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Jean Tigana

( football player, coach)

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Biography Jean Tigana
photo Jean Tigana
Born June 23, 1955 in Bamako (Mali).
Country France
. Position midfield, coach
. Clubs: Keylol Marsilius and Real Bamako (both Mali) (1971-1974), Jouet (1975), Toulon (1975-1978), Lyon (1978-1981), Bordeaux (1981-1989), Marseille (all France) (1989 -1992).
. In D-1 had 411 matches and scored 27 goals
. Titles: Champion of Europe 1984, third prize-winner 1986 FIFA World Cup, World Cup semi-finalist 1982, French Champion 1984, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991, Cup France 1986, 1987, best football France 1984, Commander of the Order of Merit.
. Coached Lyon, Monaco, Fulham (England)
France squad 1980-1989: Held 52 matches, 1 goal.
The first match for the national team: 23 May 1980 with the Soviet Union (0:1) in Moscow.
Last match for the team: 19 November 1988.

How to save ten francs

Tigana - the most obvious example of how a player with modest physique, perhaps in spite of everything, to take its place in history. Even in his best years Tigana looked very fragile (his height was 172 centimeters, weight - 62 kilograms). None of the performers of his level had so many obstacles when trying to bulldoze his way into the big football.

. Like many other superstars of football, Tigana spent his childhood and teenage years in severe need, without a penny in my pocket to twenty years
. His large family - parents and nine brothers and sisters - moved from Mali to France, when his own country had just gained its independence. Jean was four years old.

The family settled in a poor suburb of Marseille emigre named Grande Bastide de Casola (later in another the same quarter of the port city will rise another star superstars - Zinedine Zidane). No one was interested to small and frail, Jean. And he devoted his spare time, one lesson - football, gonyaya on a vacant lot improvised ball, woven paper, material and rubber, and dreaming of someday become a professional.

He, however, no one noticed. He, like small fish which have crept into the major cell networks football recruiters, hunters for football talent.

Tickets Olympique de Marseille worth ten francs. For Jeannot was a fortune, and he exerted all his boy's resourcefulness to still leak on the rostrum "velodrome". This most often happens this way: young Tigana coupled to the arm adult fan, . going to pass their ticket through the turnstile, . and while "Papa", . shocked by the unexpected, . pondered, . how to respond to such impudence, . Comptroller stayed behind.,

. Concepts such as "entertainment" and "education" in the family Tigana did not exist
. There was only a daily struggle for survival. Serious illness forced her father Jeannot leave school early and go to work. He settled down in the courier mail service Marseilles. Incidentally, tried to gain a foothold in the football team of this organization, but in the main part of it did not put.

Up to 20 years no one was willing to recognize Tigana football perspective. In the club "Kayol", where he had settled, and all were biased against him. All for the same reason - because of his weak physical training. In those years the standard of players in Europe were the Dutch Ajax: skillful, but at the same time necessarily tall, strong and powerful. But Tigana - that he: a chicken - and only.

. Nothing for Jean completed reviewing the "Cannes", "Nцўmes", "Nice."

. Had the opportunity to become a professional, he continued to play the "wild" level, while earning a living at the factory for the production of pasta
. In the town of Cassis on the Mediterranean coast, where he moved in search of work, he lighted a more or less lucrative work in the local post office. But, having arrived there, Tigana was disappointed: the place was already occupied.

He did not know what this trip will move the last thing off the ground. Once Tigana decided to play football on the beach with random company. And again by chance with this company rested Yves Kuderk, general manager, "Toulon" - the club second divizona.

Got acquainted with Jean, Kuderk offered him a one-year internship in his club. It was a modest proposal, but already something. 20-year-old Tigana was in seventh heaven!

Chance to show myself to him presented a month after the sezona-75/76. One of his mates was disqualified, and Tigana determined to take his place in the match with Genonom ". Jeannot played so well that for the remainder of the season with the number ten shirt stuck to him, and the club offered him a four-year contract.

However finalized Tigana only half the specified time. After two years in the state of "Toulon" death, he had quarreled with authoritarian tendencies coach Marcel Duval, who convinced the club to break the contract and put Tigana out the door.

. Duval so hated Jeannot, . that after two years, . Michel Hidalgo when the first named it among the candidates for the national team, . he sent him a lengthy dossier, . of which could form an opinion about Tigana, . as a complete scum and incorrigible stroptivtse,
. "He was on the gunshot could not fend for team!" - Concluded his message Duval. In Hidalgo had the sense to send it lampoons in the basket.

