in a row, in 1967 and 1968, journalists, elected him the best player of the year. Usually, the results of voting are linked to the achievements of the club or national team, where the winner. But in 1967, "Torpedo" remained at the 12 th place in 1968 - the third, and Streltsova withdrew from the team, and he did not go to the European Championship. The conjuncture was clearly against. However, over the prevailing market conditions outstanding master. Interestingly, after the May 1968 he was taken out of the team he played in the national championship easily and is young and has scored 21 ball, as if he knew that he bvlshe do not play. In two seasons Streltsov appeared on the field, but not scoring goals.

Big players, whether we like it or not, we recall in the team, where they shone, at the same time with their partners. They did not pull out, and do not need. Even Pele, I can not imagine beyond Garrincha, Didi, Jairzinho, Tersona, Tostцёo, in addition to the Brazil 1958 and 1970. Streltsov, however, by itself. And to his fate, and with his game. When on a player as the highest praise they say that the audience "went at it, sometimes it looks like an exaggeration. At Streltsova actually went.

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SAGITTARIUS Edward, photo, biography
SAGITTARIUS Edward, photo, biography SAGITTARIUS Edward  football player, photo, biography
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