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Kigali Joseph Kevin

( football player)

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Biography Kigali Joseph Kevin
photo Kigali Joseph Kevin
Born February 14, 1951 in Armtorpe
Full name: Joseph Kevin Keegan
Country: England.
Position: Striker.
Served: 1968-71 gg. 'Scunthorpe', D-4 (England)
1971-77 he. 'Liverpool' (England) - 230 appearances, 68 goals
1977-80 he. 'Hamburg' (Germany) - 90 games, 32 Hole
1981-82. 'Southampton' (England) - 68 games, 37 goals
1982-84. 'Newcastle' D-2 (England) - 78 games, 48 goals
. England squad (1972-82): 63matcha (31 - as captain), 21 goals
. First leg: November 15, 1972 against Wales (1:0) in Cardiff
. Last match: July 5, 1982 against Spain (0:0) in Madrid
. And 1 non-match (in 197 6, the team from America).
. 5 matches for the youth team up to 23 years.
. Spent a total of about 800 official matches and scored 274 goals in them.
. Coaching career:
. 'Newcastle' 1992-97
. 'Fulham' 1997-1999
. Team England 1999 -2000
. 'Manchester City' 2001 -:
. The balance of the England games at Keegan's coaching: 18 matches, 7 wins, 7 draws, 4 time-zheniya.
. Achievements:
. Team:
. UEFA Cup: 1973, 1976.
. Cup champions: 1977
. Champion of England: 1973,1976,1977 years.
. Champion Germany 1979
. Winner of the FA Cup: 1974
. Winner of the Cup Germany 1979
. Personal:
. Winner of 'Golden Ball': 1978, 1979.
. Footballer of the Year: 1976, 1982.
. Footballer of the Year 1979
. Coach of the Year 1996

. The history of English football, perhaps, does not know a player who would have competed for the techniques with Kevin Kiganom
. Well, except that with the exception of George Best, who also is not an Englishman, and Irishman.


'Continental' islander

And like all the players born in Britain of its warehouse, Keegan looked at home as something atypical, foreign
. Like Best, Lowe, Matthews, Hoddle, he was perceived as a player 'continental' rather than British.

. Style Keegan, based on the shuttle maneuvers, soft ball control, dribbling, was more typical for yuzhnoevropeytsa or South Americans.

. He very much looked like Maradona, if it sounds correct - after all Argentinian appeared on the scene later
. Brushed and superficially - build, hair - and especially the manner of playing. Both combines rare grace when handling the ball, amazing coordination of movements, the beauty of goals scored.

. Growth Keegan not call up to 170cm, and yet he himself felt very confident in the penalty area, surrounded by defenders of the British-athletes
. This was achieved thanks to the skill and phenomenal ability to choose the position.

It is this quality, as well as jumping percentage of goals scored head, was at Keegan's incredibly big with his short stature - about 50 per cent. Many times he scored in the fall, 'fish', and more often - jumping brilliantly playing ahead.

. Mighty Mouse, as he was nicknamed in honor of the Disney cartoon character, was the most adored idol of England, the 70-ies, replacing in the hearts of people just fallen by the wayside, the Beatles and George Best
. Incidentally, as a pop star, he also auditioned: recorded three singles.

Liverpool singer

Kevin was born in Armtorp near Doncaster. At the age of 17, in March 1968, he was taken to the fourth division club 'Scunthorpe', and in December he had signed his first professional contract. By the way, with 'Scunthorpe', started his path in football and Ray Clemence, with whom Keegan then reunited in 'Liverpool'.

Mentor 'Liverpool' Bill Shankly was a wise man. And the fact that he bought 'Scunthorpe' in May 1971, Kigali (paid 35 thousand pounds sterling), was one of his most profound steps. Note that before the 'Liverpool' Kevin auditioned in 'Coventry' and the sample failed.

Keegan recruited to the team as a midfielder - with a view to replace the veteran Ian Callaghan. But the brilliant newcomer near the gate of his rival in the preseason sparring prompted Shankly quickly change their point of view: he despatched him to the attack in the company to John Toshack.

. As such, Keegan went on the field in his first official match for the 'Liverpool' - And in August 1971 against the 'Nottingham Forest'
. It took only 12 minutes to play, the ball has been selected players 'Liverpool' the opponent near the corner flag. Toshack from the front lines addressed it in the District 11-meter mark, and there is very cleverly Keegan sent it past the fence of legs very tightly to the base rod. It was opened by Gholam in the match - and by Gholam Keegan for 'Liverpool', which in the end be typed exactly a hundred in 321 official match.

In the debut Keegan did not rest on our laurels. His solo raid on the left flank ended with the fact that he got entangled legs when he was face to face with the goalkeeper. Penalties clearly realized Tommy Smith. 'Liverpool' won 3:1.

