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Biography Matthias SHINDELAR
photo Matthias SHINDELAR
Born February 10, 1903 in Vienna.
Died Jan. 23, 1939 in Vienna.
Country Austria.
Position Striker
Club: Hertha Berlin Vienna (1912-1924), "Amateur" - "Austria" Vienna (both Austria) (1924-1939).
. Achievements:
. Austrian Champion 1924, 1926.
. Austrian Cup Winner 1924, 1925, 1926, 1933, 1935, 1936.
. Mitropa Cup Winner 1933, 1936.
. Member of the World Cup 1934.
. According to the IFFHS occupies 13th place among the best players in Europe of the twentieth century
Austria squad 1926-1937: held 43 matches and scored 27 goals.

Matthias Shindelar - Mozart Football

Once Sindelar was nicknamed "the football Mozart". It is believed that this player is the best center forward of Austria for its history.

Sindelar grew up in Vienna. At 10 years of age, he attracted the attention of coaches unusual technical tricks, dribbling and Finta. School teacher Carl Vaynmann around it created a children's football team, which, later, as a whole was adopted in "Gerd". In 1917, my father Matthias was killed at the front. 14-year-old Sindelar goes to work as a fitter. Ability to train was his only night. However, in 1923, Mathias became a major player Hertha BSC Berlin. Newspapers were filled with headlines about "Cindy". However, in 1924 after a serious knee injury and foot, his career was nearly ended prematurely. Helped to return to the football team doctor "Amateur" (later renamed to "Austria"), Emanuel Schwartz. He operated on his knee, foot did Professor Spitz. Then Mathias passes in "Austria", where he played until the end of life. Sindelar was tall, but had, as they say delicate physical constitution, for which he was given the nickname "paper". He was not equal in dribbling, the ability to change the rhythm of the game, Finta.

Planichka said of him: "This is always smiling striker was the player's unique style. It seemed that the ball is tied to his leg. It was not difficult to go with him three players and to place the ball into the goal "There is a description of the goals Sindelar at the gate Slavia in the match in the Cup Mitropa. He looked around the whole defense, throwing himself into his legs Planichku, stopped at the goal line, waited for the oncoming defender at the last minute left in the direction. Opponent rushed the gate, then there is Sindelar katnul ball. That was his style of play, and after such stunts, made "on the audience" Sindelar stopped playing "themselves", and began, primarily engaged in assisting in. For this audience loved him and valued partners.

In Mitropa Cup final in 1933 came together two great teams of the time - "Austria" and "Ambrosiana-Inter from Milan, Giuseppe Meazza. In Milan, the Italians won 2:1. All decisive meeting in Vienna. In the course of the meeting "Austria" is located by "in shock" Sindelar 2:0, but five minutes before the end of the game Meazza great blow by making a series of equal. Austrians start from the center of the field, the ball picks up Sindelar, runs half the field, dodging the defenders rushed to his feet, and sends the ball into the goal. Stadium standing welcomes the hero.

Sindelar was the basis of "Wunderteam" - the so-called Austrian team of the time, created a brilliant coach Hugo Meisel. This team literally bully rivals Germany 5:0, 6:0, Scotland 5:0, Switzerland 8:1, Hungary 8:2! It must be remembered that while it was superkomandy. At the 1934 World Cup Sindelar spent three games, they scored one goal. It was not him in the team when playing a match for third place. In the story "Wunderteam" entered as possessors 4 th place at World Cup. The team, unfortunately, was a spent its way. Its composition was not a miracle goalkeeper Rudy Hidena, who moved to France, and soon, a naturalized citizen, even had one match for the French team. In 1937, died Hugo Mayzl. And then Sindelar spent the last seemed to be a match for the national team of Austria with Switzerland 4:3.

. "Cindy" has continued to play for Austria ", opened in Vienna cafe, on the door of his wrote" You are invited Matthias Sindelar, whether you want to say that the people there poured shaft?

. In March 1938, held "Anschluss" of Austria
. April 3rd place match teams of Austria and Germany, in which the Austrians said goodbye to their national colors. The stadium was in the entourage swastikas and slogans of "one nation, one Reich, one Fuehrer". Austrians weighed a resounding slap - 2:0 Sindelar and sit down (if you believe the newspapers Sesto scored a hit with a penalty kick from 50 meters!) Led to the defeat of the vaunted German team. It is interesting that this meeting is considered official in Austria and informal in Germany: rival did not represent a sovereign country.

. In the Germany squad have been invited to several Austrian players Hahnemann, Pesser, Binder, Shmaus, Raftl and Sindelar
. But Sindelar from participation in the World Cup-1938 refused on the pretext of - he was 35 years old. This caught the political subtext - he, a Jew, have offered to play for the national team of the Reich, but he dared to refuse!

Six months later, on Jan. 22, 1939, he and his girlfriend were found dead in apartment. Official conclusion - carbon monoxide poisoning. What happened there - remains a mystery. His death - the death of all the pre-war Austrian football.

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