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Comments for TISHKOV Yuri
Biography TISHKOV Yuri
photo TISHKOV Yuri
Country: Russia
Life: 12/03/1971 - 11/01/2003.
Position: Midfielder.
A pupil of the school's football 'Falcon' (1979) and 'Torpedo' (1981). He played in the club teams 'Torpedo' 1987 -1992 gg., 'Dynamo' 1993 until 1997.
In the championships of the USSR spent 40 matches and scored 12 goals (all the 'Torpedo', in the championships of Russia 53 - 6 ( 'Torpedo' - 8 games, 'Dynamo' 45 games 6 goals).
In European competition 20 matches, 8 goals ( 'Torpedo' 11 games - 6 goals, 'Dynamo' 9 games - 2 goals).

Bronze medal winner of the USSR of 1991 and the championship of Russia 1993.
USSR Cup Finalist 1991
. Personal:
. In the '33 best '- N 2 (1991), N 3 (1990).
. In 2002 he received the gold "Sagittarius" as the best football commentator.

. After a serious injury in 1993, he never managed to reach the same level of performances in 1999, finished his career
. He was educated at the High School Coaches. Until January 11, 2003 was the coach of the boys (born in 1991) in SDYUSSHOR 'Torpedo' - ZIL, commented on the national championship game football on channel "Russia", was engaged in agency activities. He headed the guild of journalists Mediasoyuz "in recent years, former football player was the head of the firm" Star League "and engaged in business related to transfers of players in various football clubs.

January 11, 2003

January 11, 2003 Yuri Tishkov was killed near his home. The reason for the killing is his work in the firm 'Star League'.

According to information, among his clients means, for example, a promising footballer as a striker Russia's St. Petersburg "Zenith" and the team of Russia, Alexander Kerzhakov. Apart Kerzhakova, Tishkov worked with a lot of players in Moscow "Torpedo-ZIL", whom he had known since the days of teaching in torpedovskoy children's football school. The last major deal, which is able to arrange Tishkov, was a transfer midfielder Dmitry Smirnov in Moscow "Spartak".

Go Smirnov was implemented in December 2002, not without scandal. Dmitry asked the FTC PFL with the requirement to terminate the contract with "Torpedo-ZIL" due to non-club financial obligations. The new owners of the club paid Smirnov entire salary and bonuses over the past year, but football is not withdrawn the statement and went free "Spartacus". In addition, Tishkov facilitated the signing of Arshavin and Kerzhakovym new lucrative contract with FC Zenit St. Petersburg. Not excl. that such activism in the field of agency and resulted in reprisals against them, as this business sector is very criminalized and controlled by criminal groups. "


Football with EIGHT YEARS

In the late 70's in school, . where he studied Yuri, . came to his first coach Viktor Balashov, . He gathered 71 boys born, . It so happened that this group has got a pupil of the second class Jura Tishkov,
. Two years later, as the most promising coach took with him to torpedovskuyu school. With 15 years as a student grade 8 regular secondary school? 315 he had already played for the Double 'Torpedo'. From transition to biased classes sports school he refused to get the normal full-fledged education. After high school coach Vadim Nikonov worth considerable efforts to persuade his mother that Yuri should be playing football. Mom wanted to see her son a student of MAI, in dreams he studied at the School of Civil Aviation. The decisive role was played by that player's perspective noticed Kozmich Valentin Ivanov. A year later, on Aug. 24, 1988, Tishkov goes on as a substitute against Kiev 'Dynamo' for 10 minutes before the end of the game. Next time you see had to wait almost a year and a half. Naskolno powerful midfielder has been playing the Olympic team of the USSR and the 'Torpedo' can be judged by its inclusion, the novice championship! Has spent only half of the season! The list of '33 Best '. In 1991, Tishkov two goals in the final of the Cup of the USSR did not save in the match against CSKA 2:3.


