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Arthur Friedenreich

( football player)

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Biography Arthur Friedenreich
photo Arthur Friedenreich
Born July 18, 1892 in Sao Paulo.
Died Sept. 6, 1969 in Sao Paulo.
Country Brazil.
Position Striker.
. Titles: Winner of the America's Cup-1919, . Roca Cup Winner 1914, . Champion of Sцёo Paulo-1918, . 1919, . 1921, . 1927, . 1928, . 1929, . Top scorer championship Sao Paulo: 1912 (16 goals), . 1914 (12), . 1917 (20), . 1918 (23), . 1919 (26), . 1921 (33), . 1927 (13), . 1928 (29), . 1929 (16),
In Goals: Scored 1329 goals.
Brazil squad 1914-1940: held 17 matches and scored 8 goals.
According to the IFFHS divides 13-15 place with Tostцёo and Varela in the list of the best players in South America of the twentieth century.

. ... If at that time was alive Nikolai Ozerov, . it something like this would have told about this game episode: "inside right against Brazil Neco, . picked up the ball in the middle zone, . away from trying to prevent him Gradina, . fast breaks on the flank, . plays with Vanzino, . then Folino ..,
. The panic in the ranks of Uruguayans! Advocates of "Celeste" is literally driving the Brazilian virtuoso in the corner of the field, trying to prevent him from making the transfer of the penalty, but Neko elegant Finta deceiving guardians and sticking the ball on the line goalie. Golkiper Uruguayans Saporidi flies to intercept, it is ahead of Heitor, who heads trying to push the ball into the net, the goalkeeper manages to repel this attack, but the dismal Fred finishes batted ball from the goalkeeper into an empty net. Brazil's Gol! Brazil is 1:0!

Exactly 29 May 1919 at the Stade Laranjeiras, Sergipe, Rio de Janeiro was the most famous Brazilian scored a goal the first half of the twentieth century, deciding the fate of the championship of the Americas. And deep right that scored its most famous Brazilian footballer of the time, and which will be discussed in this essay: Arthur Friedenreich.


Mulatto with green eyes

Childhood Fred was there, where he was born: in the Sцёo Paulo quarter Luz
. From the first steps, just getting up from the pot, he began to chase the ball. That is not the ball, of course. What do you mean the ball: we are talking about the beginning of the century! Pina it with gusto, along with peers all that turned up under the leg, but more often they were making like a ball, inflating bovine bladders, which can be obtained at the nearest slaughterhouse.

. By the way, once it, too devotedly rides on the pavement next bubble was nearly crushed to death funeral chariot, heading to a nearby cemetery Konsolasao
. The boy had been shot down, but under the wheel, thank God, did not get. And then, limping, ran finish the game interrupted "Pelado", as referred to in Brazil, these street football fight ...

. So, this handy, I mean the pasture, the material allowed him to master the technique so treatment: I almost said "ball" that the lad have noticed Italian immigrants from the neighboring district Beshiga
. Twelve-year-boy was invited to the youth team, which had already played these balls 16 to 18 year olds. And anything they do not concede! Not only was the best among them. Papa Oscar exulted, and when the offspring turned seventeen, he decided it was time to recall the voice of the blood, and took his little son in the sports club "Germany", which grouped people from the shores of the Rhine and Elbe. Guy so delighted them with his skill, he was immediately otryazhen the left edge of the attack in accordance with the scheme then the game 2-3-5. And then the leaders of the German colonies have even managed to push it in posh aristocratic College McKenzie, where gnawing granite Science offspring only the most thoroughbred families Sцёo Paulo elite. White bone, blue blood! And among them - curly smuglokozhy Fred. If it were not for his spectacular football, no one would let him on the threshold of "Mackenzie". But "Mackenzie" at that time began to fight a life-and-death struggle with the British from the Sao Paulo Athletic Club, with the Germans of "Germany" and even with the Brazilians from "Paulistano, which is precisely in these years trying to resist the" foreigners ". And "McKenzie is in need of such masters, which even then was Fred.

