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Coluna Mrio Esteves

( football player)

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Biography Coluna Mrio Esteves
photo Coluna Mrio Esteves
Born Aug. 6, 1935 in Magude (Mozambique).
. Full name: Mario Esteves Coluna
. Country: Portugal.
. Position: Midfielder.
. Served: 'Joan Albazina' 1950-52., 'Deshportivu Lourenco Marques' (both - Mozambique) 1950-54 gg., 'Benfica' (Portugal) 1955-70 gg., 'Lyon' (France) 1970-71 .
. Portugal squad: 58 games, 8 goals
. First leg: June 11, 1957 with Brazil (1:2) in Rio de Janeiro
. Last match: 11 December 1968 with Greece (2:4) in Athens
. Achievements:
. Team:
. 3rd World Cup winner: 1966
. Champions Cup Winner: 1961, 1962.
. Champions League Cup finalist: 1963, 1965, 1968.
. Champion of Mozambique: 1952
. Portuguese Champion: 1955, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969
. (10 times)
Portuguese Cup Winner: 1955, 1957, 1959, 1962. 1964. 1970. (6 times)

In European football, the further the increasing role played by African players 'punching', not to mention the club level. Almost every national team old Europe managed to worsen at least one comes from the Dark Continent. In times of Eusebio and Coluna this was still a rarity, and to increase their capacity through 'black diamonds' allowed themselves only empire.


Last colonial values

Portuguese Empire, . which is in the final years of its existence (the rule over Angola and Mozambique, she lost in the mid-70's), . maybe, . past values of these colonies and taken away to face the above two football talent, . Do not be that modest-sized power of its own territory in the south-west of Europe definitely would not get 'bronze' at the World Cup in 1966.,

. That achievement, supported by two successive victories 'Benfica' Cup champions, marking the 'golden' era of national football, never to repeat any before or after
. Can be assumed that the generation of Figo and Rui Costa in the sunset of its existence, be worthy of something equal in significance. But while it remains no more than a dream of the Portuguese fans, Eusebio and Coluna were and remain the country's most celebrated players of all time. Among other things, two of them still remain the only Africans who have spoken in the semifinals of the world championship (albeit within the European team).


He played just behind the two clubs

Coluna born in Magude that in a hundred kilometers from the capital Maputo, which in colonial times was called the Su-Lauren Marques
. When he was 4 years old, his father, who owned enterprise in Magude, sold it and bought another in the capital. Accordingly, the family moved to a new place of residence, and Mario grew up and received education in Lourenco Marques.

. In football, he started playing in only 15 years old, while older students.

. It is strange that he became addicted to amusement, in which an uncommon talent in such a late age - after the club 'Deshportivu', where he came, his father was listed as not only one of the leaders, but also co-founder.

. Another unusual detail, . which differed beginning of his career, . is, . that from 15 to 17 years, he played for two clubs in parallel: in 'Deshportivu' (also called the English style - 'Sport') stood for the boys, . in 'Joan Albazina' - for the first, . senior team,
. Perhaps it was because in Mozambique at that time because of racial discrimination existed two independent football leagues:

. 'Deshportivu' entered the Football Association of Lawrence - Markish, and 'Joan Albazina', consisting only of blacks - in the African Football Association
. C 'Albazina' Coluna - father also maintained close ties.

. In 1952, the director of 'Sports' asked the father and asked to persuade his son to end the split (reason was: speaking for the 'Albazina', . boy risked injury), . Mario and has since concentrated on more promising options, . Kojima, . unquestionably, . and was 'Deshportivu',
. Once it was determined, it entered into the main command. And just once, finding the ending of the season, the 17-year-old boy was awarded the title of champion of Mozambique.

. His first in the life of airfare (from the Lawrence-Markish in Colombia, a city on the island of Mozambique, is synonymous with the name of the country) has coincided with winning the title: 'Deshportivu' legalize it, defeating the local team
. The last match of the season the club held in Nampula, and from there went to the tour of the outlying territories, holding meetings with the teams of the islands of Mauritius and Reunion.


'Benfica' took him away from the 'Sporting'

Coluna sure sooner or later would have been in Europe
. But there was one circumstance that precipitated this event, namely the tour in Lisbon 'Sporting' in 1954. Respectable club from the city to come back in Loureno Marques in for a meeting with his namesake from the capital of Mozambique (now there the 'Sporting' is another name - 'Mashakene').

. A separate club was too conservative contender for a visiting grandee, and the idea to put the Lisbon 'Lviv' team Lawrence - Markish
. Coluna was included in it and liked the people from the 'Storting', which made him an offer. Mario replied that he would be happy to move to play in Portugal, but as a minor, must first ask her father's assent.