In 1991, there was the loudest the conflict in the 'Torpedo' in the history of team. When the coach and the players have lost a common language. As Tishkov told myself: 'In that conflict, and specifically in the situation that has served its cause, we were wrong. After all, because of what it all begin? This was in Samara, after the cup game with 'Wings of the Soviets'. Two days we waited a very important, fundamental game with 'Dnepr' - our neighbor in the standings. And Ivanov has asked us to show consciousness, the most serious consideration to prepare for this game.
Heard it, however, not all. And when the check was late evening, several players in the hotel room was not. Valentin Kozmich said that all of them except one or two, will be dismissed from the team. This is where it all began to turn. The other players came to the defense of their comrades, and none in the end not so much to give to each other, just did not want to hear. There was this idea that Ivanov has always been a despot, and that, well, he set many years, like someone for something to take revenge.
I think it still was not. Even then I doubted, but still went along with everyone, worked the herd instinct. In the end, Ivanov, in order to finally break up the team, left, and we are at a general meeting gave the floor to the leadership of the club, that we will very seriously their responsibilities. We only had enough until the end of that season, and in the next championship team simply failed, barely survived in the big leagues. "



However, things went very, Yuri is the best - it was snapped
. Visited the bride in 'Sheffield Wednesday', which failed to sign a contract with him for one reason - to sign a contract should have been a team for his country at least 12 games. Then offer from 'Logronos' intentions with the signing of the treaty 'Atalanta'. And, finally, the transition to the 'Dynamo', accompanied by a mass of scandals, accusations of betrayal, self-seeking tendencies. And the game for a new team, . brilliant game: What happened next is all people know, . familiar with football, . but as he himself told Yuri about this in an interview: 'Tom ill-fated cup match with the command' Kolomna-Vanguard 'was preceded by a rather strange and unexplained events,
. A few days before we played the championship match of the calendar with the Moscow 'locomotive', . and adjourn the meeting, some people, . as it turned out, . owners of the club 'Kolomna-Avangard, . entered and began to scold the judicial arbitrators, . pointing them, . how to judge,
. Nikolai Tolstoy turned to them: you, they say, who they are, what you doing here? They answered him rude. Released a decent scandal.

And the night before the game and there was a case. My long term partner in Autazavodski team met me outside my door and said, without explanation just a few words: 'Yura, do not go in Kolomna'. I was then in the head and nothing bad will come. And yet, I thought for a moment on why your best friend, who knows, moreover, Sergei Bodak, greets you at the door and say such things, maybe nothing would have happened. I remember then joked: 'Come on, what you'. I am sure I did listen to him and tell Gazzaeva that my indisposition, he would not have put me on the game ...
But back to the match. I went out on the field, as usual, cheerful, healthy, and then carried me on a stretcher and in the car 'first aid' sent directly to the operation in the second gym Dispensary. Did I then, . that in the future and not be able to recover and start playing to their full potential? No, . first, . sure, . such thoughts were, . Although the nature of trauma talked about, . that more on the field I do not get: a blow was so strong, . that left the entire joint, . torn all ligaments, . ankle and went outside ...,
. Still, I began quietly, fighting the wild pain, running
. The verdict was heard, when I went to the CITO to Professor Morozov. So far as it not only hear his words, but even the tone in which he uttered them. He said: 'Everything, Jura, must be ended, take a tutorial in his hands'. And he showed the photo: 'there is no cartilage, no cracks interarticular, synovial fluid no big talus rubbing against the tibia and partial loss of movement in the joint'.

I was only 22 years. What was I thinking, . when lying in the clinic? Different thoughts crept into my head, . but the main one, . sure, . - For what? Why? A lot of time to scan a tape an episode (I have it), . when after a collision with Sergei Bodak, I get that same injury.,

. I know Sergei, played together for a double, a visit he had, I had
. So I know him as a person and as a player. I know that he was a tough football player, played on the brink of a foul and rivals especially not sorry. But can I, as a future lawyer, yes, probably, and just as a person without sufficient facts to accuse him of intentional action?.. In general, a situation very clearly share my real friends on the environment and the imaginary. Someone stayed with me until the end (come to visit, and Simonian, and Ignatiev, and Sadyrin, not to mention the guys from 'Torpedo' and 'Dynamo'), but someone very quickly and forget about me. There were those who exulted. Alas.