So, Fred's career began in 1909 when he was seventeen, not in "Mackenzie", true, but in "Germany". He played there until 1911, then moved to the "McKenzie", then - in the "Ipiranga", then - in "Paysandu" in "Paulistano, and ended his never-ending marathon of football for a period of 26 years in Sao Paulo da Floresta ". All of these quarter-century old Oscar attentively watched the football victories of his son, and carefully recorded each of his game and, of course, each goal. It is this German thoroughness has allowed even at the time, . When football statistics did not exist, . and the minutes of matches were recorded and preserved is not always and not everywhere, . bring the balance of sensational performances by Fred on football fields and record record, . who was unable to beat even the great Pele,
. Record this, probably forever will remain unbroken. On it - a little later ...

Four goals for cash

In those days, when Fred was making his triumphant ascent to fame, football was, as you know, amateur. No formal rewards players for matches and the victory was not supposed to. However, seated in wicker chairs on the wooden bleachers moneybags, which we today would call the sponsors, loved podzadorit their pets, lay scattered on the ball down there, round sum. Once (it was already in the early thirties, on the side of Fred's career) in the match, Sao Paulo, "which played Friedenreich, against the Guarani Paulista victory was needed as the air. During that whatever cost. And, as often happens in such situations, despite the fierce attacks on the shots, the incessant pressure and bulk, they did not manage. The break - the zeros. And when the team reached the second half, one jaded fan called Fred and promised him a thousand flights per goal scored!

The match resumed, and has somewhere in the third minute at the gate "Guarani" Fred hammering the ball. Tribune jubilant, "sponsor" in ecstasy shaking thick bundle: a thousand flights was then a very substantial sum. Another ten minutes later, Fred scored the second goal. Then - the third. Torsida going crazy, and "sponsor" noticeably sour. And even yells Fred very nervously: "Thank you, friend!" Enough! "

. Fred turns around and yells back: "Well, is that one more for luck!" And indeed, under the stands laughter scored the fourth ball!

. ... Somehow, this story reminded me of another that happened three and a half decades later
. In Sao Paulo, filmed a documentary about Pele, and the director always had nice goal off of the King. All first time operator worn out, trying not to lose the viewfinder of his hero, but the efforts were in vain: there was no goal. During the break, the director asked Pele: "For us not to run for you, we'll put the ball here at this point, the right of the gate, and you really try: Score a goal with us to the nearest corner of the penalty". And it was all done to order: a goal was scored exactly at the point of the field, where the camera was pointed.

The parallels between Fred and Pele is not far-fetched. The few veterans who were lucky enough to catch the game the old Fred and see a young Pele, happily noted that for both of these great masters was not in football nothing is inaccessible, incomprehensible, undeveloped. Each of them was a head taller than his contemporaries (in a figurative rather than literal sense, because unlike Pele figure Fred was just not very powerful: lean, wiry). Each of them had a whole arsenal of techniques and each technique was able to achieve at least a little bit better and at least for a moment faster than those who played beside him.



When Pele played in the first team at seventeen, then when Fred was seventeen, the Brazilian team did not exist
. It was first convened in 1914 on the occasion of the arrival in Brazil of British club Exeter City. On the eve of his arrival in Rio atmosphere heated up to the limit. The fans had no thought of victory over the great founders of football, but modestly dreamed about losing a decent fight as possible with not very large accounts. The owner of one of the bars, where three British players on the day before the match sat at a table and drank a glass of juice, put up after they left the auction as a gift chairs, on which sat the British. Total revenue was astronomical!

The next day, to the amazement and delight of the audience (and the game was attended by a record at that time 10 thousand viewers), the hosts have won with a score of 2:0. This was the first, yet unofficial match against Brazil. 22-year-old Fred to score goals in that match was unable to, but he remembered that long duel. Not only because it was the first game for the national team, but also because one of the sons of the distant Albion, demonstrating a tough game, Fred deprived of two teeth.

. And five years later, in 1919, came the finest hour puny mulatto with green eyes: he was again invited to join the team on the Rio championship of America
. The tournament this one was actually something planned for 1918, but it had to cancel due to the outbreak of pandemic influenza in Brazil, which is then called "Spanish flu". This championship has been carefully refurbished, equipped with new grandstands and a new lawn is the first and the best time in Rio stadium Laranjeiras, Sergipe ". (He, incidentally, exists in excellent condition and operates successfully as a base of Rio's oldest club Fluminense until now).

