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Giovanni Trapattoni

( Footballer, defender, coach)

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Biography Giovanni Trapattoni
photo Giovanni Trapattoni
Born March 17, 1939 in Kyuzano Milano.
Giovanni Trapattoni, the defender of AC Milan and Italian national team, later - an outstanding coach. Also known by the nickname "Trap" and "Maestro".

He played in defending and midfield AC Milan (1953-71), in its composition - the champion and winner of the Cup of Italy, winner of ketch-63, 69 and COC-68. Perhaps the only defender in the world, who managed to cleanly and correctly to beat Pele. In one of the matches trehraundovogo fight for the Intercontinental Cup in 1963 between Milan and the Brazilian "Santos" (4:2, 2:4, 0:1). King asked the replacement: "I can not do with this devil" (the last straw, . after which "snatched terpets" Pele, . episode was, . when the Brazilian tried to throw the ball through the gangway, and saw clearly, . that he did it: But defender suddenly jumped, . a rubber, . and intercepted the ball and - before all the transfers and feints Pele invariably came to its feet, . chest, . Trapattoni and his head! "Caramba!" - Said the King, and decided, . that the Italians to win back somehow next time),
. Played 17 times for the national team of Italy, has one goal in the asset.

The most famous was as a coach, began his great career as a youth team coach Milan - 1972-74, and then head coach of the club - 1974-76. Trapattoni has achieved resounding success with Juventus, for the period of his leadership (1976-86) the club was 6-times champion of Italy, 2-times winner of the Cup of the country. Cup Winners' Cup-77, HEC-84, European Super Cup-84, ketch-85, the Intercontinental Cup-85, and the maestro is still the only coach to win all eurocups with one team. From 1986 to 1991 - head coach of Inter (Italy champion, winner of the UEFA Cup-91), again led by Juventus (1991-94), winning the UEFA Cup twice (1991 and 1993).

. In the 1994-95 season, led by Maestro "Bavaria", . but having worked for a season and not having achieved an instantaneous success (Munich club lost the championship "Borussia, . in the Champions League reached only the semi-finals, . in perfect style defeating in the final match of group tournament Dynamo Kiev - 4:1), . went to Italy, . but still the president of Bavaria, Franz Beckenbauer persuaded to return to Maestro, . giving carte blanche to the formation of a new team at its discretion,
. Last year the lack of philosophy and methods of the ladder did not have time to forget. Italian specialist, introduced in club life measured and calm, modernized the game, players squeezed out of a maximum possible.

. His second coming happened more successful - the team became the champion of Germany, but two years Trapattoni once gone, never ceasing to feel like a prisoner
. And not everyone in Germany took his style of work, some fans have improved his nickname, calling Trapattoni "It's unclear Maestro: Jurgen Klinsmann, when it was replaced with anger shied away leg in billboard. Gone Jurgen - came other conflicts:

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Giovanni Trapattoni, photo, biography
Giovanni Trapattoni, photo, biography Giovanni Trapattoni  Footballer, defender, coach, photo, biography
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