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Jose Luis Chilavert

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography Jose Luis Chilavert
photo Jose Luis Chilavert
Full name: Jose Luis Chilavert Felix Gonzalez
. Country: Paraguay
. Position: Goalkeeper
. Served:
. "Sportivo Lukeno" 1980-84 "Guarani" 1984/85 - both of Paraguay, San Lorenzo, Argentina 1985-88, "Zaragoza, Spain -1988-90, Velez Sarsfield, Argentina 1990-2000," Strasbourg, France 2000 -2002 Cerro Porteno, Paraguay 2002 -..
. official chepionatah Argentina, Spain, France, 521 game, 38 goals scored.
Team: 72 games 7 goals scored
First leg: 27.08.1989 Sat years. Colombia 2:1
. Goals balls in the team:
. 27.08.89 Colombia 2:1 (pen)
. 15.08.93 Peru 2:1 (pen)
. 01.09.96 Argentina 1:1 (pen)
. 07.10.00 Colombia 2:0 (penalty)
. 15.11.00 Peru 5:1 (pen)
. 05.09.01 Bolivia 5:1 (penalty)
. 07.10.01 Argentina 2:2 (pen)
. Achievements:
. Team:
. Champion of Paraguay in 1984
. Argentina Champion 1993, 1996, 1998.
. Cup Libertidores 1994
. Winner of the International Cup 1994
. Cup France 2001
. Personal:
. Best goalkeeper of the world 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999.
. Lushy football in South America in 1996
. Best Argentine Footballer of the Year 1996, the Athlete Argentina 1996, 1999.
. Best Footballer of the Year 1996
. Best Goalkeeper World Cup 1998
. Is the 6 th place among all the goalkeepers of the world of the twentieth century, and 2-nd place among South American Goalkeeper of the twentieth century.
. Only goalkeeper, who scored a hat-trick (in 2000) and two double (1996 and 1998) in the national championship game.

. This does not even football midfielder, but the help he developed instinct is not worse than most precast forwards
. He has more than fifty goals scored in matches at various levels, and several personal records, which are unlikely to be beaten in the near future. He - Jose Luis Chilavert, Paraguay's goalkeeper, had long been transferred from the number of outstanding players in the category of objects of people's love and the people's hatred. At the moment it from 58 balls took first place in the list of goalkeepers - goleadorov in the history of world football (in second place with 50 goals is Rene Higuita).


With 15 years in the "frame"

Chilavert was born July 27, 1965 in Luka, which is located eight kilometers from the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion
. His father, Catalino worked as an accountant at the state enterprise, trying hard to ensure a decent living to his wife and four children. In those years, even black and white TV was considered a miracle of technology, and his view for the whole family turned into a real holiday, and football broadcasts used in this family is particularly popular.

. Perhaps, even then Jose Luis dreamed of applauding him stadiums, he represented himself in the role of the aggressor, putting balls in one after another
. However, whenever he was with the company went to a vacant lot to play football, peers always send it to the gate, as Jose Luis significantly inferior to them in size. When the age of 14 he first came to Club Sportivo Lukeno, favored by all three of his older brothers - Julio Cesar, John and Rolando Marciano - the coach asked him in what position he played before. Chila thought for a few seconds, but then still made a choice, which determined its subsequent fate. And who would have thought then that he was a thin guy in a few short years has become a real bulldog, fearsome opponents to only one of its kind ...

. "Sportivo Lukeno" was one of the legendary clubs of Paraguay, and protect his blue and gold color was considered a great honor
. In its time for "Sportivo Lukeno" acted Julio Cesar Romero, best Paraguayan striker 80-ies. Chilavert made his debut in the basis in 1980, aged 15 let.No appeared in the irregularly because of young age and learning. Chilavert almost dropped football because of a parallel study at the university at the Faculty of Economics (later called him a tendency to "Professor Guarani), which bored him so much that Chila fell asleep right on the lectures. But love for football prevailed, and the age of 18 he had already taken a permanent place in the gate "Sportivo Lukeno". On debut in the national championship he retains vivid memories: "I still remember that night, . we beat the "Sol de America" 3:1, . and continue to thank her then-coach Pedro Fernandez, . who decided to put the gate neobstrelyannogo boy,
. At the match came to see my family, but most of all, I remember the words of my grandfather, who said that I was waiting for a great future, but he is sure to wait for this moment. Unfortunately, he only saw my debut, as he died the same week.

The following year Chilavert joined the "Guarani", with the club winning the league title and became one of the main heroes of the victorious "campaign. His performances, he won the respect of the head coach of the club Gaetano Fe, later headed the national team and guided it to the world championship in 1986.