By the Cup in 1919 stadium, city and country prepared as a milestone. For the first time Brazil has become the scene of a major international football championship. For the first time separated by a constant and brutal club rivalry Brazilians suddenly felt themselves truly united football power and rallied under the slogan "For our great Brazil!". For the first time has emerged on a national scale what later became known as "torsida". Posters depicting the ball and flags of participating countries completed the city. Fever swept the entire nation. Postponed for after the championship, business meetings and romantic meeting. Ladies to iron rustling lace dresses and hats ordered from a Parisian style: after the appearance on the stands was equated in the years to participate in social events! Men in the cafe on the street Ouvidor make a bet: whether we will be able to resist the Uruguayans? And participated in the tournament a total of four countries: the owners of the field, . Argentina, . Uruguay and,
. But the excitement was no less than now, before the upcoming world championship with 32 football powers.

. In the first match on May 11 for the first time on smart stadium, located near the presidential palace, suddenly came down from the favelas from the surrounding mountains crowd of Negroes and mulattos
. They, of course, was not allowed on the platform, designed for pure audience, but to stand around the field graciously allowed. Expectations of the public were not deceived: Brazilians shocked his countrymen, by targeting team Chile with a score of 6:0. Fred scored three goals, and his fame, limited hitherto largely outside Sao Paulo, suddenly spread throughout the country.

In the second match Brazilians resisted far more serious rival - Argentina. It was defeated 3:1. With these two victories, Brazil went to the last match, which is required to decide the champion. Brazilians resisted the chief's favorite tournament - the team of Uruguay, has twice won the championship of the continent in 1916 and 1917. Demographics of Uruguay also came to the final, not with empty hands: they defeated Argentina 3:2 Chile 2:0. The second of these fights was marked tragedy, give a special atmosphere around the championship: in the match with Chileans seriously injured goalkeeper Roberto Uruguayans Sherry nicknamed El Poeta (poet). He was sent to hospital, operated on, but failed, and two days later he died. And the next match, which determines who will become the champion Uruguayans were supposed to play with Brazil ...

Voltage on the eve of the bout, scheduled for May 26, has reached intolerable power. For Uruguayans, she had become a kind of memorial in memory of fallen comrades. And the Brazilians have felt very close, almost in the hands of a chance to become champions of the continent!


Boots the weight of Diamonds

The final match was formed initially very badly for Brazilians: the great Uruguayan Gradina on the eighth minute and Scarone - the eighteenth, . seemed, . ruined all the hopes of Brazil,
. There was then no live television, no radio reports, but were telephones and telegraph, and the progress of the fight followed, not only Rio, but the whole country. 0:2: And like a black pall of mourning descended on the royal palm, others (they are alive today) stadium Laranjeiras, Sergipe ". But no wonder they say that hope dies last. Already on the 29 th minute of the first half right edge of the Brazilians Neco scored the first return the ball at the 17 th minute of the second half he is equalized. So ended the match - 2:2, and had to appoint a replay on May 29.

By the time the voltage in Rio and the country has reached, seemed to limit. As in the steam boiler, which is about to explode. Tickets for the match went to unthinkable prices. Dresses for the ladies had to urgently change: one can not appear twice in the same outfit! The match turned for the players and torsidy into something, . reminiscent of either an ascent to Calvary, . whether the seven circles of hell with all its attendant suffering: first half - an account not open, . Second half - no goals,
. Additional poluchasovka - from 0:0. It starts with the second additional poluchasovka, . and nobody knows, . what will happen, . if it does not bring animals: one more, . third tridtsatiminutka or new replay? And finally the final act, . with a description of where and started this essay: Neko escapes from trying to master the ball Gradina, . passes along the right edge, . playing on a series of fine feint Uruguayans Vanzino and Folino, . delivers from the corner flag in the penalty, . goalkeeper Uruguayans Saporidi and Brazilian Heitor rush to intercept, . the ball flies off to Fred, . and the hammering it into the empty net goal.,

. Paroxysmal attack ecstasy shakes stadium
. Thousands of straw boater fly in the air. Echo point is scored overlapped rostrum, rolled through the streets, as the ninth shaft, rolling in the direction of Botafogo and Flamengo, flood flooded the whole city. And all know and believe: Uruguayans not revenge! And so it happened: a match ends. Brazil - the champion of the continent, and Fred - the most beloved, most revered son of this country!

