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Foé Marc-Vivien

( football player)

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Biography Foé Marc-Vivien
photo Foé Marc-Vivien
Born May 1, 1975 in Mimbomane - a suburb of Yaounde.
Country Cameroon.
Position Striker

Career Milestones
1975 May 1. Born in Mimbomane - a suburb of Yaounde
1994. At the age of 19 went to the World Cup in the U.S. and played there all 3 team's match. Immediately got an offer from the 'Lance' and moved there from the 'Canon of Yaounde'.
1998. Won the 'Lance' the French championship. But at the World Cup did not get due to a broken leg. This unfortunate injury disrupted his transition to the 'Manchester United', which sought to mundialem Alex Ferguson.
1999. November. Finished the stay in the 'Lance', holding a club in the French championship 85 matches and scoring 11 goals. Despite the fact that the 'MJ' has not lost interest in him, went for $ 6 million to another club 'West Ham', where he spent a half season of 38 games (1 goal).
2000. Won the African Cup. He returned to France, signing a contract with the 'Lyon' in the amount of $ 9 million. But soon contracted malaria, which put him out of action for several meyatsev.
2001. Won the French League Cup.
2002. Won the Cup for the second time in Africa and the French championship. He played in all three matches of Cameroon at the World Cup. Rented 'Lyons' (where he had 43 matches with no goals scored) for rent in 'Manchester City', which has just won the right to again play in the Premier League.
. 2003. In his last club season, scored in 35 matches of the Premier League 9 goals, becoming the second scorer of the 'MC' after Anelka.
. 2003, June 26. He died as a result of the collapse, which happened to him during the match with Colombia, his 64-th for the national team of Cameroon.
. 2003, June 29. Got the latest football award - a silver medal Confederations Cup
. Posthumously.

. Confederations Cup 2003 became the first major international football competition with the loss of life among the fans (or not only the fans), and already among the football players themselves.

. But any chance there is a hidden pattern
. 28-year-old Cameroonian Foé opened the sad list (God forbid that he is no longer replenished) to those who laid down his manic desire to please the powers that propagate stupid, doomed to not very popular tournaments. It is not necessary once rhetorically disseminated on alogical nature Confederations Cup (champions of the continents or their deputies should, in theory, identify the strongest team of the planet - but it already has the World Cup). Note lishb that if he had more than ten years, connected to a "respirator", over the life of Foé fought all 45 minutes - less than one half (because without the extra-time). We recall how it all happened. Cameroon and Colombia was carried out on June 26 semi-final match at the Lyon stadium Gerland ". At 72-minutes at the center of the field, away from the epicenter of events and without any contact with other players Marc-Vivien Foé suddenly collapsed unconscious on the lawn.

The nearby Colombian summoned medical assistance. Ran up the doctors discovered that Foé breathing, but his eyes rolled back so that the left can only see the white eyeballs. It was a sure sign of coma. After two minutes after the unfortunate attack carried over the edge of the field, after another minute to help the Cameroonian doctor arrived, the French, even after two Foé taken to the first-aid station at the stadium.

. Infirmary, medical director decided not to carry the patient to the hospital and try to bring to life right here
. It was argued that the need for its transportation was not, as in paragraph had exactly the same equipment required, as in the hospital.

Foé was still in the same state: was unconscious, but breathing. But when he donned an oxygen mask, his heart suddenly stopped. After 7 minutes after its delivery at the point (that is, 12-13, after the collapse) began resuscitation work - heart massage, electric shocks and other. In vain: the motor does not want to wind up again. In the 20 hours 20 minutes, 45 minutes after the attack, Aesculapius stop trying and was pronounced dead. By the time the team finish a match. Cameroon won 1:0. Rejoiced in the final output and danced their African dances in the locker room players. Exulted at home, running out with cries of delight on the streets, their compatriots. The shocking news in the blink of an eye has replaced the universal joy of the universal mount. Death Foé caused several other deaths in the Cameroon: the fans themselves suffered a heart attack, from which they never recovered.

On the same day was scheduled and the second semi-final. France and Turkey, preparing to enter the field already knew everything. French player told about the tragedy of Fabien Barthez, looked a news program on television. Were all struck down on the spot, but Forest Others sobbed Sidney Govou and goalkeeper Grégory Coupet, with whom the deceased at the time played together for the "Lion". Coach Jacques Santini asked them, should not withdraw from their starting lineup. Both responded that play, no matter what will.

At the 11 th minute Thierry Henry opened the scoring. Teammates, ran up to him with congratulations, he pushed aside. Then pointed his finger at the sky, signaling that dedicates goal Foé. Seeing this scene, Santini himself on the bench broke down and burst into tears.

The question arose whether to hold in this oppressive atmosphere of the final. There were proposals to divide the main prize between France and Cameroon. As a result, it was decided to still bring the program before the end of the tournament. "Football, as the show must go on" - Sepp Blatter has spoken. Cameroonian players, like the mother Foz, agreed with this. "If Marco was still with us, he would have said: play! And we played for him," - said the captain "indomitable lions" Rigober Song. We turned once all holidays and entertainment, which should have accompanied the finale. Song and his French counterpart, Desai came to the field with a huge portrait of Foé. During the performance of hymns players from both teams stood hand in hand. The stands unfurled a banner with the inscription: "The lions will never die - they just go to sleep '.

