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Facchetti Dzhanchito

( Footballer defender)

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Biography Facchetti Dzhanchito
photo Facchetti Dzhanchito
Born July 18, 1942 in Treviglio (Bergamo province).
Country Italy.
Position Defender
Clubs: CSS Treviglio (1957-1960 gg.) Inter Milan (1960-1978 gg.) (Both Italy).
In Italy international has played 94 matches (70 as captain), scored 3 goals (1963-1977 gg.)
Matches / Goals: Serie A has played 477 matches and scored 59 goals.
. Achievements:
. Club:
. Champion Series A (4 times): 1962/63, 1964/65, 1965/66, 1970/71.
. -Italian Cup (1 time): 1977/78 years.
. -European Champions Cup (2 times): 1963/64, 1964/65.
. -Intercontinental Cup (2 times): 1964, 1965.
. Caps:
. European Champion (1 time): 1968
. Personal:
. -The best footballer in Italy (1 time): 1968
. -In 1980 he was awarded a UNESCO prize "Fair Play"

Camouflaged Scorers

"Total Football" as a command style rooted in European football, as we know, in the 70-ies. But in earlier times in the arena appeared some players, the game that broke the usual dogmas and stereotypes. They brought confusion in the ranks of the opponent, breaking into those areas, where they, as representatives of another Role, not waiting. The effect of the sudden change of the "sphere of activity", as a rule, was great.

. Alfredo Di Stefano at Real Madrid, for example, may at its discretion to depart from the position of center forward in the midline, and even at certain points to retrain a defender
. In whatever capacity he still set the tone in the team.

Among the defenders of the first "precursors" emerging "total revolution appeared in the 60-ies. Franz Beckenbauer, a completely new way of "Bavaria", and then in the national team in Germany has interpreted the role of Liberia. He was the first attacking defender of freedom: to this all his colleagues on the Role did not think of anything other than serve as a "breakwater", situated to the rear stoppers and the mop-up their blemishes.

. Earlier Beckenbauer appeared in Europe and the first "revolutionary" among the extreme defenders - Giacinto Facchetti
. His connection to the attack on the left flank had become so frequent that the word "counsel" applies to him only conditionally. In fact, it was the first "brovochnik" - the player, a zone which has become all the brow - from their gates to strangers.



Facchetti could not, of course, to carry out their raids and bombardirskie feats without proper physical preparation
. Data he had extraordinary. He was strong and very fast. Stometrovku ran from 11 seconds and if it switched to athletics, there might well have qualified to represent Italy in sprinting. His height - 188 centimeters - was truly gigantic for the time. This was no longer any one soccer field in Europe at that time. As if not believing in its parameters, the drafters of the directory, the first time confronted with Facchetti, erroneously reported in his column 186 centimeters, later recovered. Were spectacular duel Facchetti with the Welsh giant John Charles, winger Juventus, whose height was 187 centimeters.

Giacinto was born in wartime in Treviglio (Bergamo province). His father Felice was a railway worker, who himself played football at the amateur level in the Role of counsel and was known by a strange nickname Ammazzacristiani, which translates as "Murderer Christians. Probably, it reflects the style of his game. If so, Giacinto, nicknamed "Il gigante de Treviglio" (Giant of Treviglio) did not go to his father. It was a model correct player, which allowed very few fouls and did not argue with the judges. During his long career he has not received a match disqualification.


The family have Giacinto had one brother and two sisters. When he was 16 years old, he lost his mother, who died of a heart attack at dinner. At that time Giacinto was not home - he played on the road and returned home just two days after the accident happened.

After mother's death he became the unsmiling and melancholic guy. Melancholy and now when he works in the Inter Representative for Public Relations, is visible in his eyes.

