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Fyodor Cherenkov

( football player)

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Biography Fyodor Cherenkov
photo Fyodor Cherenkov
Born 25.07.1959 g.
Country: USSR
Position: Midfielder
Disciple SDUSHOR "Spartacus."
"Spartak" (Moscow): from 1977 - 06.1990, 06.1991-1994 g.
"Red Star" (Paris, France): 07.1990 - the city of 05.1991;
In the championships of the USSR 366 matches and scored 89 goals.
In the championships of Russia 32 games 6 goals.
Total for "Spartacus" - 398 matches and scored 95 goals.
Team: held 34 matches and scored 12 goals.
The first match of the year 12/09/1979: Greece (Athens) 0:1
The last match of the year 28/04/1990: Ireland (Dublin) 0:1
Olympic team: 6 matches, 4 goals.
USSR Champion - 1979, 1987 and 1989. Champion of Russia 1993
. Second place in the championships of the USSR - 1980,1981,1984,1985,1986,1991 years.
. Third place in the USSR championships - 1981 and 1986.
. Cup finalist USSR Cup in 1991.
. Bronze medal-80.
. In the national team of Moscow - won the Olympics of the USSR in 1979.
. Cup Football Federation of the USSR in 1987.
. Personal:
. Best player of the USSR in 1983 and 1989,
. Member of the symbolic Grigory Fedotov club (136 balls).
. Holder of record "Spartacus" in the number of the Games.
. Since July 1994
. - Coach of the football team "Spartak" (Moscow).

There is a special category of players who remain forever in the memory of the people. They remember and love not for the titles and ranks, and for the beautiful and graceful game, for the joy that they gave. All this, without doubt, belongs to Fyodor Cherenkov. He was destined for many years to play a role not deserved (as awarded) and national (which is correct) player. With "light hand" Nikolay Nikolayevich Ozerov it became known as the "People's footballer of Russia". Possessed a dispatching abilities, well-delivered blow with both feet. Was an example of a professional attitude to football. About Cherenkov created a documentary

. Football began play in 1969 in the UK Kuntsevo a coach Mukhortova Mikhail Ivanovich, . then in 1971 moved to the football school "Spartacus", . where he became engaged under the leadership of Anatoly Maslenkino Yevstigneyevich, . then Vladimir Chernyshev Ignatievitch,

"Irreplaceable Fedor"

Curled newcomer appeared in "Spartacus" in the late 70-ies. Beskov trusted Cherenkov place at the base, but is constantly arguing with 'hardcore' player. Starostin remembered as one of parsing game Beskov made him remark: 'there must be given a pass'. 'No, I could pass myself:' replied the Cherenkov. 'Failed' - 'But I could, I felt'. The dispute delayed. Cherenkov stood his. Need to know Beskova, his self-confidence, aplomb, but Fedor is not lost and had to surrender Beskova. This was manifested in the character seemingly compliant and obedient Cherenkov.

Fedor gradually gaining experience. Then came 1983. Here Cherenkov was nazamenim: 33 matches for 'Spartacus', 8 matches in the first team, 4 for the Olympic, 6 matches of the UEFA Cup. Including the game with 'Aston Villa' in London, where 'Spartacus', losing 0:1 at the expense of two goals Cherenkov snatched victory. Logical recognition of Theodore was the best player of the year. By the mid 80-ies Cherenkov becomes a key player in "Spartacus", a think tank games red-white. 'No Fedi, as without hands' - said Spartacus. However, such an overload nearly led to the end of the football career of 24 years. And a few years it took to return to the previous games 'national master'.

Fyodor Cherenkov underrated coaches, but this is offset by the love of fans. Still, a wonderful man Fyodor Cherenkov. Footballer with a football so unhappy fate, the man who on his football intelligence and understanding of the game simply had to be in a team, missed it. And what is even more insulting is nepopadanie not become fatal for the team, . contrary, . is the era of the 80's became for the Soviet football final today triumph, . Cherenkov meanwhile, was almost the last of the Soviet football legend, . becoming at the same time and his victim,
. There are players whose name is inseparable from the name of your club. This was a great Yashin in the "Dinamo", Streltsov in "Torpedo", Kipiani in Tbilisi, and so on. Cherenkov and "Spartacus" really twins. Correct and logical, Cherenkov played for the country's most popular club, it was the game that earned its popularity, but the laurels going to the champions and heroes are largely to him and not his team, and all other. But apparently, there is a special category of players who remain forever in the memory of the people. They remember and love not for the titles and ranks, and for the beautiful and passionate game for the joy that this game is bestowed.