But 'Dynamo' and Nikolai Tolstoy, on the contrary, supported me. Again signed a contract with me (although, probably, deep down knew that I was not the player) do not rush me, given time to recover, believed, hoped to be able to recover.
Oops. I had several operations, traveled to Hungary for a consultation to a famous professor - all to no avail. There was not any better for me and with age. The joint becomes more rigid, in fact, now there is a need for a new operation: it is necessary once again cut joint. And because I still dream dreams, as I have to score goals. "
The main support Yuri was a girl, Lena, with whom they were married in 1994, and in 1995 they had a son Eugene.

This story will end April 17, 2001.
April 17 viewers channel M 1 saw the program "Moscow football" historic handshake Yuri Tishkov and Sergei Bodak. At the initiative of Valery Chumachenko program manager and chief-editor of Express Newspapers Sergei Dadygina two "sworn enemy" met at the stadium during the match stand-ins CSKA Moscow - "Saturn" and shook hands in token of complete reconciliation
. Before the meeting, Bodak, very excited, and then said: "Finally, I removed the sin from the soul."


The coach and TV commentator

In 2000, at the invitation of Sergey Cheskidova he becomes a TV commentator initially TVC, then the TV channel 'Russia'
. Then begins to work at Alexander Lyubimov in the 'Media Union' and became the chairman of the guild sports zhirnalistov 'Media Union'. In 2002, the lead stories from the 2002 World Cup and received the award 'Golden Sagittarius' as the best newscaster year.
On September 1, 1999 Tishkov becomes coach SDUSHOR 'Torpedo' - ZIL named Valery Voronin

. On the coach's work in the magazine 'Sports Club' was printed material Sergei Mikulika:
. ... Before the occupation he had trouble collecting his scattered like peas in the field malyshnyu lined up to greet them, and - a must! - Thank for the fact that they came to practice today
. Those will respond to him almost an echo: "3-d-p-te ... Yurvanych! "- And already, after a month, no wonder the coaches 'thank you'. The first time it's great they amused - Th, himself, is it, in the "Torpedo" did not play or miss a workout? No, say the play, and healthy, trained and certainly not worse, just a polite here. Sami Tishkov boys on the field do not remember - they were born in the 91-m, and Yuri Ivanovich their last full season in the big football held a 92-m. At twenty-one year ...
. - That's because the fate: how many football injuries and to, . after my, . After all, were no less serious, . and much more, . but almost all eventually returned to the game, . and I have more than, . Yet only getting worse, . one operation, . second, . third ..,
. And supported me in the Dynamo because, as we could - when the first two-year contract expired, Nikolai Tolstoy proposed in January 95 th another, already three years. And the conditions are complied with his club - now I just start playing well and could not ...
. In torpedovskoy school random people does not happen - for each of the children's coaches is a good piece of club history: Hrabrostin, Vasiliev, Kobzev, Dozmorov, Nicholas Savichev, Grechnev, Podshivalov ..
. Tishkov, who went to Dynamo so early and unfortunately, played for "Torpedo", it turns out, least of all. But his name was even more insistent others.
- The first sentence of the spring has arrived - as soon as I porazryvavshis winter between "Torpedo-ZIL", and Korea, finally decided to settle down with football. While in Korea shone like a ray of hope - a leg at some point let go, . coach with me had on the future position on the field interviews was to, . but the doctor all recommended the signing of the contract not to rush, . pause withstand, . more and more closer to me look,
. In the end I started to habitually dropping on her by the end of training and decided not to torture myself and others more - fate, I see, is up to snuff as far away from her or go away. But with the work of the future, too, waited a bit - trying on different options, but the farther from the sport, the less they accounted for the soul. And in August I momentous event happened - the first time in life for the veterans to play out, this is a 28-something! From Dnepropetrovsk invited to celebrate a decade of their last victory in the championship of the Union. And on the way back Volodya Kobzev, deputy headmaster of the school, I once again repeated the sentence: "Come on, the academic year on the nose and I agreed.