Studied beat "standards" for Milutinovic

From the "Guarani" Chilavert moved to Argentina in the club San Lorenzo, which was headed by current head coach of Honduras Velibor (Bora) Milutinovic
. It was there, with the filing of the Yugoslav specialist, he learned to perform the penalty kicks, often arranging a kind of competition with his mentor. According to the most Milutiiovicha, they always won the duel himself, as beat with both feet, and Chila - just to the left. Nevertheless, Paraguayan made such progress in implementing this type of standard provisions that training playfully broke a glass bottle with a Coca-Cola. In view Chilavert, in his ability to beat the penalty is no secret: "There are two ingredients for success - work and training. By the way, God gave me the tall and only 39-m foot size. But due to less surface contact with the ball I make more precise strike. Besides, I never use any of the fixing bandages, so as not to reduce the sensitivity of the feet ". Now an average of 10 penalty kicks, running on the training, completed target hit at least 8, and 1-2 times the ball hit the bar or the crossbar.

. For a long time that his talent could not find the application, but in August 1989 Chilavert finally opened their account Gholam in official matches, hitting the gate colleagues from the team of Colombia Rene Higuita, who was then regarded as one of his idols
. If the account 1:1, he crossed the entire field, went to the ball and from the penalty spot on 90 minutes brought the winning team!
. Speaking for the "San Lorenzo", Chila met with Marcel, a teacher of English - a blonde with blue eyes, with which he has not parted for 14 years
. Shy Paraguayan whole weeks to enjoy the beauty Marcela, who played tennis at the courts sportgorodka until it made a proposal to which she agreed. We do not believe that the Bulldog was once a shy, but it is so.

. 1988-The year was a landmark for Chilavert yet for two reasons: he moved overseas, to Spain, where he began to advocate "Zaragoza", and was first revealed to the world his exuberant temperament
. In the qualifying match to the FM-90 with the national team of Ecuador Chila attacked with fists on the player guests zabivshego his goal, for which he was removed from the field. In Spain, the Paraguayans have it went wrong, but there he met with Carlos Bianchi, who next year and invited him to "Velez Sarsfield, a club that Chilavert gave ten of the brightest years of his life.


Ten years with Velez Sarsfield "

In this decade Chilavert full felt the love and hatred "inchady", and not only the Argentine
. Fans of Colombian club spat and deafening whistles, . when "Velez Sarsfield" came to Colombia in the Copa Libertadores matches, . and fans "Rivera" and "Boca" happy to Chilavert threw grenades, . but had to be content with a few accurate hits from firecrackers.,

. The years spent in "Veles", have become not only the best in his career, but also a period of self-affirmation
. And assert themselves Chilavert all acceptable and unacceptable ways. One former goalkeeper River Plate, Roberto Bonano, he is now for Barcelona, put the diagnosis to his colleague: "inferiority complex". Perhaps he was right, otherwise how can explain the inexplicable actions of eccentric Paraguayans?
. Perhaps the main target of its Chilavert chose intrusive "paparazzi": "The press can not control me, as other players, some of whom call themselves, naprashivayas for interview
. You know, what is the biggest problem with me at the journalists chasing for cheap sensationalism? The fact that they had never seen and did not see me at the disco in the influence of drugs or alcohol. I'm not in their taste. Why scandals with some of them? A journalist for a year in reserve, to destroy me, for I can do this only once. But why am I going to beat him if he was not offended and does not provoke me? "Nevertheless, at least the first four times he threw himself with his fists on the journalists who had to flee from his flight.

. The Argentine press has repeatedly attempted to penetrate the privacy Chilavert, but each time come across a blank wall
. When he stood for "Velez Sarsfield, his mobile phone number registered to another name, and do not even know the president Raul Gamez, not to mention the coaches of this club, including Carlos Bianchi and Marcelo Bielsa. Nevertheless, beyond the football field Chilavert led no less rich life, constantly being in the center of attention and balancing on the edge that separates the good from the bad, love and hatred, the whistle of applause. He himself admitted that well aware of the attitude towards him from the various sectors of society: "It is clear that it is ambiguous and indifferent. Since I can not be indifferent: I either love or hate. That's life in black and white. Still, it's good that society is not odnoliko that there are different opinions. "
Chilavert has remained a mystery for many. Only, . that was visible to the naked eye, . this is, . it is woven from the controversy: admires Daniel Passarella and abhors coaching dictatorship; admits Diego Maradona the best player of all time and at the same time, calls it "the first drug addict Argentina; considers himself a principled anti-communist, . while holding forth about the society of "equality and fraternity" and believes in the need for "strong hand" against abortion, . however, sees such action necessary in the case of rape, collecting weapons and armor, . but does not know how to use it.,

. At the 1998 World Cup, which became finest hour Chilavert from him got not only the reporter of the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Solor, but C?sar Luis Puente, President of the NOC of Paraguay
. In response, journalists often exhibited Chilavert in bad light, without shame or conscience distorting his words. In this way they forced him to abandon the first communication with the press in early 1999, and then - to sue immediately for several popular Argentine sports books. What he said can be perceived in different ways, but making any statements, Chilavert is unlikely to think about the consequences.