His render the stadium at the hands of. The next day his red clay soil oneself boots on display in a jewelry boutique Oscar Machado Street Ouvidor near priceless diamonds and emeralds. On the front pages of newspapers - photo Fred. Here it is - full height. Here is his manly face. Here is his foot: the same one gold!.. On the motif of the most popular samba invent new words, and that on the exploits of Fred and a certain hit in unison singing the whole country. And the whole country sees that the beloved Fred - not white! Mulatto: And that means that football is no longer a matter only of "academics", that it can and should play all. Including color, which if allowed to go before the clubs, it is only as janitors, night watchmen and gardeners. It is in this turned out to be the principal value, above all the grandeur of victories Fred: he first showed that football can be and should be open to all.


How does he play? ..

Well, what a football was, Fred? How does he play?

. Answering these questions will help us no movies, no news in pictures
. In those days have not really tried to operators of stadiums, and even pictures of Fred remained slightly. Most of the team when they sit before a match in a classic pose: behind the defense, in front of - on one knee in the line of attack. But there are few, without exception, enthusiastic descriptions of eyewitnesses. One of those who have closely watched him play, and then long associated with him, journalist Max Valentin absolutely sure: Fred was the best player in the era of the country "to Pele. His feature favorably distinguishes Fred from Leonidas and many other great masters, it was an amazing ability to combine their actions with the play team. As a stunning virtuoso, he was never keen on Finta for feint, he played for the team, the team, he was the most rational, not only scoring himself, but was able to step back in order to mount an attack. As a center forward and recognized goleadorom, he loved, having beaten two or three defenders, suddenly bring to the position of his goal assist welterweight or extreme forward and tilt it a pass. In this sense, his game is more like a Pele, than, say, Romario.

. With regard to the individual technique, . then, . writes Max Valentin, . Unlike most of his contemporaries, . Fred loved to act and acted with great skill (handles the ball, . strikes or sent a pass) is not only and not internal, . how the outside of the foot,
. This gave the ball unexpected rotation, which was in those days, revelation. Fine and unpredictable feints Tiger accompanied by a series of quick and clever touches the ball, and his movements were swift, minimal, easy, and it is disorienting guardian. He managed at the earliest possible moment to leave behind him throws him to meet rivals. This feline softness of his feint, insinuating deceptive movements and caused that Uruguayans nicknamed him El Tigre - Tiger. Not a cat as it was to call this great scorer, netting gate shaking his unexpected and witty goals!

And the French have nicknamed him the King of football. It was in 1925, when "Paulistano, the first Brazilian club to go on tour in Europe, shook the Old World. In the play there were ten matches won nine victories! Only once the Brazilians defeated. The overall ratio of balls - 30:8! Of these eleven thirty heads were in the account of Fred.

El Tigre, The King of football - it was not only his nickname. His name is Fred O Destroidor (Destroyer), O Sabio (Sage), O Deus dos Estadios (God of stadiums). Who else can boast such a collection?

. And now we sum up his track record: Fred was seven-time champion Sao Paulo, . twice - the champion of America, . He won seventeen national tournaments, . eleven times was the best scorer of the Brazilian, . nine times - the state of Sцёo Paulo, and twice - continental championships,
. Last team he played seventeen games, scored eight goals in their. Modest by today's standards. But remember that in those days, team play is rarely. Sometimes just a couple of matches in a year. And in the past - none.

. But most important of his wealth - it is great, anyone, even Pele, not beaten the record: 1329 goals scored in the 26 years career, from 1909 to 1934.

. : It has long been withdrawing from football in 1943, when he was over fifty, he is trying, apparently, to stifle melancholy, played a farewell a few matches in the two teams - Flamengo and Santos
. As if sensing that a few years, these two become the most popular club in the country and his name will go down in their history, and together with them in the history of football and Brazil.

Name something he has become. But most have forgotten. Fred died in Sao Paulo already, as they say in these days: two months before the thousandth goal Pele. The year before Brazil's third victory at the World Cup in Mexico. He left on Sept. 6, 1969. Nobody thought about it in that September day. Nobody thought about that in the great victories of Brazilian football was his great merit.

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Arthur Friedenreich, photo, biography
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