Aimц? Jacquet was his Good Angel

In the umpteenth time Tigana made a turn from the gate. But the situation was different than before: he already knew and had time to evaluate. "Martigues" was the first club to hurry up to pick up a talented but ownerless player. And when Jean was about to sign a contract with him, received an offer from Olympique Lyonnais. Of course, it was an order of magnitude more profitable, after all, "Lyon played in the first division, and have Tigana has the opportunity at 23, try the taste of top-level football. However, before being enrolled in the ranks of this club, he had to pass the "test". And Jean, despite a damaged ankle, as laid out in a test match that Aime Jacquet - namely, he then headed Lion - instantly eliminated all doubts about him.

. Shortly after signing a contract with Lyon, "some" Toulon "told him that he wondered" Marseilles "
. Playing for the club of the city, became his second homeland, was riding dreams Tigana. He regretted that he had received this news a little earlier: now leave Lyon "meant to bring people who believed in him.

. But a blessing in disguise: in the face Aime Jacquet Tigana finally got a real football coach, sensitive and wise, which he lacked all the previous years
. Only Jacquet appreciated the flexibility, with a peculiar orientation, yurkogo and, most importantly, intelligent and high-tech player. Despite the vogue for mighty fighters sighted coach at your own risk taking Jeannot in his team.

It was opened Tigana. At the same time it was done and another discovery: it turns out, Tigana many years playing with an old fracture, in fact with an injured foot, not even knowing it himself!

. He survived in his career all kinds of injuries and damage, which only happens in football: from ruptures of tendons and muscles, ending knee injury and did not even once was in a knock-out, losing consciousness
. And how many operations he endured, how many surgeons conjured over it! That's why, and Tigana did not conceal most of all he dreaded the day when the latest injury will bring it down forever. Fortunately, this ultimately did not happen.

In "Lyon" from Jacquet for the first time in my life been able to devote all the time football. First of all, the coach engaged in improving his racing. Two years went by Tigana on the volume to strengthen its athletic qualities, developing endurance. Jacquet changed his Role: if Tigana had performed the role of playmaker on the field, but now he was more focused on defensive tasks. Selection of the ball and stabbing breakthroughs from the depths were the main components of the game Tigana that perfectly corresponded to the peculiarities of his "Physics and Technology. Job Jacquet himself fully justified, when the world first saw the unique skill Jeannot on FM-82. And the first audience of his speech for the Tri-Color were Muscovites. However, those who have personally watched from the stands for a friendly match at Luzhniki Soviet Union - France in May 1980, the debut for Tigana, he is unlikely to remember when. The match turned completely private, a little substance, and express themselves in it have neither he nor anyone from his partners.

Tigana assaults blasted at a time when it was a particular need. He laid out without a trace at all three major tournaments with his participation - World Cup 1982 and 1986 and Euro-84. Without disputing the absolute leadership of Michel Platini, all noted that the second force in the Tri-Color, which is perhaps not as spectacular, but nevertheless extremely useful - it was he, agile and tireless worker Tigana.

. Visiting card of his career, became a miracle pass a minute before the end of OT semifinal match with Portugal in the Euro-84
. When the forces have already left many, . and from 2:2 hinted at the imminent approach of post-match "lottery", . Tigana, . with extraordinary ease bypassing all, . who caught him on the way, . passed on the right flank, . then along the front line, . and, . came close to the gates of rival, . conveniently laid the ball exactly on the leg Platini,
. This is one of the most unforgettable moments in the history of football.

. Unique dribbling Tigana numerous evasions and subterfuges, with the change of velocity largely came from the natural endowments, but many in his football skill was his own effort
. "I did not have so much talent, what was with Platini and Giresse, but I compensated for this self-torturing labor and concentration," - said Tigana.

. When the French team was determined to make permanent room at the Euro-84, some did not want to take those under which they performed at Mundiale in Spain, seeing in them the cause of misery which they suffered in the semi-final with Germany
. Tigana same (as, incidentally, and platinum with Giresse) asked him to leave the old number - 14 th.

In team Tigana kept silent, aside. The circle of his friends survived from the old life - it consisted of old school friends and workers from the factory.

