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Biography HENNES Ulrich
Born January 5, 1952.
Country Germany.
Position Midfielder
Clubs: "Ulm" (1966-70), Bayern Munich (1970-78), "Nuremberg" (all Germany) (1978-79).
In the Bundesliga: has 250 matches and scored 86 goals
West Germany squad 1972-1976: 35 games, 5 goals.
. Titles: World Champion 1974, . European Champion 1972, . Vice-champion of Europe 1976, . Champion Germany 1972, . 1973, . 1974, . Cup Germany 1971, . European Champions Cup 1974, . 1975, . 1976, . Intercontinental Cup 1976, . European Super Cup 1976,

. Magnificent midfielder (playing on the right) Uli Hoeness one hundred percent in line with its position on the field and his business acted properly, . crisp and clean - well assisted stalls, . not shied away from routine work, . regularly beaten and games, . and with the standard provisions,
. Was an indispensable link "Bavaria" first half of the 70's, all the successes which have been associated with his name. Hoeness always found at the right time in the right place - in time for the partners and surprise contender. His timely transmission and goals often decide the outcome of the fight. In the playoff final match ketch-74 Uli was the author of the first two goals, which ushered in the defeat Club Atlц?tico de Madrid. Trauma Hennessy received the following final ketch in Paris from Leeds, although it did not influence the ultimate success of the Munich club, but considerably weakened team action. Not because whether this "Bavaria" without one of their leaders gave way to Dynamo Kiev in the UEFA Supercup? After two major operations on his knee Hoeness to the delight of admirers of his talent is back in operation. And immediately the "Bavaria" has found former rhythm, strength and confidence, winning a third consecutive Cup.

Advanced topics German football midfielder is remembered not only the successes but also failures. As a staff penaltistom "Bavaria" and the national team, he scored a 11-meter Poles World Cup 74, which could cost the team out in finale (thanks to Gerd Muller, zabivshemu soon winning goal). In the debut of the final match of the same mundialya, sfoliv to Johanna Cruyff (cut down the "Flying", having flown right in the rolled up), Hoeness was responsible for penalties and when came the turn of punch his 11-meter team, entrusted the right is Paul Breitner. Finally, poorly executed Hennessy penalty shoot-out (above the gate) in the final of Euro 76 with the Czechs put an end to identify the winner.

This match was the last game of Hennessy in the team. But hardly anyone else from players, . played in the national team just five seasons, . can boast such a collection of awards! Family tradition to support his younger brother, Ulrich Dieter - yarkovyrazhenny scorer, . multiple champion and winner of the Cup of Germany in the "Bavaria",
. But, unlike older, he had not known the joy of victory nor ketch (two finalists), or the World Cup (runner-FM-86), nor at the continental championship.

Since 1979, Uli Hoeness is a manager in the "Bavaria". Once the club president Franz Beckenbauer has received increasing - General Manager. Hopes to work out in the team for at least another four years. It was at this time planned to build a new club stadium, which will, according to Hennes, the best in the world. Perhaps, just next year, "Bavaria" under the strict guidance Hennessy throw their shares on the Stock Exchange ... And then you can pass the credentials and Oliver Kahn, who Uli sees as his successor.

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HENNES Ulrich, photo, biography
HENNES Ulrich, photo, biography HENNES Ulrich  football player, photo, biography
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