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Paulo Roberto Falcao

( football player, coach)

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Biography Paulo Roberto Falcao
photo Paulo Roberto Falcao
Born October 16, 1953 in Santa Catarina.
Country Brazil.
Position midfield, coach.
Club: Internazionale Porto Alegre (Brazil) (1963-1979), Roma (Italy) (1979-1984, 107 games, 22 goals), Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro (1984-1985), Sцёo Paulo (both Brazil ) (1986-1988).
. Titles: Champion of Brazil 1975, . 1976, . 1979, . Champion of Italy 1983, . Cup Italy 1981, . 1984, . Finalist Copa Libertadores 1980, . European Champions Cup finalist 1984, . Champion League paulishta "1985, . 1987, . Best 1976 Brazilian footballer, . 1979, . Member of 1978 FIFA World Cup, . 1982, . 1986, . Member of the Olympic Games 1972, . Coach of Brazil 1990-1991,
Brazil squad 1976-1986: held 39 matches and scored 9 goals.
The first match for the national team: 27 February 1976 against Argentina (2:1) in Buenos Aires.

In disgrace U Coutinho

Falcao could remain the master, who was known only in Brazil, if fate, albeit belatedly, he did not smile. Go to AS Roma gave him the opportunity to show themselves in the fields of Europe, and participation in the World Cup has opened it as a star of first magnitude for the whole world. If it were not for these events, Falcao before the end of a career, as he himself confessed, he could remain in the ranks of his first club Internacional of Porto Alegre, where he again emphasized, was indebted to all. There, he polished a player as the original, unconventional, with his own handwriting. Speaking at the midline, Falcao is in the "International" manifest and develop their opponent's attacks as a destroyer and creator of its own.

. He was 10 years old when he came to the club, preferring his team Gremio, the main competitor of "Inter" in the state of Rio Grande do Sul
. In the 60's grandees of Rio and Sao Paulo were forced to recognize the potential and power of the best clubs in other states, one of which was the "Internationale," eight times in a row (1969 and 1976) wins the state championship. Falcao recruited into the first team coach Dino Sani (world champion 1958), who saw in youth the ideal "fifth room" (a reference hava) in the scheme of 4-2-4. The first professional contract Falcao, concluded in 1973, cost only 10 thousand cruzeiro - less than $ 500. And his first monthly salary was ridiculous and did - about $ 50.

Falcao was the main figure in the current series of "Inter". He then led his team to two consecutive league titles, Brazil in 1975 and 1976. Paulo Cesar Karpedzhani, now known coach, and then his teammate on the rights of older comrade Falcao was a teacher in those years, producing his skills organizer games in the center of the field. Falcao just then came up with unusual interaction with Frontline Valdomiro. Long-distance transmission rezanye Falcao provided Valdomiro sharp output to the gate, creating original solutions to design assists situations. Game Falcao admired of all, he was in constant motion, like a canoe, cruising across the field from its gate, which destroy the opponent's attacks, to strangers, which paved the way for the capture of other goals, or scoring himself.

. In 1976, Paulo Roberto made his debut in the national team, entrenched in its "basis" and won her the tournament in the United States, timed to 200 anniversary of the independence of the country.

. And then, when talent Falcao completely, it would seem, was revealed and was apparent to all, coach selesao "Claudio Coutinho refused to take him to Argentina to World Cup
. Storm of protests had been ignored by coach. Significantly, as if defiantly Falcao was elected the best player in Brazil.

Name Falcao was on the list of forty candidates in 1978, but the ranks of the national team in preparation for the Argentine Mundialyu he was involved. Coutinho was justified by the fact that Falcao if caught some infection, but all understood that this is not a euphemism. The real reason commentators saw that Falcao flatly at one time refused to go into "Flamengo", a club, which at the same time with the team led Coutinho. Falcao remained true Internacional. Another reason could be that even then, in 24 years, was a player Falcao independent. His manner and style did not fit into a mechanical drawing far-fetched scheme Coutinho. Breaking his game Falcao did not want, and just as Socrates, in the application for the World Cup in 1978 did not hit.

Contrast detail: when in 1980 the team came to Santana, he immediately handed the captain's armband Falcao. In 1982, Santana specially went to Italy to meet with him and seek his agreement to speak at Mundiale. As a result of the Brazilian players, speakers abroad, only one Falcao was invited to the team.