A lot of their goals as part of this club Keegan scored on a request Toshack. In appearance, the couple is discord - Welshman was at 20 centimeters above and at 25 pounds heavier - but the interaction between the two immediately became so amazing that they have been called 'Siamese twins'.

. His main drawback Keegan called distraction
. 'I often head in the clouds. For example, in hotels forgot a lot of things. And if my neighbor number was Emlyn Hughes is able to make me in this competition, then went down to the room after we could easily open a trading shop. In the game, fortunately, this deficiency is not affected '.

. During that sixth anniversary that Keegan held in 'Liverpool', trophies and titles and stuck to this club: three league titles, two - in the UEFA Cup, one by one - in the FA Cup and Champions Cup
. In most decisive victory finals balls scored Kevin. This happened, for example, in the final home match of the UEFA Cup-73 with 'Borussia' (MцTnchengladbach). On 20 minutes Phil Neal filed a free kick from the right flank, Toshack won the 'air' and threw the ball Kiganu, who in the fall of his head hit a target. After 12 minutes of Mighty Mouse made a double, and eventually 'Liverpool' scored a major victory - 3:0, which is just enough for the overall success, since the leg was lost 0:2.

. In the finals of the FA Cup-74 from the 'Newcastle' Keegan also scored two of the three Liverpool goals
. Exactly the same was his contribution to another victory in the UEFA Cup in 1976. The only difference is that he scored the goal 'Bruges' struck in both meetings (3:2, 1:1), this time - with the standard provisions, with penalties and fines.

. Farewell to the 'Liverpool' he obtained excellent - Keegan helped the club win the first in its history, winning the Champions Cup (which was followed by three more, but without his participation)
. In this case, getting the ball into the goal menhengladbahskoy 'Borussia' he failed. And although the latter, . third, . goal held by his magnificent passage, . completed as a foul Berti Vogts and appointed him the 11-meter, . Keegan later in an interview sorry, . that he failed to score in his last match for the 'Liverpool' in the same way, . as it did in the first.,


Hamburg, he was received not immediately

In 1977, Keegan was a player 'Hamburg', who bought it for 500 thousand pounds
. 'Real life' offered more, but Kevin preferred a German club. The transition accompanied by a friendly match 'Hamburg' and 'Liverpool', in which Kevin has once again shown itself in glory. On 19 minutes he was gathering took a long transfer from the flank of the Rai-Mann and touch ferried the ball into the net in a duel with Clemens. Then Keegan made a spectacular pass through itself on the course Magath, who scored the second goal. 'Hamburg' won 3:2.

Yet his case in 'Hamburg' initially it so that it began razuverivatsya. There were voices, that he was not destined to de-familiarize the German football, unaccustomed to the British. The problem with Keegan was really difficult. Continue to solo with the same success in a dynamic, fast and hard Bundesliga football was hardly possible, as it was hard to adapt to a team-play, to assume managerial responsibilities.

. Keegan showed some courage, took the risk and seek in a reserve restructure
. He became a soloist rather than as a fighter. Not lost its God given virtuosity, he developed his qualities such as dedication, teamwork, a desire to fight. Moreover, and this became the model for partners.

It turned out that, of course, did not immediately. The first few months he was in the shade. Players 'Hamburg' greeted him not with open arms. Group leaders even conspired to do without him and did not notice his presence. Kiganu lucky in that the post of manager of the club took Gц+nter Netzer, who spoke harshly with the conspirators, to restrain them and helped Kevin did not lose confidence. And he managed to become not only a leader in 'Hamburg', but the best (according to the survey themselves as football players), soccer player of the Bundesliga season 1978/79. In that season he scored 17 goals and finally received the prize, which approached a few years - 'Golden Ball' (keeping it for themselves then for another year). And this, incidentally, to this day the only case when a high reward in the World Cup received a year of football, it did not take part.

Guilt of the Mighty Mouse is that England did not made it to the Argentine mundial, no. Guilty of this was coach Dan Rivi, who in an away match against Italy made unduly strong emphasis on defense, deprived Keegan's opportunity to demonstrate their skills and paid defeat - 0:2.

. In reciprocal game home Keegan scored one of the most beautiful of its goals: ferried back of his head on a long feed Brookings nine gates Zoff
. England won with the same score - 2:0, but due to worse than the Italians, goal difference gave them a pass to the World Cup.


Twice hero Newcastle

In 1980, Keegan returned to the English league
. But, surprisingly, not in 'Liverpool' or another club from the number of grants, but in a modest 'Southampton' (for 420 thousand pounds). There, his partner in attack was Mike Shannon, one more star of English football 70 years, and coach Laurie McMenemy. As part of 'Southampton' Keegan a second time (in 1982) was recognized as the best player of England.