. With his father is just not had a fit when he found out about it: he was an adherent to the bone 'Benfica', like all the other leaders 'Deshportivu' (the fact that the club was considered a branch of 'Benfica').

. Further events developed as follows: Coluna - Senior instantly put their colleagues aware of the 'treacherous' plans 'Sporting' to his son, they instantly send a signal 805 in Lisbon - the office 'Benfica'
. The letter stated that, . that the 'Sporting' wants to buy a player 'Deshportivu' on behalf of Mario Coluna, . certify the dignity of the latter: a guy, . say, . and beats aptly, . and flies, . and folds perfectly, . but also has a crazy 'physics',
. In short, a rising star. Y 'Benfica' not been able to verify such laudatory recommendation with my own eyes. It remained only to trust the word of what she did, paying 'Deshportivu' solid compensation - 150 thousand eshkudu. Coluna also evolved from a very good wage - 2500 eshkudu a month, not including bonuses.

Mario went to Lisbon in August 1954, when he just turned 19. I went not alone: with two of his countrymen - goalkeeper Costa Pereira and left back Arnaldo. Both of them were recruited from the club 'Ferroviariu'. 'Benfica' at that time began teaching Brazilian specialist Otto Gloria, later included in the cohort of the most respected trainers in the world. Gloria radically restructured the team, gave it a lot of new players and quickly got the results: already in the season 1954/55 'Benfica' to take in hand and a championship 'gold', and the cup. In the course of the next season the team was invited to Brazil to speak in the tournament, Charles Miller ( 'father' of Brazilian football). 'Vasco da Gama' and 'Flamengo' were sold on the game Coluna, each of these clubs offered him 'Benfica' worth of 250 thousand eshkudu, but she responded categorical 'no': we do not need money, we need a player.

. In 1955 Coluna drafted
. But from the machines, trenches and other realities of military life, he was spared because the Portuguese defended the honor of the armed forces in the international arena. And defended superbly: the team became world champion in his 'discharge'.

Coluna advocated 'Benfica' long 16 years, more than ten of which are held in the 'rank' Captain. Along the way he carried the title and the national team of Portugal, and once he put on his blindfold and in the European team, where he was invited to a benefit match, Ricardo Zamora. Few people can boast as many awards, some presented in his study: only in the 'Benfica' he won 19 tournaments from the most prestigious - 10 championships, 7 cups and 2 cups of Champions. In the Champions Cup final, he played five times. In total, he spent behind 'Benfica' 715 games. Unusually strong physically and in doing so in the African plastic, Coluna usually easily suppressed in his important area - in the center of the field - counterparts from the opposing teams. Among its many advantages include powerful and long-range strike sighting. Most of his goals he scored in this way, but the most famous of these was scored in 'Barcelona', which brought 'Benfica' victory in the final of the Champions Cup-61.

. But the most important moment of his career was the World Cup in England, . where, with the participation of 31-year-old Portuguese Coluna deed committed two - played a deficit of three balls in the quarter with North Korea (5:3), . Not long before this 'outraged' over the Brazilians (3:1),
. The last game left a strange impression: episodes of classroom Football interrupted with bursts of rudeness and long stops. During those stops carved too ardent defenders of the Portuguese Pele arranged intimate conversation with his good friend (friendlies for frequent meetings as the two teams, as well as 'Santos' from 'Benfica') Coluna.

. Farewell match Coluna in which 'Benfica' opposed an appointed team of the world, took place in late 1970, although he finished his career a little later - in the summer of 1971-th, following last season in France 'Lyons'.


Serving the motherland

Ways and Coluna Eusebio, who played side by side for almost 10 years, then went
. First accustomed to the image of the symbol of Portuguese football (and not without success, getting to the country's right to hold the European championship). Second would prefer to become a symbol of the Mozambican football.

Coluna, leaving the game, decided to devote himself to the present, rather than home-acquired. Twice he led the team in Mozambique, then became minister of sport. In that position, he was disqualified in 1998, seven players of the club 'Costa do Sol' in six months, after it became clear that they stole form and boots in the sporting goods store in the Portuguese town of Figueira da ALF.

. Since 1999 Coluna working as president of the federation
. This work is thankless: the country since independence has survived two wars, two of which left a heavy damage - and in sport, and in other areas of life. Nevertheless, 66-year-old said Coluna, . together with his assistants Mozambique intends to raise to the top of African football: 'We grow new Eusebio, . Once they are other names, . need a good education and breeding on the high road '.,

. By the way, . In 2001 Eusebio responded to the invitation of his longtime friend and companion to help coach of Mozambique Augusto Vienna Residence on his debut in this post, . April 29, . when the team home to two football legends the country was opposed in the Cosafa Cup team tournament in South Africa.,

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