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Comments for FERREIRA Bernabe
Biography FERREIRA Bernabe
photo FERREIRA Bernabe
Born February 12, 1909
Died May 22, 1972
Country Argentina.
Position Striker
Clubs: "Jorge New Berry", "BAP", "Tiger", "River Plate" (1932-1939) (all Argentina).
Titles: Winner of the America's Cup 1936, Argentina Champion 1932, 1936, 1937.
In 1932/33 in the national championship scored 43 goals (a national record for one season).
Team 1930-1936: Held 4 matches.

This is a star, illuminating an entire era. The legend, which grew generation. Some divide the Argentine Football on the time before and after prfessionalizma, others prefer to say "to Bernabe Ferreira and after". It was the greatest footballer, who could hardly be with someone confused, even if just to say Bernabe, not adding names.

Bernabe was born in Rufino, Santa Fe, February 12, 1909. Since his childhood he used to play barefoot - better chuvstvovuetsya ball, so later he needed special shoes, well finished inside, so that seemed to play without shoes. He also coached in every way their feet - it seemed to him that they were too thin and needs to develop strength. It was not easy, but in the end blows Bernabe began to wonder around. "When the rain came and were all sitting at home, I took the ball and went to the field, and there all beat and beat," - he said to himself Within. Probably because of this habit of playing in the rain, especially his skill manifested in bad weather, he was admired for his ability to play all the wet ball. Therefore, if no rain in sight and if the team played at home, it is specially prepared for the ball. While the goals were with the camera inside. Bernabe riveted him and placed inside another, both wrapped in leather, sewn and placed for 48 hours in the tub with water. For the game ball becomes just the bomb for goalkeepers and not just managed to catch him.

. After the presentations for "Jorge Newbery" (from Rufino) and BAP (Railway Club, Buenos Aires - Pacifico "from Junц-n), they are interested in" Tiger "from Buenos Aires
. We Bernabe was reluctant to leave his native city, but had. "Think of all the good" - exhorted his brother. - "If you go and you have enough patience, the glory does not keep you waiting, but if you hold out and come back - it will be a disgrace to us all."

. Several heads "Urakanu" and then "Veles" brought him the reputation of a good striker and have ones of the future triumph of "River Plate"
. One can say that its fate decided to play "San Lorenzo" - "Tigre". At the 1931 "San Lorenzo" to dispute "Boca league title. "Tigre" first lost 2-0 and there was almost no hope, but Bernabe 8 minutes managed to score 3 goals, and eventually won his Komad. All would be nothing, but in this game as a spectator attended by President "Rivera Antonio Vespucci Liberty, which has pioneered the transition Bernabe Ferreira to" millionarios.

. Ferreira made his debut in "River" 14 March 1932 and immediately scored two goals, it was the beginning of a legend
. From "River", he became the champion in 1932 and again in 1936 and 1937. He is one of collecting stadiums, it came to see, even those who in football does not understand anything. It was like a general frenzy, the number of spectators in the stands strongly depended on Bernabe will play or not write about it in the press, and appointed a special prize to goalkeeper who can stand against the "wild beast". There were two: Sandzhovanni from "Independiente" and De Nicola from "Huracan". Bernabe Ferreira - the only player in Argentina, who scored more goals than games played: 206 goals in 197 meetings.

. But Bernabe team played only 4 matches: apparently someone decided that the best player is not better than all the others and in team play is unworthy.

. Bernabe played "River" when it appeared the two future stars - Moreno and Pedernera, and no less bright, but even more revered and adored by fans "Rivera" guardian angel "Rivera - Angela Labruna
. Way Labruna came to the club for autograph Bernabe Ferreira, and remained for life. So Bernabe was also a mentor, and an assistant, and an idol for all three: "This was an exceptional player. Opponents took care of him twice, and we were at ease with him and play, and communicate, "- recalled Moreno.

In 1938, Ferreira has played little, too many injuries inflicted on him: the rivals did not spare. And May 28, 1938, he participated in his last match, fire, Nyuvells, 2-2, but goals were not on his account. He and so sufficed.

Bernabe Ferreira died May 22, 1972. But the legend lives.

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FERREIRA Bernabe, photo, biography
FERREIRA Bernabe, photo, biography FERREIRA Bernabe  football player, photo, biography
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