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Biography JANACEK Leo?
photo JANACEK Leo?
Leos Janacek, one of the most interesting representatives of Czech music, was born in 1854 in a Silesian border Gukvaldah. His father came from a teacher's family, the mother - from a family of weavers. Childhood composer associated with the wooded and hilly edge. Leos family lived in poverty, as his father Janacek, a provincial teacher, had fourteen children. With eleven years the boy begins to earn his living by joining the chorus of one of the churches of the city of Brno. He works as an assistant teacher, organist, and later a teacher. Janacek continued his studies in Leipzig and Vienna. By this time, around 1880, he was known for his choral works, works for string orchestra, violin and piano sonatas, and songs. Janacek wrote theoretical articles, editing collections of Moravian folk songs. Creative activity Janacek razverstyvaetsya in full force in the early 1900's, when put to his opera "Jenufa" (Her Stepdaughter), the success of which inspired the composer to further creativity. Considerable interest Janacek's opera "The beginning of the novel (written before" Her step-daughter "), and" Destiny ".

. Appears his song cycle The Diary of a missing ", marks the orchestral rhapsody" Taras Bulba ", with great success presents the opera" Katya Kabanova "and" Chanterelle-cheat "
. Among the outstanding works of the composer also belong to the cantata "Amarus", . piano cycle "by mossy path", . symphonic poem "Blanikskaya Ballad, . First String Quartet, . written under the influence of the "Kreutzer Sonata Tolstoy, . Quintet "Youth" for wind instruments, . Ancient Slavonic Mass, . Sinfonietta and several quartets,
. Janacek's last opera, "House of the Dead" was written on the topic "House of the Dead" Dostoevsky.

Art Janacek at the sunset of his life meets with universal acceptance in Germany, England and America. He teaches at the Prague Conservatory, receiving many awards. But neither fame nor rank, nor the recognition does not change his character, personality and aptitudes.

. Reverence for nature, tender love for his homeland and his people - implacable satellites outstanding composer.

. August 12, 1928 death interrupted his life and work.

. Janacek - the identity of the new type in the history of Czech music
. His biographers, the most profound experts on the composer, who worked in all areas of music, in one voice say that his work is quite unique. Method of expression and themes in his highly individual, inimitable style. Note and the fact that Janacek - typical realistic composer, have always expressed the truth of life. "The music their full, thickening, all of it - the movement, since converted to a continuously changing life, light. It is healthy, boiling and exciting music ". In temperament Janacek manifested dramatic features. This explains why the Janacek with such love belonged to the stage in what the composer helped his penetrating study of the speech of people. In his music he often successfully using the elements of vocal melody everyday language. One of his critics accurately determines that the starting point for an innovative style of music drama Janacek was to study the human speech. "Speech intonation serve it as a realistic indicator of authenticity of musical speech."

Particularly clearly supports this feature in the best musical drama Janacek's "Katya Kabanova". The basis for this opera composer served as a drama major Russian playwright Ostrovsky's "Thunderstorm".

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JANACEK Leo?, photo, biography
JANACEK Leo?, photo, biography JANACEK Leo?  Music, photo, biography
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