. As the next target for criticism Chila elected Paraguayan government, which, in his view, "only zamylivaet brains of people, but in fact acting on the orders of his friends"
. Summer 1999, Chilavert refused to participate in the America's Cup because, . that among the organizers of this tournament came in the plotters, General Lino Oviedo, . the period of government which Chila remembers all the details: "Lino Oviedo - is anti-democrat, . Utopia country in blood,
. I can not greet him or even be near him, not to mention the fact that embrace. And our government, instead of erecting stadiums should build schools and hospitals in order to help poor people, especially children, illiterate and sick. That's exactly it brought the country to the status of a banana republic. "

The total lack of loyalty to the authorities and led to the attempt to Chilavert Eseisa at the airport, located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Then unarmed Bulldog fought off seven unknowns, trying to inflict stab wounds. Perhaps, since he was brought to the back seat of his car a baseball bat - to ensure that at any time be prepared to fight back.

. He's afraid if something fearless Chilavert? At least two things are his, if not panic, something close to it condition: air travel and sea
. The reason is very simple; travel by air transport provoke him severe headaches, and rest on the water unpleasant Bulldog because he could not swim.



But do not think that playing in Argentina, Chilavert did nothing that was chasing reporters and spoke in defense of the Paraguayan people, who by the way, it says "timid"
. First of all, he changed his illustrative example of narrow-minded view of the functions of the goalkeeper: "In the past the goalkeeper in his penalty was a prisoner within the four walls. Now, with my appearance, it is - first and foremost a person, which must be aggressive in the best sense of the word, those who direct the whole team from their gates. And, of course, the goalkeeper must have good physique, moral and volitional qualities to be an optimist and always hope for the best. "

. June 16, 1996 in a match against Boca Juniors Chila scoring twice - to 40-minute penalty kick and free kick in the 43rd
. In the game with a "Union" 27.09.1998, he repeats the double - a 12-minute penalty kick and chipped the goalkeeper after finished the ball to the 24 th

. In 1999, Chilavert accomplished what he had not succeeded in any one goalkeeper of the world - made a "hat-trick in one match (November 28 against Ferrokarril Oeste), with all three goals he had with the 11-meter mark at 45, 74 and 85-minute game.

. Over Chilavert acquired a reputation as a leader in the Velez Sarsfield, and in the national team of Paraguay, and in both cases, he was elected team captain
. It was his confident play on the last turn allowed "Veles" three times to win the Argentine championship, to win the Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup win. No less a sensation and made his speech at the World Cup in France. It seemed that Paraguay will not be able to leave the group D, except where it proved to be Spain, Nigeria and Bulgaria. Having played a draw with Bulgaria, "Guarani" stood in a meeting with rushing and rushing the Spaniards, and then prevailed with a score of 3:1 over Nigeria, acting under the direction of an old friend Chily, Yugoslav Bora Milutinovic. The day before the match, they met in a cafe and was pleased to remember the days when the goalkeeper played under him at San Lorenzo.
And then the team waited Paraguay match with the future world champion. Up to 114-minute Chilavert heroically took and reflect all the balls flying at his gate, and only once fell to the ground of impotence, unable to prevent Laurent Blanc to score the winning goal. But a few seconds passed, and he went to console his teammates. Consolation as he himself was the recognition of its best goalkeeper mundialya.


"Chilavert - for President!"

He likes the simplicity of everything: food, clothing, and while he apparently tried to compensate for his hungry childhood, buying up everything in incredible amounts
. Chilavert obsessed with shopping. His house is about 60 bags of various capacities, with whom he goes shopping.

. Before the match for the Intercontinental Cup against Milan Chilavert arranged with representatives of the company "Puma", which will play in a sweater with the logo in exchange for 14 thousand dollars
. In addition to this the Germans sent him 80 pairs of goal-keeping gloves and three huge bags of clothes. Chila quarreled with the heads of Veles ", with customs officers and employees of the airport, but still succeeded in his belongings had been taken to Buenos Aires. There, he gave away goalkeeper gloves from the lower divisions, and clothing distributed among several hospitals. On his philanthropy fit the emerging legend. In Paraguay, Chilavert set up a foundation, named in honor of his deceased father and is already providing assistance to children to be born with a cleft lip. He - one of the most wealthy people of his country (he owns several solid possessions at home and eight apartments in Buenos Aires), although it does not make much money values. On his first paycheck in "San Lorenzo", he bought his parents house, and now every month translates mother unspecified amount of U.S. currency, that it in no way needed. Are not left out and three of his brothers, although Chila considers it necessary to give them a loan only as long as they will be able to repay.