Brain commands

On the game Cherenkov written and said many. Probably no exaggeration to say that Fedor was the personification of purity of football, just the same soccer holiness. Almost all the players that ended up on Dasaeva Rodionova periodically subjected to obstruction by the fans and journalists. All except the Cerenkov. When they say that dozens of "Spartacus" was his think tank, is more than just score his game. "Spartacus" the early and mid 80's played in a strange, a bit infantile, but very attractive football. The whole team Beskova, . sang some old-fashioned dance on the field long fan attack, . with lots of gears and stunning against the background of culture pasa, . bright, . clever combinations and of course, . branded "wall to", . brought, . As one well-known pianists, . "absurdity",
. Not stand the suffocating pressure, . "Spartacus" "break" in the literal and figurative sense of the Germans and French - the team tempo, . rigid and powerful, . but how beautifully Cherenkov and the campaign dealt with the conservative British, . repeatedly, . vsparyvaya defense right in the center!,

. In the mid-80's, . against the background of general decline, . when three or four consecutive exact pasa considered an indicator of class, . a player, . possessed the ability to give accurate transfer, . with the last transfer in general valued its weight in gold, . Cherenkov looked edakii Wunderkind,
. He never beat strongly, all goals, hammering softly, preferring a slightly hit bottom, or to throw the ball over the goalkeeper. His goals against Aston Villa and the Brazilians on Marakane a golden fund "Spartacus". Cherenkov was able to do on the field work which was under the force only a few. But most importantly, for what it liked, without exaggeration, madly, he conducted the field quietly and humbly, selflessly and sincerely. When the European games with AEK Athens he was ejected from the field, . more anger fans could not be represented as, . remove from the field "Fyodor" But he did not hurt a fly, . to defend himself! Probably, . Football sincerity of the best term to describe the game Cherenkov,

Unnecessary in the team

In the national team was all much more complicated. Won the Moscow Olympics was not possible, in the championship Mira 82, Fyodor has not been, well, then, after passing through an era disparaged Malofeyeva, team fell into the hands of Valeri Lobanovsky. They want a red-white fans or not, but until Cherenkov glittering in the national championship, no team has made him perhaps the highest level of play for all time of existence. Achieved without Cerenkov. Mechanism of the game Lobanovskiy was then so honed, verified and brought to the automatism that Cherenkov freelance writer in "Spartacus", could not be useful Kievans. And if at first tried to enter the Cherenkov Lobanovsky in composition, then after the unjust dismissal in 1983 and returned to the team in 1986, Valery Lobanovsky had no particular illusions about the 'compatibility' Cherenkov and team. He did not fit into the framework of game tasks and functions performed by the way, at the highest level. Consolation for the "spartachey" will perhaps mention that David Kipiani, whose fate is also sold with the fate of the country's main command. On the other hand, the team Lobanovskiy harmoniously blended players more functional - Aleinikov, Gotsmanov, Sulakvelidze, Dasayev. And finally, most importantly - the team gave out the result, as at club level and at the level of teams is what "Spartacus" was unable to achieve. In 1990, the team failed the soccer world. Were identified such reasons as lack of the injured and the failure Mikhailichenko best football player in 1989 Cherenkov radiation.

. After a record for "Spartacus" 366 matches in the national championship twice and it became the best player "de jure", . as many years, "de facto", . unrecognized in the world, . but madly loved by all in the Motherland, . Cherenkov with Rodionov left to finish his career in a modest French "Red Star",
. Did not find it fame, he returned home, and until 1994 he played for his native "Spartacus.

In autumn 1994, was arranged a farewell match Cherenkov. "Spartacus" met with the Italian 'Parma'. (1:1) Cherenkov went beautifully. Tens of thousands of people witnessed the last match of one of the best players in our football.

In 1985 he was awarded the Order of Honor. In April 1995, Mr.. order of the President of Russia was awarded a bonus letter in connection with the 60 anniversary of the sports society "Spartacus". In June 1995, Mr.. Awarded "Spartacus" for his devotion to the sports community.

. Today Cherenkov learn to play young players, and would like very much to the future Spartak lucky at European club level, at least in honor of Fyodor Cherenkov radiation.

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Fyodor Cherenkov, photo, biography
Fyodor Cherenkov, photo, biography Fyodor Cherenkov  football player, photo, biography
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