Roma: Glory and "betrayal"

In 1979, Falcao for the third time won with Inter Brazilian championship
. This was an unprecedented success. "Paulo deserves to be our president for life!" - Shouted the fans of the club.

A year later for "International" came the hard times. The club was in a difficult financial situation, has acquired a number of unsuccessful unpromising players and finally decided to improve its budgetary affairs by selling Falcao. Five European clubs have shown interest: "Napoli", AC Milan, Real Madrid, Nottingham Forest "and" Roma ". The latter won the "auction" by paying the amount of 1,7 million dollars.

President of "Roma" Dino Viola passionately wanted to get very popular at that time Zico. About Falcao, who advised him Liedholm, he at first would not hear: Zico, and all! Zico went on a visit to his villa, then no doubt that he will soon put on a T-shirt "Roma are still left. Agree on the transition were all, including and Flamengo, Zico club. But the deal suddenly fell down due to certain political reasons. For Viola is a huge blow.

And then went back to him with his proposal Liedholm. "But what there Falcao - the president dismissed. - He's a skinny, so the physics of it, we will not work! "(With the growth of 183 centimeters in Falcao was only 71 kg of body weight). In response Liedholm offered him a videotape. After reviewing them, Viola changed the way: yes, this is really a great master.

Monday July 26, 1980 was a happy day for Italy: Sarah Simeone received a gold medal by jumping to a height of 197 centimeters. Pietro Mennea supported her with his victory at dvuhsotmetrovke, ran it for 20.19 seconds. And on the same day - perhaps in the wake of great mood after victories compatriots Viola put his signature under the contract, under which Falcao became a player, "Roma" and the first Brazilian in Serie A after the opening of the borders. A few months before Falcao numbers as the future of Milan player, who was considered the main contender for his. But being expelled in a series B, "red-black" cleared the way for the "Roma". Sixth August Paulo Roberto goodbye to "International" in response, the Copa Libertadores final match (the sum of two games a Brazilian club lost the Uruguayan "Nacional").

. Three thousand fans who met Falcao at Rome airport Leonardo da Vinci, was amazed at his exquisite mind: a stylish blue suit, starched shirt, a stylish hairdo
. Then they and the journalists hit the pace with which he mastered Italian: it was some three months since he already knew the language perfectly. Language he taken over as quickly as the game "Roma". Liedholm began calling him "an interpreter of my football". The position, which he proposed Falcao, he described as "old-fashioned tsentrhav". Liedholm played himself in this position for a quarter century ago and based gaming features the Brazilian considered this role for him the most promising. He was right, apart from the fact that Falcao zone of action was wider than Liedholm when he was a Milan player. However, these masters united thing: an outstanding football mind and great technical skill.

With all his stormy temperament on the field Falcao kept a cool head outside the stadium. He firmly stood on my feet in the Eternal City, where so many temptations, and where many a promising career collapsed. Demonstrated an enviable immunity to serious psychological pressure, which does not avoid any of his level of football. In sezone-81/82 "Roma" for a long time claimed the Scudetto, but eventually fell behind Juventus. Failure occurred at the finish, when Falcao was not in the team: he was already in the camp of the Brazil team, which was preparing to mundialyu. At the World Championships in Spain, the most memorable episode of his involvement has become the jewelry on the accuracy of a blow to the corner gate of Dino Zoff, which account in the match Brazil - Italy equaled (2:2).

. Lost - and with it, and departure - the Brazilians are known to avoid the day failed
. Falcao some time going through depression, but then again, rolled up his sleeves. In sezone-82/83 "red-yellow" is not left out of his hands championship title. Their Brazilian leader spent 27 games of 30 and scored 7 goals.

At the same time, his agent Cristoforo Colombo has - with the support of a prominent politician Giulio Andreotti, fans of "Roma" - to increase his salary to 1.2 billion pounds. A year later, on the eve of the Champions Cup final against Liverpool, Falcao tried to bargain for a new increase in wages Viola. He wanted 5 billion over the next two years. Oops. In the finals it came to the shoot -. Falcao has not approached the mark: just watched smear others. Many were tied together these two facts, believing that this was done by him in retaliation. Brazilian accused of sabotage and treason. And since then his relationship with the club began to steadily deteriorate.