"Chilavert - for President!" - Such cries in Paraguay beginning to be heard more and more. And you can be sure that the mass popular support for him will be provided - especially that th will never put himself above others initially: "Politics?" This is a good thing when everything around you, maintain, and no less dirty than football. If I go podamsya, I hope someday to become president of Paraguay. I would like to help other people who know that my word - this is the case, and that I can open some of their eyes to what is happening around. My values are not sold and not bought. "

. In Argentina recently Chila was persecuted by the judicial authorities: "When the Tribunal of La Plata has ruled on the recognition of me guilty of assaulting a civil servant" Gimnasia "and awarded me a three-month prison sentence and 11-month ban on speech in Argentina, . felt helpless',
. Therefore, when the Paraguayans had the opportunity a second time to go to Europe, he was not pondering over this question: "I hit the road in time from Argentina, if we bear in mind that country broke out in economic crisis. In 1988 I also managed to avoid all the "charms" hyperinflation ". At reproaches, . that these words through the black ingratitude, . Paraguay goalkeeper reacts without unnecessary emotion: "In Argentina, I owed nothing to anybody and do not feel guilt in, . that "Strasbourg" invited me shortly before all these events ",

End of European odyssey

As part of this club, at the end of last season, retired in the second division, Chilavert debuted on Nov. 1, 2000 in a match against FC Girondins de Bordeaux. But France does he go far in the best way that is not slow to affect his relationship with the coaching corps "Strasbourg". Chilavert refused to take a seat on the bench, for which he was fined 50 000 dollars. But when the punishment was to come into force, he went back down and saved that amount for his family. Eventually Chila missed only 1 single match (which RC Strasbourg lost 1:4), and then returned to "frame".

In the "Strasbourg" in terms of his contract, which expires at the end of 2002, twice better than in "Veles", and salary - in three. The only thing that did not suit him and not happy so far - that it beat not permit penalties and fines. The only exception made in the game in the Cup of France 20 April 2001 with Nantes, where the 90 th minute when the score was 3:1 Chila scored from the penalty spot 4 th goal. Also from Paraguayans required urgently to lose weight, which exceeded the norm by as much as 10 kilograms.

This feature physique Chilavert has long been a cause for ridicule by his detractors. Thus, the pre-game qualifying round 2002 World Cup team coach Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari egg in training their charges: "Beat on goal from a distance, because they are not the goalkeeper, but only 400 pounds of fat!". When this phrase, which was published in the pages of Brazilian newspapers, reached Chilavert, he just smiled: "My weight is always constant - 250 kg.

. But the most adequate response to the attacks of this kind, he gave the goalkeeper of Argentina Herrmann Burgos, . when he has stood for "River" Burgos constantly teased his colleague, . Without losing opportunities to publicly express their disdain for "fat ass, . who can not stand in the gate, and therefore comes to beat fines and penalties ",
. So Burgos and laughed until then, until one day Chilavert not put the ball to him by the collar with his half of the field. As it turned out, the distance to the gate was 60 meters (!), And the end of the season, this goal was recognized as the best in the champion Argentina.

If we talk about the enemies Chilavert on the football field, until recently, the worst of them was Martin Palermo. Between performances of "Bok Juniors he repeatedly zabivaval Paraguayans and, as a rule, did not without its share of taunts. Their meeting face to face invariably ended with the mutual exchange of insults and blows. And there is nothing surprising in this: in one of his interviews Chilavert said that never fails to file the hands of a man pulled on the women's clothes that once did Palermo, posing in a form for one of the magazines. The last time their rendezvous ended in a draw: both players removed from the field. True, the "crazy" goleador escaped one match suspension, while his opponent, who acted as the instigator, welded for three. For Chilavert it was the third red card of the season, but only for Argentina during his career, he was removed from the field of 13 (!) Times, most often it happened in the matches against Boca Juniors and River Plate.

. The last victim was restless Bulldog defender of Brazil and Real Madrid, Roberto Carlos, with whom he acted in the best "camel" tradition
. And Chila does not feel for his action is not the slightest remorse: On television, they saw only my spit, but left it behind the scenes, like Roberto Carlos to provoke me, calling brainless Indian, laughing at my country and pushed in the chest. "

. In 2002, after the end of the contract moved closer to home in the club Cerro Porteno, signing a two-year contract.

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Jose Luis Chilavert, photo, biography
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