Also in 1982, Keegan was the last time was made for the national team at the world championships in Spain, coming on as substitute in the match with the hosts of the tournament. Since its debut in the national team was almost 10 years. And began his career in the national team is rather curious - with three matches against the same opponent, Wales (the first one was held Nov. 15, 1972). By the way, and the captain's armband in 1976, Kevin also put in a duel with the Welsh!

. In autumn 1982 the first, when Bobby Robson did not include it in the team to participate in the qualifying round first leg European Championship with Denmark, Keegan took offense and said the termination of his international career.

. In the same year the last time he changed and club registration, accepting the invitation 'Newcastle', speaking in the second division
. Its price at that time was 100 thousand pounds.

Two years, during which he performed there, on the banks of the River Tyne continued kiganomaniya. Kevin condescended second wind, he and the 'Newcastle' continued to play brilliantly, good partners and are lucky. With Chris Waddle and Peter Beardsley could tear everybody, what actually happened. Keegan scored two seasons 48 goals in 78 Championship games, and October 2, 1982 established a personal best performance, making a poker game with 'Roterhemom'.

'Newcastle' win in 1984, output in the elite. It was a good end of a career (not standing here to take into account the fact that he later played for some time in Malaysia for the club 'Tigers' from Kuala Lumpur).

. In subsequent years, Keegan was moonlighting in television and advertising, sometimes staying in the Spanish resort of Marbella, sometimes in a house in Hampshire
. In February 1992, he decided to return to active life as a football coach. 'Newcastle' prepared their fans a wonderful gift to the 100 th anniversary of the club, again inviting their former idol.

. At the time, 'Newcastle' again hit the losing streak, fell in the second echelon, and the new president Sir John Hall was ready to lay out a fortune to bring the club its former glory
. Keegan-trainer showed himself just as Keegan-player: he cultivated in his team entertaining offensive style, sometimes even perebarschivaya this.

. In May 1992 he signed with the 'Newcastle' three-year contract in 1993, led the club in the elite (again!), And in 1994 signed a new agreement with the club, just 10 years.

. In the 1995/96 season title, it would seem, was in 'Newcastle' is already in his pocket, he was ahead of 'Manchester United' to 10 points
. But managed squandered his. Their desire to achieve the desired next year, Hall and Keegan led the team of Alan Shearer, paying him 15 million pounds - an amount, a record for the world of football.

. Then on Jan. 8, 1997 Keegan takes another unexpected decision - Resigns
. According to press reports about the disagreements that arose between him and the Board of Directors. He wanted to wait until the end with the departure of the season, but had to hurry, because the 'Newcastle' was going to put their shares on the stock exchange and he needed stability.

After retiring, Keegan did not show interest in pursuing coaching career. But when in September 1997, the first showed an interest to him, another rich, who wished to revive the once glorious club, he did not give. This, as you understand, talking about 'Fulham' and Mohammed Al-Fayed. At first, Keegan served as technical director for Coach Ray Wilkins. In 1998 as a senior in the post fired his former friend on the team, and took over the coaching function.

'Fulham' was at the time of arrival of Keegan in the nominally 'second', but in fact the third division. Hurriedly to make a step up failed: in the play-off matches of the season 1997/98, the club lost 'Bristol Rovers'. Second attempt to get more successful, and it happened when Keegan was working in parallel with England. His chosen in February 1999, the successor to Glenn Hoddle, initially on a temporary basis, and then, three months later - on a permanent.

Period, when the team headed Keegan, did not have so good. He started with a victory over Poland -3:1, but then the British failed to be among the finalists of Euro-2000 directly, made their way there only through victory in the play-offs with Scotland. In the final tournament wards Keegan left the race at the first stage. The last straw was the 0:1 defeat of Germany on Oct. 7, 2000 in World Cup qualifying match, with the defeat of the case. Immediately after the game Keegan Resigns. 'Clearly, something is wrong, but that - I can not understand. Apparently, I do not meet the qualifications required in this work '- that was the leitmotif of his statements. It is rare to hear something like this from the mouths of coaches in such situations.

But self-critical words did not mean that Kevin is meeting to engage with coaching at all. Chose as the next haven 'Manchester City', it is quite productively employed there. With him 'Citizens' were able, in particular, to end the protracted series of negative results in the policy matches with their compatriots from the 'United'. 16 derby in a row 'City' did not know victory, until he finally won 3:1 in November 2002.

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Kigali Joseph Kevin, photo, biography
Kigali Joseph Kevin, photo, biography Kigali Joseph Kevin  football player, photo, biography
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