. Group Tishkov gained Volodya, ie Vladimir Anatolich Grechnev - Yuri Ivanovich was pleasantly surprised at the first training session met the 17 babies born to seemingly just for this game
. Although he has another group, . how would the nearest pool of core team - with those he intends to go in a little, . to someone to translate the first part, . and someone to say goodbye to spring, . delicately explained to parents, . it does not cross on a career - in the eight-odd years.,

. - I would even with thirty all time worked, . if only it was interesting, . but not on a large playing field them all at once to produce, . but the exercises I have at all would be enough - that of our own practice has not been forgotten, . that spied on video with children's workouts various foreign schools - a sort of symbiotic relationship I have obtained,
. The main thing that they all were not bored - surprising, but until the first month I have no one missed a single class! If only because of the school activities of some, it happens late.

. But ordinary school, not soccer, this is for Yuri Ivanovich - holy
. He did it with a gold medal he graduated to eventually overcome successfully Malakhovskii infizkult, and recently more and enter the legal academy.
. - Once the dream was - the job of football to get a second degree, yes not all of the conceived life to come true
. Division I distance, but at the end of September, at the installation lectures, Rector said that you can attend classes without restriction, and in the daytime and at night. So I'm with the boys in his situation will be nearly equal: after the party - on the football.
Work with rebyatney Yuri Ivanovich tries in the professional game cycle: match in a week. This is despite the fact that prior to entering the official calendar of the Moscow Championship of his malyshne need to grow up to three years.
- But then it will already be scheduled as expected the game - working those moments. And here, while they train, I'm with sparring partners negotiate. And when
I just have questions'll get: "Yur-vanych, Yur-vanych, and the game-we will have?" And I told them: "Yes, on Saturday, with CSKA!" And they are, judging by the eyes and the uproar already on the seventh heaven. No, this is something definitely there. Soon I Dimka Cheryshev even from Spain, tapes for children (he old son just 91 th in hihonskoy school engaged, father boasts that in every game scores) should send for a purpose. I promised him that when they come back, I'll take a guy to pull himself to, without any tests there. And then, they say, in a country we have with precast forwards trouble ...

... Tishkov maintains training, and on the field, deliberately obliquely, in such a small tank, waddled gait, his hands behind his back, moves sturdy boy, all from head to toe in "Nike". Who is he - is unknown, but the bet is ready to hold that one is not passed rigorous grechnevsky selection - revenge in such a way. Tishkov Yuri Ivanovich already obsvistelsya - burly path does not change. "Well, what do you want here, young man?" You just like the collective farm chairman, through their fields go. Be kind, go here for kromochke and the same road back has not come back ... "

. Then this pair - pretended severity of adult and frowning child - rolls out badly someone played the ball, and kid evil napoddaet it back into the field - that's you! And the challenge of looking at Tishkov
. And he smiles.

. And this does not occur until struck from professional football a little cruel boy, . that this conductor from the power-tenth its independent exercise uncles leg hurts so, . that she stood in the veteran's Dnepropetrovsk incomplete twenty minutes calm Football load, . together with cassettes Dimka Cheryshev podoshlet him from GijцЁn approximate prices for the fourth, . absolutely necessary surgery on his leg slashed, . which are now sharpening their arthritis arthrosis, . and that the sum of those for the novice coach and the future of children's lawyer will be there appear on a completely unsupportable.,

. And does that inflatable kiddy is that this guy took it to his team, saying "thank you" for coming to every workout and that's because he was smiling ...

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