Aime Jacquet, meanwhile, continued to play a role Tigana good angel. In 1980 he moved from Lyon in Bordeaux, and a year later dragged to the same and Tigana. In conjunction with techies, as Rene Girard, Alain Giresse and Bernard Lyakomb (later joined them the other great players), Jeannot created a magnificent ensemble. In the mid 80-ies "Bordeaux" has grown into one of the strongest and most sympathetic European clubs. At home, he won the title three times in a four-year interval.

Two more gold medals Tigana has in the past two seasons of his career, which held in Marseilles. Being already in a decent age - 34 years, he was incredibly happy when sverhambitsiozny Bernard Tapie asked him to become a part of their super clubs. But these two years left in his soul Jeannot mixed feelings. In sezone-89/90 "Olympic" led by Franz Beckenbauer, and with him at Tigana was complete harmony. But when the Kaiser came to replace Raymond Goethals, began continuous problem.

Togo care and respect for the honored veterans who showed Beckenbauer, the Belgians was not even a trace. He unceremoniously pushed Tigana in stock, so even Nakhamu him when he invited him to explain. Then not without its share of barbs. Partners who belonged to Tigana with warmth, has publicly expressed his support and sympathy. "Is Goethals not see how Jean work hard in training?" Can not you see that the desire for the game from him - like a teenager, and that he was from all points of view - is still one of the best on the team? " - Indignant, Jean-Pierre Papin. "I was shocked when Goethals said that Tigana is too old - echoed Philip Verkryuiss.

It was all in vain. Goethals remained faithful to its tradition of not changing the composition without the extreme need for a. However, once such a need arose: a few key players out of action when the time came for the Champions Cup semi-final matches against Spartak. Then the Goethals involuntarily turned for help to Tigana. Jeannot brilliantly conducted and the Moscow meeting, and Marseilles. Both of them ended in victory for Olympique - 3:1 and 2:1, and Tigana has received very high marks. From partners, from the press, but not from the Goethals. The coach chose to remain silent. "I do not know would ever speak to me in the finals," - said with bitterness in his voice Tigana. His pessimism was not in vain: the place of to the final match against Red Star Belgrade, which is known to the Yugoslavs won on penalties, he again found. The end of his career to get a blurry.

GUIDE Napoleonic plans

In the mid 90-ies Tigana took up coaching activities. He led the "Lion", "Monaco". At one time it was called a certain candidate to succeed Aime Jacquet, who was about to leave the French team after World Cup 98. This prediction is not correct: instead of Tigana excellent team of Tri-Color inherited Roger Lemerr.

. And Jeannot last summer inherited from Kevin Keegan's Fulham, who was then lifted out of the "second" British division in the "first"
. Last year he undertook a new rise - in the Premier League. Now a task set by the owner of the club - a billionaire Mohammed Al Fayed - the four years to make Fulham the champion of England.

. Despite the fact that the part of this goal seems a titanic, Tigana appreciates it as well be performed
. True, he still has no idea whether he will stay in his post after four years. His contract expires in two, and it has a paragraph providing for the extension for another two years. "I'm in the football business 26 years, and during that time had the strength of 5 weeks vacation. I love football, but my family more often repeated to me that he was ousted from the rest of my life. I listen to them and think: how, perhaps, it would be strange to go back to the cashier and to live in quiet, spending time fishing, "- said Tigana, suggesting that, perhaps, not zasiditsya in Fulham for a long time. Reputation he has made of himself in his current location abolished: everybody says that it is distinguished thoughtfulness and consistency, which was not Kigane.

. Play greater and better part of a career in Bordeaux and remain indifferent to the industries of wine would be a crime
. Tigana, apparently thought so too: the earnings he acquired vineyards and gradually brought the area of his property to eight acres. Despite the fact that he moved to England and may not soon return home, in France, wine production has established its own brand. Like the hero of Eugene Evstigneeva in the film "Beware of the Car", which is constantly confused with the football drama, in a speech rooted Tigana parallels between football and winemaking. Creating a classroom team from Fulham, he likes to compare with the rest time of good wine. Journalists, by the way, too, found its parallel: in 1968, when Fulham took off from the British elite (returning to it only after 33 years), was marked by disastrous crop failure crop of wine in Bordeaux.

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Jean Tigana, photo, biography
Jean Tigana, photo, biography Jean Tigana  football player, coach, photo, biography
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