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( football player, midfielder, coach)

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Biography SUAREZ Luis
photo SUAREZ Luis
Born May 2, 1935.
Country Spain
. Position striker, midfielder, coach
. Clubs: Perseveransiya KF, . La Coruna (1949-1951), . Deportivo, . La Coruna (1951-1953), . Barcelona (all Spain) (1953-1960, . 216 matches, . 112 goals), . Inter, . Milan (1961-1970, . 256 matches, . 42 goals), . Sampdoria, . Genoa (both Italy) (1970-1972, . 63 matches, . 9 goals).,
. Coached: Genoa (1973/1974), Inter Milan (1974/1975, 1991/1992, 1995/1996), Cagliari (1975/1976), slept (1976/1977), Como (all Italy) (1977/1978), Deportivo , La Coruna (1978/1979), Albacete (both Spain) (1994/1995).
. In 1980-1988 he worked with the youth team in Spain (up to 21 years, the European champion in 1986).
. He was assistant coach of Spain at the world championships 1982, 1986.
. In 1988/1989-1990/1991 led the national team of Spain.
. Member of the World Cup 1990.
. In 1996/1997 works in Inter
. Titles: Champion of Europe 1964, . Winner of the Golden Ball European Footballer of 1960, . In 1961 and 1964, served in ratings 2 nd place, . Champion of Spain 1959, . 1960, . Cup of Spain 1957, . 1959, . Champion of Italy 1963, . 1965, . 1966, . Fairs Cup winners 1958, . 1960, . Cup Champions 1964, . 1965, . Intercontinental Cup 1964, . 1965, . Champions Cup finalist 1961, . Member of 1962 FIFA World Cup, . 1966,
Team 1957-1972: held 32 matches and scored 14 goals.


To this day, Suarez - the only Spaniard who has won the "Golden Ball". Talent allowed him to show himself as a beautiful dribleru, master stroke, scorer. Instead, it opened as a distinct team-player. The desire to make its collective skill was in his blood, reflects its spirit.

Luis Suarez grew up in a family, are middle class. His father, Agust-n owned slaughterhouse in La Coruna. Offspring from an early age have little respect for his father's craft and technique razdelyvaniya carcasses of cattle and preferred technique for the Treatment of soccer ball. He passed through several small teams of his native city - Accin Catolica Santo Toms (1945 - 1948 gg.) "Hercules" (1948 - 1949 gg.) "Perseveransiyu" (1949 - 1951 gg.) While in 16 -- age is not found in the main club - Deportivo La Coruna. Brought him there Skopelli Alessandro, Argentine striker and "Roma" 30-ies, who worked in "Depor" breeder. But Depor Luis recognized immediately, after spending a year in the branch, which was called "Fabril.

December 6, 1953 coach Depor Carlos Urraspe first released 18-year-old Junior in the championship match of the Spanish. He took the place of left insiders in the attack quintet Arsenio - Osvaldo - Pain - Suarez - Marrodzh. Rival was "Barcelona". Game Luisito immediately created a furor, and the whole army of fans unanimously demanded that the leadership Bara player to buy. What was done after five months, during which Suarez managed to play for Deportivo La Coruna 17 games and score 2 goals (first ball he received from Real Sociedad, it was his third game in a row in the strongest division). When he appeared in "Bars", JosL Samitier, at that time revered as one of its most important legends, said the prophetic words: "This guy will make people forget about me."

. Sezon-1953/54 still in progress when Suarez first tried the blue-garnet form
. By curious coincidence, "Barcelona" has taken on that day: Deportivo La Coruna. It was a quarter-cup, and Luis contributed defeat his former team - 4:0.


Agents of "Voodoo" Herrera

The line of attack "Barcelona" at the time was overloaded with high-class masters
. Several rescued that "Barcelona" appeared on many fronts (in particular, the rules had not yet been banned at one and the same time and fight for the Champions Cup and Cup of Industry), which gave young people more opportunities to express themselves.

. Suarez tried to use them, but still remained in the shadow of this "monster" like Cuba
. The situation changed when Barcelona came Helenio Herrera - fashionable trainer, twice won the league title with Madrid Atletico Madrid. He was obsessed with radically restructure the game of "Barcelona", making it more collective. Those who played by exploiting their individual qualities, are no longer welcomed. In particular this applies Kubalia - the most striking individuality. Previously he was the unquestioned leader, and here came holerichny Herrera and sent it to the second role.

