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Roland Petit

( choreographer, director)

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Biography Roland Petit
photo Roland Petit
Roland Petit was born on January 13, 1924, Mr.. in Paris, the son of the owner of a small bistro.

When he was twelve years old, his mother, Italian Rose Repetto, separated from her husband and left Paris, so that Roland and his younger brother Claude was brought up by his father, Edmond Petit. In the future, Edmond Petit repeatedly subsidized theater son.

Roland Petit's childhood showed an interest in art, was fond of reciting, painting, film. His father, on the advice of one of the visitors bistro, gave Roland to the Paris Opera ballet school when he was nine years. In college he studied at the Petit famous teacher Gustave Rico, his classmates were known in later Jean Babil and Roger Fenonzhua. Petit also attended private lessons in Russian teachers Lyubov Yegorova, Olga Preobrazhenskaya, Madame Ruzanna.

In 1940, 16 years old Roland Petit completed his studies and was admitted to the corps de ballet of the Paris Opera.

May 3, 1941 famous dancer Marseilles Burg gave a concert in the Salle Pleyel, and chose the seventeen-Roland Petit as a partner.

In 1942-1944 he. Petit, together with Jeanine Sharra, later known dancer and choreographer, gave several joint evening of ballet. Their repertoire consisted of short ballets, live thumbnails and choreographer. Lifar, Petit and Sharra. The first of these evenings Petit showed his first independent productions - a concert room, jump from a springboard ".

In early 1943, when Petit was still a corps de ballet dancer, director of the Paris Opera Serge Lifar instructed him great solo part in the ballet "Love is a fairy" to music by M. de Fali. Later Lifar held Petit in concerts outside the Opera.

In November 1944, when Paris was liberated from German occupation, Roland Petit left the Paris Opera.

At this time, Sarah Bernhardt Theater Administration decided to organize a weekly evening of ballet, and suggested that Roland Petit, organize and lead a troupe. He accepted the offer and created the troupe, which included Jean Babel, Jeanine Sharra, Nina Vyrubova, Colette Marchand, Rene Zhanmer would later become the wife of the choreographer (she is better known under the name Zizi Zhanmer), etc.. The repertoire of the troupe consist of fragments of classical performances, and new productions of.

The first major success was the Petit ballet "The Comedians" with music by Henri Gore, which premiered passed March 2, 1945, Mr.. at the Theater des Champs Elysees.

In the same year, Roland Petit created his own troupe, Ballet des Champs Elysees ". Core repertoire consists of performances of Peter, but the troupe also performed other plays by modern authors (Sharra, Fenonzhua, etc.), and classical performances (fragments of the ballets "Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, La Sylphide" in the wording in. Gzovsky).

June 25, 1946 at the Theater des Champs Elysees premiere ballet by Roland Petit's "Young Man and Death" scenario by Jean Cocteau to the music of-C. Bach.

At the beginning of 1946 the company had a short season at Cannes, and then showed his work in London. At the end of 1947. "Ballet des Champs Elysees" finished its existence because of differences arising between the choreographer and the administration Theater des Champs Elysees.

In May 1948. Petit created a new company of the Ballet de Paris. The troupe includes, among others, Jeanine Sharra and Rene Zhanmer, as well as the star of the British Ballet Margot Fonteyn. May 21, 1948, Mr.. Indoor Theater Marigny was shown Ballet Petit's "Girls Night" to music by M. With Frans Fontaine and Petit starring. Later main female parts were performed by Colette Marchand, she also sang it on the stage of American Ballet Theater, where Petit suffered a performance in 1951. In the mid-60's performance was on stage at La Scala with Carla Fracci and Paolo Bartolutstsi starring.

February 21, 1949, in London's Prince premiered the ballet "Carmen" to the music M. Bizet with Roland Petit and Zizi Zhanmer starring. The play was performed without interruption for four months in London, two in Paris and three months in the United States later repeatedly renewed at different stages of the world. In 1960, Mr.. ballet was moved to the stage of the Danish Royal Ballet, where the principal roles were danced by Kirsten Simone and Flemming Flindt, and later played the role of Jose Eric Brun.

In 1950, Mr.. Petit won first in the life of an invitation to the foreign scene - he staged "Balabil to the music of E. Shabrov for the British troupe Ballet Sedlers Wells ".

September 25, 1950 the premiere of the Ballet Petit "Pozhiratelnitsa diamonds" to music by Jean-M. Damaza where Roland Petit and Zizi Zhanmer not only danced but also sang. In 1951, Mr.. Petit staged the ballet "The Little Mermaid" in the film Dani Cay "Hans-Christian Andersen.