. A family tragedy left a deep imprint on Facchetti, . and many years, . when he has already achieved a great deal and became superznamenitym, . the question: "Do you have a dream, . is not fulfilled? ", . He replied: "I very much wanted, . my mother, . after working life, . benefited from the fruits of my success, . to rest,
. Unfortunately, she did not see them. Only once she watched my speech on TV when I played for the junior national team of Italy. It was in that evening and it was no more. "


Pope Felice ugorazdilo give him a very rare name, in Russian - Hyacinth. As soon as he does not play with the Italian journalists in their headers. For example, in 1966, when Inter played away from the "Bologna", Helen Herrera, forced him to wear a shirt with the number 11, that is determined to attack. Nothing good comes out of this venture did not work. Many scoring after raids from the depths, Facchetti felt at ease when he had the opportunity to continually "hanging" in the cluster of players in the penalty area. Rotten experiment was marked by biting a newspaper headline "Giacinto sfiorito" - "Hyacinth withered". This was the only case when Facchetti an attempt at a big football as a striker. In general, when he was in 1959 after three years in "Trevileze" - his hometown team that competed in the fourth division, came to Inter, the club's then coach Gianni Brera initially wanted to define it in the forwards. But the attacking players at the moment, black and blue there has been bust, the more that just bought the Argentine goleadora Antonio Andzhelillo. And it is further determined the fate Facchetti.

At first, his boo

He made his debut in Serie A took place at the end sezona-60/61. May 21, 1961 Inter went to play in the capital with "Romoy". Introducing Herrera happened a few weeks earlier. Future Mage approached him, asked what was the name, and said: "Tomorrow introduce players to the basic composition and you'll train with them."

The debut went smoothly: "Inter won - 2:0. But the next season was a failure to Giacinto. He kept trying to score himself, it did not, and the audience booed him. But for Herrera, his talent was undeniable, and he kept saying to everybody: "This guy is doomed to get into the team."

Events do not have to wait a long time: March 27, 1963 Facchetti first put on a T-shirt "skuadry Azzurro" in a duel with Turkey. Very soon he was elected captain there, and as such Facchetti conducted 70 matches - a record for Italy.

. In total, his seniority in the main team of the country to 94 games that remain a national record for field players to appear on stage Paolo Maldini
. Three players scored Facchetti rare, much rarer than in the club - for 94 games, he distinguished himself three times in all.

As for the "Inter" and there all happened quite differently. For one, only sezon-65/66 he sent to the grid opponents 10 goals, and once made a hat-trick - an extremely rare event for the defender, especially in Italian football. Sometimes Facchetti rescued the team and in European competition. For example, a hard-fought clash with CSKA Sofia in the Champions Cup semifinal in 1967, when the two matches - both at home and away - Inter finished with a score of 1:1 in both cases the goals recorded at his own expense Facchetti. In the third, an additional match Milanese could tip the scales in their favor.

In the semifinal of the same tournament in 1965 Inter met no less stubborn
resistance from Liverpool. The first match in England was lost - 1:3. In response, Corso scored a fantastic goal with a penalty kick, Pairaud ingenious way to add a second ball. Score 2:0 stayed until the very end. He did not give the outcome of the advantages of "Inter" (rules of preference field goals did not exist yet), so black and blue desperately tried to score the third. It finally managed to make Facchetti.

"Hundreds" are not impressed

He was a favorite with Herrera, who spoke about Facchetti as a potential great coach. But he refused to share with him this path. In the national team for many years Facchetti played for a couple with another defender of "Inter" - Tarcisio Burnichem. After the failure of Italy's World Cup 1974 (third mundial career Facchetti) all distinguished veterans were driven out of her broom. Facchetti was also touched upon the clearing, but only for a short time. In the spring of 1975, the company he once again won a place in the "skuadre Azzurro" - though, has changed its function by clicking on the position of libero.

Argentine World Cup was supposed to be his fourth. Facchetti wanted it to round the figure of his performances for the national team to 100. Coach Enzo Bearzot not opposed to his plans. In early May 1978 Giacinto vigorously preparing for mundialyu, but I am convinced that the years have taken their toll, and as a result he turned to Bearzot requested not to include it in part because it "does not feel right". Instead, he took part in the championship of the young Antonio Cabrini.

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Facchetti Dzhanchito, photo, biography
Facchetti Dzhanchito, photo, biography Facchetti Dzhanchito  Footballer defender, photo, biography
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