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Per Hц?kan Gessle

( Singer (Group 'Roxette'))

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Biography Per Hц?kan Gessle
photo Per Hц?kan Gessle
Per Hц?kan Gessle was born on 12 January Halmshtade, Sweden.

In 1976, Per was fond of music and maintain relationships with various groups. By 1978, Per already sings, writes songs and plays guitar in a band Gyllene Tider. After endless denials from most Swedish companies zkukozapisi (including Polar Studios), Gyllene Tider themselves is funding its debut disc. In 1979, the company EMI sign a contract with Gyllene Tider.

In the early 80's acts Gessle solo, then he "discovered" by former ABBA manager Thomas Johannson who was looking for songs for the new album Frida Feltskog. Fredriksson also performed and wrote songs, and in 1985, Johansson has created one duet.

By agreeing to the proposal EMI, Per and Marie Fredriksson realize their long-standing plan to work together and recorded the single "Neverending Love" under the name of Roxette. The song becomes a big summer hit in Sweden.

Roxette tours of Sweden, speaking before hundreds of thousands in outdoor concerts throughout the country. In 1988 Roxette released their second album, "Look Sharp!", And again goes on tour.

Soon they conquered Sweden and the United States came through the film - their song "It Must Have Been Love" was heard in the movie "Pretty Woman".

In 1991, the third album by Roxette, "Joyride", released in the light. The band plays with 108 concerts in Europe, Australia, USA and South America, before reaching Stockholm 22 July 1992.

In 1992, two solo album by Per Gessle go along with a collection of previously unreleased demo songs "Demos, 1982-86", in a box titled "Pa Vag".

As the first neangloyazynoy group of all time, Roxette invited to the prestigious concert MTV UNPLUGGED (1993). Per Gessle married for a long time remain a close friendship with Oz Nordin (Asa Nordin).

In 1994 comes the album "Crash! Boom! Bang!". Group starts the second world tour and acts in 47 concerts in Europe.

In 1996, Per decided to unite with his former group Gyllene Tider for summer tour. New edition of their greatest hits album "Halmstads Parlor" comes with a mini-album "EP", containing four new songs. Group received two awards "Grammy".

Per begins recording material for his first solo album in English. It connects to the work of his favorite Swedish band Brainpool and friends from Gyllene Tider.

And August 1997 at Pera born first born. It's a boy, the couple named him Titus, Gabriel (Gabriel Titus).

In 1999 a new album Roxette, "Have a Nice Day". For the group, speaking 14 years, the album sold very well and follow the new singles: "Anyone", "Stars", "Salvation".

In April 2000 Gyllene Tider celebrates their 20 th anniversary of the release of processed in a digital format version of their first album, including songs from their first, independently released records. Per and Marie begin to work on new album Roxette, which is scheduled for release in autumn.

In April 2001 a new album Roxette, "Room Service". By the release of this album Per lost 14 kilograms. New single-hits sound on the radio: "The Centre Of The Heart", "Real Sugar", "Milk And Toast And Honey". The group went on tour.

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Per Hц?kan Gessle, photo, biography
Per Hц?kan Gessle, photo, biography Per Hц?kan Gessle  Singer (Group 'Roxette'), photo, biography
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