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Biography SHUSTER Berndt
photo SHUSTER Berndt
Born 22 December 1959. (Augsburg, Germany).
Country Germany.
Position Midfielder
Height / Weight 183/80
Marital status: Married since 1979 (wife Gaby, children, Benjamin, David, David Benjamin, Sarah and Rebecca).
. Playing career:
. 1971-1976 - Hammershmide,
. 1976-1978 - Augsburg,
. 1978-1980 - Cologne (all - Germany)
. 1980-1988 - Barcelona,
. 1988-1990 - Real Madrid,
. 1990-1992 - Atletico Madrid (all - Spain)
. 1993-1996 - Bayer Leverkusen (Germany),
. 1997 - UNAM (Mexico)
Coaching career:
1997-1998 - Fortuna,
1998-1999 - Cologne (both - Germany)
2002-2003 - Jerez (Spain)
July 2003 - the Donetsk "Shakhtar".
West Germany squad 1979-1984: 21 games, 4 goals.
The main place of residence Kц?rten (near Cologne, Germany).
. Achievements: European Champion 1980, Champions Cup finalist 1986, Champion of Spain 1989, 1990, Cup of Spain 1981, 1983, 1988, 1991.

. He never spoke at the world championships, have a lot of enemies and enemies, he always says what he thinks, and this causes anger
. But who said that genius must be agreeable? This applies to Bernd Schuster. August 13, he will lead from the bench players Donetsk "Shakhtar", his new team, in the third qualifying round match against Moscow's 'Locomotive'.

. Shuster was born to a poor family in working-class district of the city of Augsburg and from childhood delirious hockey
. However, the second passion Bernd - outweighed the game of football, and in 16 years, a young blond boy stood for the club 'Augsburg', where he announced himself loudly. 'Bernd always came to practice first on his motorcycle, about 15 minutes before the start of classes - recalls his first coach Schumann. - He has not shown much interest in girls. He was too timid. "

In the same period in Shuster began to emerge and the first signs of things, encouraged by the unacceptability. Thus, he never participated in collective dining or game discussions. He just quietly disappear.

. Free thinking young talent manifested itself again in 1978 when he became interested in the great 'Cologne', but the young man had long been in his dreams he saw himself wearing a shirt even greater Munich "Bavaria", and therefore did not put his signature under the contract
. Yet some time later, when the Bavarians put the door manager Schuster, not wanting to pay too young player 200 thousand brand, Bernd was in the 'Kozlov'. A year later he became the idol of the Cologne fans and cost three million marks.

Schuster happy life in 'Cologne' interrupted the whole chain of troubles. First, the coach has changed, then the footballer had quarreled with his parents, unwilling to admit his life partner Gaby, fashion model, whom he met in a disco bar.

. Lost interest in life Schuster decided to go to the States, where his former coach Vaysvayler coached club 'Cosmos'
. However, the summer took place on European Championship in Italy. Germany became the champion, Hrubesch - the best sniper, but all was overshadowed by his brilliant playing Shuster. Thus, a planet discovered an angel from Cologne.

And then there was a period of eight years in 'Barcelona', filled with triumphs, contradictions, grievances. In October 1980, the Catalan club's Austrian striker Hans Krankl, leaving the team, threw: 'Barca' will not save even the purchase of Pele '. Pele, perhaps, would not have saved. But the scene went Bernd Schuster. His goals and fury on the field, for which he received numerous cards, the German midfielder has breathed life into the moribund 'Barcelona', and the team raced up the standings, as high-speed express.

. Again, the white stripe has been replaced by a black
. Published in one of the publications nude photos of wife and the kidnapping of Bernd player 'Barcelona' Queenie mentally broke down his command.

Most as black for the Schuster began in 1981. In the yard - December. Catalans are opposed to 'Athletics' from Bilbao. Goicoechea at full speed crashes into Schuster and Bernd with a broken knee for six months knocked down, passing by FM-1982, which was to become his world championship.

But it was more flowers. 1986 and did a hell for Schuster. Disagreements with the coach and president Veneyblsom Nunes ( 'It's not Barcelona, . this is Africa ', . - Schuster said after talking with Nunez over bonuses for the players) led, . that in the final of the Champions League with 'Steaua' German was replaced by the 73rd minute,
. What a surprise it was Shuster's exactly when he was accused of defeat.

As a result, the next season on a whim, Bernd bosses 'Barca' spent on the bench. He was not even allowed to attend training. Depression and despair engulfed Shuster. Subsequent years 'Reale' and 'Atletico' brighten up a bit life Bernd, but could not finally bring him back to life.

Now Schuster intends to take revenge of fate as coach. Second barrier to the Champions League and possible fame became 'locomotive'. Let's see how the color will turn ordinary life of this band specialist.

. Did you know that Bernd Schuster:
  • never played his farewell match? No one in the head is not got the idea to organize such a meeting, which is, incidentally, the Germans did not regret
    . In turn, he took part in the farewell game Camacho, Klinsmann, Dirceu, Quinn and many others.

  • childhood had a different nickname? Everyone knows Schuster nicknamed 'Blond Angel', while in his childhood he was called 'Habbo' (a small storm).

  • never played at the world championships? In 1978, Schuster was only 18, in 1982, he was injured, but then refused to play for the national team.

  • the real captain? In 1985, being captain of 'Barcelona', he received a license for the management of boats, yachts and then.

  • not like to fly? In 1980, Shuster, signing a contract with 'Barcelona', spent a whole day to get to Spain by car with his wife and child.

  • disliked in his home town? The last time, when he visited Augsburg, residents greeted him with posters: 'We do not know who you are'.

  • had a number of 'football' habits? As a player, Schuster into the night before the match was drinking beer, and always put first the right boots.

  • has a habit of playing the piano? During weaning from football in 'Barcelona' in 1986, Bernd spent his spare time learned to play the piano.

  • love jokes? 5 times Shuster won the contest "Best joke of the week 'on a television channel in Germany.

  • willfully absented himself from the location team for her daughter? Happened in 1983
    . West Germany squad the match with Albania, and at the same time, the wife Bernd Gaby should have been confined. Shuster made his choice in favor of the future daughter who was named Sarah.

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