Cameroonians went to the pre-match welcome, dressed in T-shirts with the same number 17 and with the same name on the back Foé. Immediately before the game, they returned to their usual numbers, but after the match dressed again. Rapid assessment survey has found no reason which could give rise to cardiac arrest Foé. His widow, Marie-Louise (who has left him three small children) was on that fateful day on the podium "Gerland". The tragedy played out in her eyes. "My husband was not supposed to play - says Marie-Louise. - For two or three days before he suffered dysentery. In addition, he had problems with digestion. He did not feel well enough to play. Doctors were obliged to stop him. "

Cameroon team doctor Olivier Assamba longer take the blame: "Marco fully cope with their problems before the match. There is no connection between them and his death is not ". Confirms his words FIFA official bulletin: "On June 24, two days before the semi-finals, Foé suffered from diarrhea. Blood tests did not detect infection. Taking Imodium and sodium chloride, the evening of 25 th he was in perfect order "version of FIFA doping was greeted with great hesitation: none of the samples taken from the players in the Confederations Cup, did not produce a positive result. But the precise answer to this issue was to give toxicological examination. There was another version - with an aneurysm, but it was rejected. Dr. Rudolph Gittens of the Medical Committee of FIFA: aneurysm - a sudden rupture of vessels, giving rise a massive intracranial hemorrhage. It is impossible to predict. As it was impossible to predict the tragedy Foé. His death is classified as so-called "unforeseen". Typically, they are linked with heart problems. But this is not a heart attack. Infarction leads to the evolution identifiable disease. In this case, the heart suddenly fails. The probability of such events under normal conditions is negligible -1 100 000 or 200 000. But it certainly increases in heat and high fluid loss.

53-year-old coach of Cameroon's Winfried Schafer says: "In Lyon, there was a hell of hot weather - 30 degrees. I watched how the forces gradually leave some of my players. Marc-Vivien also began to move slowly, and we have a doctor had the idea to replace it. We shouted to him: Do you still play? "No problem, play the game" - he replied. Marco wanted to help the team to bring the game to victory. And six minutes it happened ... In the heat of the match I did not pay special attention to the tragic episode. We all thought: Now he will come to its senses and will come to us in the cockpit. Alas ... Night I rewind the tape and see how it all happened - as Marco leans forward and falls. His head does not fit: a cheerful, cute, cool guy - and it suddenly became. But Lyon was for him as a hometown: he spent two years career.

But that recalls Harry Redknapp - the coach who led him in 1998 in West Ham: "Marc-Vivien did not pass medical tests before entering the command. His heart was increased in size. We thought that it could bring problems. But we calmed cardiologist, to whom we turned for advice. He said that for Africans is normal. Then we signed him. The news of his death hit me like an ax head. He was not just a nice guy, but strong. With his physical condition, no one could compare ". Mystique which envelop the death Foé, not satisfied with his fellow team - past and present. "I can not understand how being in great shape so the player can die so suddenly?" - Outraged famous goalkeeper Joseph-Antoine Bell. - It is necessary to conduct a detailed investigation. We have a right to know the truth. "

The leaders of the French team just a few days before the tragedy drew the attention of FIFA too rigid schedule. Jacques Santini requested to allow five substitutions during the match instead of instead of three, but was refused.

Doctor Jean-Marcel Ferre Blatter complained that the owners of some clubs are paying too little attention to the health of players. And, too, lamented the draconian calendar: "Forcing to hold three games in 5 days of players who played just a difficult and long season, too cruel. For normal recovery to three days, and preferably four. "

. Chairman of the organizing committee Confederations Cup Chuck Bleyzer do not see this connection with the tragedy: "Foé missed the third group match and therefore had time to recuperate before the fight with Colombia"
. But his argument is unconvincing.

Rio Ferdinand, a former partner Foé on West Ham, who espouse a position close to him "ride a horse": "Players must be given the opportunity to take a break, recharge your batteries energy. And then what happens - many of those who participated in last year's world championships, did not really rested for two years: the last holiday they ate mundial. And now, instead of going to finally leave, they are forced to play in this tournament. Who also unclear why established. We have a world championship, is the European Championships. It was through - one summer to strain, other vacationers. Why was it necessary to invent something else? "

Blatter suggested naming the next FIFA Confederations Cup (2005) Marc-Vivien Cup Foé. But evil tongues have already dubbed it in his own way - Cup of Death. Manchester City announced that henceforth shall remove from use the shirt with number 23, who wore Foé - forever, he will now be assigned to him. A 17-th numbers now will not be in the national team of Cameroon, as well as "Lance" and "Lyon", where "fallen asleep lion" appeared under the same numerals.

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Foé Marc-Vivien, photo, biography
Foé Marc-Vivien, photo, biography Foé Marc-Vivien  football player, photo, biography
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