Incidentally Herrera and outlined a new leader - Luis Suarez. His manner of playing the most responsible thoughts "Magician" of the collective style. However, in Spain fully develop his ideas could not. In the spring of 1960 "Barcelona" has once again failed to block the Real Madrid way to the Champions Cup, meekly yielding to him in the semifinals (1:3,1:3), and Herrera was dismissed.

In the same 1960 Suarez received the "Golden Ball". Judging by the results, it looks like a misunderstanding. After all, Spain's national team has achieved nothing, refusing to play with the Soviets in the quarterfinals of the first European Cup, allegedly for political reasons, but in reality, according to experts, just out of fear of a strong rival.

. Nevertheless received honorary trophy Suarez
. With all due respect to him, a much greater extent in the year it deserved Pusks, author of poker in the Champions Cup final. But the disgraced Hungarian, for whom did not file a single vote, representatives of the socialist camp, remained in second place.


Inter: Glory and humiliation

"Golden Ball" Suarez served as a prelude to this takeoff, . who helped him accomplish all the same Helenio Herrera, . peremetnuvshiysya in the camp of "Inter" and cleaned up a little later Galician to him.,

. When Herrera came to Inter, there was also a brilliant individualist - Antonio Andzhelillo, a resultant forward Argentine origin and favorite local public
. Mage decided the first thing to uproot "unnecessary" tree and, using the data to them a blank check, made it. On the cleared site, he led the summer of 1961 his own favorite, around which planned to build a game update "Inter". "Barcelona" has received for Suarez's 25 million pesetas (in lire - about $ 300 million), a record for the amount of time. For information: she herself had paid for it in its time 50 thousand pesetas.

Herrera Surez took the middle line, as well as thinking of another player - Armando Picchi. Both were serving forwards - Mazzola and Jair. "Of all the important keys of the instrument, which was called La Grande Inter, Suarez has always been the greatest" - used to say Herrera. Unlike his mentor, who was distinguished by an explosive manner of behavior, Luis has always remained silent and balanced.

No one disputed the role of Suarez in the impressive crop of prizes, which brought "Inter" in the 60 years. But as he approached the "old" age, more often asked questions: where will he go? "Nowhere," - replied curtly, Angelo Moratti, has remained as president of "Inter". Ivano Fraytstsoli, he has taken over the reins of government, echoed him: "Suarez - this Inter. He will continue to play and at the same time prepare themselves for the role of coach. "

Starting in the summer of 1970 vacation to their homeland, Luis believed these words. When the holidays come to an end, once casually glanced at a newspaper. And from there on it looked Arshins title: "Suarez sold to Sampdoria.

. The new president of Inter's Fraytstsoli appeared as the whole story in a very ugly form.

. Suarez was on vacation with De Sisti, player of Fiorentina and the Italian national team
. Together they returned to Italy. At the airport, De Sisti raged and indignant, Suarez same as usual silent. And the questions answered with restraint: "For me, selling in Sampdoria - surprise. I received offers from more powerful clubs - Juventus and Cagliari. But, as I understand it, they were "Inter" rejected. Clearly, than send me to direct competitors, it is better to sell in that team, which fights for survival. From the president of his new club, I received a congratulatory telegram from the same old - nothing. Now I do not want to talk to him. "

With 35-year-old Suarez came as conventional waste materials, while Sampdoria Luis remained useful for a further three years. After his career, he returned to La Coruna, which in 1978 began his coaching activities. In 1980, he took an assistant coach for the national team of Spain, where he first helped JosL Emilio Santamar-a, then Miguel Muoz. In 1988 - 1990 years he led the team itself. In 1994, took an unfortunate return to club coaching career: "Albacete" fired him three months after the appointment. And then Suarez suddenly was in demand again, "Inter", where Massimo Moratti, respectfully referring to the glorious past created by the hands of his father, planned to return all the legendary players 60-ies. Everyone, including Suarez, found a job.

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SUAREZ Luis, photo, biography
SUAREZ Luis, photo, biography SUAREZ Luis  football player, midfielder, coach, photo, biography
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