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Alexander Kirillov S.

( Academic. Director of the Institute of Physics. Kirensky)

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Biography Alexander Kirillov S.
photo Alexander Kirillov S.
Kirill Sergeevich Aleksandrov was born Jan. 9, 1931 in Leningrad. In 1948, Mr.. He entered the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, who graduated with honors. His academic career began under the guidance of Academician A. V. Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography in graduate. After finishing graduate school was invited to the newly established Institute of Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences in Krasnoyarsk.

The first fundamental results obtained. S. Alexandrov, connected with the study of the laws of propagation of elastic waves and elastic properties of anisotropic media. In particular, he owned the first systematic study of elastic properties of major rock-forming minerals. They were discovered and studied the phenomenon of internal conical refraction and the rotation of the plane of polarization of elastic waves, . The regularities of processes of reflection and refraction of elastic waves in different media, . found ways to measure the elasticity tensor for media of arbitrary symmetry, . created new ultrasonic devices for the study of elastic properties of crystals, . textures and rock,
. Work in this direction have led to the emergence of a new branch of physics of crystals - acoustic crystallography, were used, in particular, to create new devices acoustoelectronics. In recent years, he returned to work on the study of the anisotropy of the elastic properties of minerals and rocks, and in 2000 published his monograph on this subject, written jointly with Mr.. T. Prodayvodoy from the University of Kiev.

Global priority and recognition to the work to. S. Alexandrov for the Study of structural phase transitions. Comprehensive experimental studies in conjunction with the development of the theory possible to establish the nature and mechanisms of structural transformations of many ferroelectric and related crystals, . detect a number of new ferroelectric structures, . offer an explanation of funnels type of ordering (the model of two or more sublattices, . model mnogominimumnym potential) and the type of displacement (condensation of several soft modes of different nature),

. These works have made a major contribution to understanding the nature of instability in the structure, . possible structural distortions and the associated changes in the dielectric, . optical and other properties of many crystals, . used in modern technology, . radio, . acousto-and optoelectronics,
. They have also led to the development of methods of synthesis and directed modification of the properties of solid materials for acoustic and magneto-optical applications, the creation of new devices based on these materials. In 1989. of a group of authors he won the State Prize for work on the study of new materials and new devices based on them. S. Alexandrov and his direct participation helped to develop a unified approach to describing the vast family of crystals, including the materials of modern laser technology and optoelectronics, high-temperature superconductors. The results of these studies were reported in 1999. Prize of. A. S. Fedorova Russia Academy of Sciences. In recent years, these works are actively developing in the academic and international cooperation of the Institute of Physics with research centers in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Spain, France and other countries.

To. S. Alexandrov created an active, growing school of. Among his students, four Ph.D., dozens of candidates. For several years he headed the Department of Solid State Physics, Krasnoyarsk State University, . In recent years, directs the work of the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center for High Technology, . established jointly by the Institute of Physics, . Krasnoyarsk State University, . Krasnoyarsk Technical University and the Siberian Aerospace Academy in the state program of integration of fundamental science and higher education,

To. S. Alexandrov - by about 400 scientific publications, . including eight monographs, . active participant and organizer of numerous Russian and international scientific conferences, . including - series all-Russia conference on the physics of ferroelectrics and ferroelastics, . Russo-Japanese and Russo-American Symposium on ferroelectricity,

To. C. Alexandrov headed by the Scientific Council of RAS on the physics of ferroelectrics and dielectrics, is a member of a number of other problematic boards Sciences, a member of the Joint Scientific Council on Physical and Technical Sciences, Siberian Branch of RAS. Member of the editorial boards of a number of prestigious national and foreign scientific journals.

He was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, two Orders of Red Banner of Labor.

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