March 17, 1953 in Paris, at the Theater of the Empire, the premiere of the ballet by Roland Petit's "Wolf". In 1954, Mr.. Roland Petit and Zizi Zhanmer married.

In 1955, Mr.. Petit posstavil for Zhanmer dances in the movie R.E. Dolan "anything goes". A year later he collaborated with A. Dekuenom the film "Folies-Bergц¬re, which also removed Zhanmer. In October 1955. by Roland Petit and Zizi Zhanmer daughter, Valentine-Rose-Arlette Petit.

In 1956, Mr.. Petit reveals Revue Ballet of Paris, consisting of a series of ballet, music-hollnyh numbers and song sketches with Zhanmer starring. In 1957. he puts to Zhanmer revue "Zizi in the music-hall". At the end of 1957. Petit and Zhanmer take a tour of many countries with the rallying song-ballet show.

In 1959, Mr.. Petit set musical comedy "Ammo" on the stage Sarah Bernhardt - not ballet with vocal interpolations, and a net musical.

April 17, 1959, Mr.. Petit shows at the theater "Alhambra" his first big ballet - "Cyrano de Bergerac". In 1961. this production was moved to the Royal Danish Ballet.

In 1960, Mr.. Petit, in collaboration with the director Terenzo Young and with the participation of Maurice Chevalier creates the film "One, two, three, four, or black tights". The film was Petit's ballets "Pozhiratelnitsa diamonds", "Cyrano de Bergerac", "Funeral for 24 hours" and "Carmen".

December 11, 1965, Mr.. Roland Petit sets at the Paris Opera Ballet "Notre Dame de Paris" ( "Notre Dame de Paris"). When the choreographer was invited to the Paris Opera for the job, he was also invited to the post of head of the theater, but quickly left that position.

February 23, 1967, Mr.. Petit set for London's Covent Garden Ballet "Paradise Lost", where the principal roles were danced by Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev.

In 1972. Roland Petit's Ballet of Marseille became the head. Petit's first performance in the new company - ballet about Mayakovsky "Light a Star!".

January 12, 1973, Mr.. the premiere of the ballet "The Sick Rose", the main roles performed by Maya Plisetskaya and Rudy Brian.

In 1978. Petit set for Mikhail Baryshnikov ballet "The Queen of Spades". In 1978. Petit brings his "Notre Dame de Paris" in Leningrad, in the Theater. Kirov, where she performed the role of Esmeralda Galina Mezentseva, Quasimodo - Nicholas Kovmir, Frollo - S. Gumba.

In 1987, Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev, a ballet made by Petit "Blue Angel" at the Palais des Sports in Paris.

In the 80 years leading ballerina of Marseilles troupe was the former Etoile Paris Opera Dominique Kalfuni for which Petit in 1986. staged the ballet "My Pavlova". In the early 90's Roland Petit invited to the theater star of the Kirov Theater Altynai Asylmuratovu, for which he in 1997. put a new version of the ballet "Swan Lake".

In 1995. Petit staged the ballet "Cheetah" for the star of the Paris Opera Nicolas Le Risha. In 1996. Petit staged the ballet "Sherry" for the Italian star Carla Fracci and Massimo Murru. In 1997. because of disagreements with the administration stepping down as head of the Petit Ballet of Marseille. His successor was the former Etoile Paris Opera Marie-Claude Petragala.

In 1998. Petit moved to the Mariinsky Theater their ballets "The young man, and death" and "Carmen". For the premiere of "Carmen" theater has prepared two duets - Altynai Asylmuratova - Islom Baimuradov and Diana Vishneva - Farukh Ruzimatov. In 1999. Petit set at the Paris Opera Ballet Klavigo "with Nicolas Le Rishem starring.

In the same year in London's theater "Sedlers Wells' performances were held company Irek Mukhamedova, where Muhammad and performed Asylmuratova posed Petit number" Bolero ".

In 2001. Roland Petit put at the Bolshoi Theater program consisting of two productions - "Pasacalle to the music of A. von Webern, it posed for the Paris Opera in 1994, and a new ballet "The Queen of Spades" by Tchaikovsky. In the first play the main roles were danced by Svetlana Lunkina and Jan Godowsky, in the second - Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Ilze Liepa and Svetlana Lunkina.

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Roland Petit, photo, biography
Roland Petit, photo, biography Roland Petit  choreographer, director, photo, biography
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