November 11, 1984 the first during the Roman derby player Lazio Manfredonia Falcao inflicted severe injury of the left knee. He had to be treated at Columbia University, USA Professor Andrews. Then Tax Service Italy Falcao suspected of hiding income and summoned him for an interview. Paulo Roberto ignored the call to the inspector, and July 8, 1985 Viola president sent him a letter, stating the breach of contract.

Falcao returned to Brazil, where three years advocated "Vasco" and "Sao Paulo". In 1986 he took part in the World Cup, but played little and there is no appreciable role.



After a career Falcao and went into business for some time tried to establish itself as a trainer
. And began not with anything, but with the national team of Brazil. He took over the reins from Sebastiano Lazaroni, which has just been fired after a dip in the FM-90.

Many considered it an act of folly Falcao. At that time (however, the situation has not changed and now) tutorage "selesao was very thankless. Of the six experts who guided it with 1982 and 1990, only one - Tele Santana - managed to strengthen its reputation. For the rest it was judged a minimum of shame. But then the beatings: Evaristo de Macedo, for example, was beaten in 1985 at the airport of Rio, when he returned with the team from Chile after defeat in a friendly match. Two years later, Carlos Alberto Silva (captain of world champions-1970) was ostracized for yet another defeat by Chileans (0:4 in the America's Cup). Persona non grata at home after Mundialya-90 and became Lazaroni.

But it's not the. Falcao has put himself in a losing situation, agreeing with the condition put forward by the Brazilian Football Confederation president Ricardo Teixeira. The condition was as follows: not to attract foreign players to the team, treat only the players of their clubs. It was as though if "selesao" started playing, Falcao would have "got on his hat". If she started to win, its players would be attracted attention, they would have bought out the richest European clubs, and all would have to start again. In practice, before the second "if" things did not: no foreign players teams are a pitiful sight, behind on all counts of Spain in GijцЁn in September of 1990 - 0:3.

Then the team Falcao was coming trip to Chile for a friendly match. Naive, he demanded that the clubs to provide him with the players before leaving for three days to collect training. Clubs do not care about it like, sending them directly to the flight only. Teixeira, afraid to be unpopular with club bosses, nothing helped Falcao.

Maybe Falcao, hoping for a miracle. But a miracle happened: he, like almost all his predecessors, no glory with the national team has not acquired, and his resignation was not long in coming.

There was more fortunate and the period of his work in Japan squad. Japanese tempted by his famous name and replaced it in December 1993 ophtalmological i. Dutchman, who failed the task exit in FM-94. Soon came disappointment: Falcao, . at least so it seemed from the words of local journalists, . constantly in a quarrel with someone from their wards, . forced them to indulge their whims, . without attempting to understand the culture of the country, . where he came to work,
. As a result, he alienated himself all - and the fans and the press, and functionaries. Results also were deplorable. Falcao suffered about a year, then driven away.

NOT "THE KING" and "The Queen"

Not so long ago the name Falcao again floated in the news chronicles, but now in the scandalous. His ex-wife Rosanna Leal Damatsio, . now living in the United States and has found there a new husband, . reported, . on 20 September last year, Falcao force kidnapped their seven sons Paulo Roberto, Jr., from her home in Los Angeles and brought him to Brazil,
. "Five people broke into the house and disappeared with my son," - said Roseanne.

She blamed the incident with: homosexuality Falcao. The addiction to the special of the same sex that has long concealed from her, but once it was discovered by accident. Rosanna, entered once into the house (where the ex-wife still lived in Porto Alegre), saw Falcao naked in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Then her eye fell on another naked person taking a shower. "My first thought was that he dared to bring into the house of someone else's woman. But look, I was shocked even more: it was not a woman! "- Says Rosanna. After a few more episodes of this kind couple decided to divorce in 1997.

. One of the Roman newspapers commented on the story this way: "And we called him the" king "Roma! It turns out he did not the king, and queen? "

. In May 2003, in Rio de Janeiro started hearing about the kidnapping of a famous footballer of his own son, which continues today
. And Falcao, in addition to its business, makes money telekommentariyami.

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Paulo Roberto Falcao, photo, biography
Paulo Roberto Falcao, photo, biography Paulo Roberto Falcao  football player, coach, photo, biography
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