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Kopecky Viktor

( Writer)

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Biography Kopecky Viktor
Victor V. Kopecky was born June 6, 1929 in Leningrad.
Child and adolescent years, the formation of his citizenship and position in the art are inextricably linked to the Admiralty channel in the historical part of St. Petersburg, where the family lived for a long time Kopecky.

The beginning of the war, he met with his mother and brother in Ukraine. In August 1941, they returned to Leningrad and survived the severe blockade days until April 1942, when they were evacuated to the east along the 'Road of Life'. The family had returned to Leningrad in the autumn of 1944.

. From 1945 to 1948 Victor Koneckij studied at the Leningrad naval preparatory school, and from 1948 to 1952 - the First Baltic Naval College at the Faculty of navigational
. After graduation, from 1953 to 1955 he served on ships 441 th Separate Division for emergency rescue services of the Northern Fleet. During the service - about a hundred saved human lives, but remember this difficult period, the writer did not like.

In March 1955 Victor Koneckij demobilized, and in May in the position of captain MRS-823 participated in the distillation vessels of the Northern Sea Route from Petrozavodsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Captain Koneckogo was 26 years old. This transition is known in the history of the Northern Sea Route as an example of courage: driving of attempts at such distances of small vessels in the most difficult conditions in the Arctic has never been undertaken. In the same year, Victor joined Koneckij Litobedinenie at the Leningrad branch of the Writers' Union. First short story - 'At Sea' - was published in 1956, in the anthology 'The young Leningrad', and in May 1957 and released the first collection of short stories - 'draft'. Union Seminar of young writers of the North-West (1957), in which Victor Koneckij involved, recommended it to members of the Writers' Union. In the early 60-ies he was invited as a writer to work in film: the creative co-created scenarios such famous films as 'Striped flight', 'Path to the pier', 'Thirty-three'.

Victor Kopecky - by more than fifty literary works, many of which were published not only in Russia but also abroad. In the period from 1969 to 2000, the writer creates its main product - a novel-journey 'for Good Hope' in eight books. Prose Victor Koneckogo became school TRUTH for people of different generations. 'Kopecky was not just a great writer, . - Wrote Boris Strugatsky, . - He always seemed in his books it yourself - Victor Kopecky, . not 'engineer human souls', . 'Lord of doom' and all that jazz, . and whether, . perhaps, . a lot of us, . primarily a human, . close ',

Writers credibility captain Victor Koneckogo marked by true love for his readers and publishers, connoisseurs of this literature. He was and still is one of the most published authors.

With great respect for him has been written Likhachev and D. A. Granik, AM Volodin and K. Simonov, VB Shklovsky and Solzhenitsyn

. For his literary and maritime work of Victor Kopecky was awarded two Orders of 'Honor' (1971 and 1979), . Order "Red Banner of Labor '(1984), . Order of Merit to the Fatherland '(2000), . Badge of Honor 'Silver Cross of St. George of the Union' (2001).,
. In 2000 the writer was awarded the prize of an independent 'People of our city' in the nomination ', the writer', and in 2002 was marked (posthumously), the prestigious literary prize "Northern Palmira" for the book 'ECHO'

Since 1993, he was honorary chairman of the Public Council '300 years Rossiyskomu Fleet ', a member of the All-Russia Movement Support Fleet. Awarded the Medal '300 years Rossiyskomu fleet 'and the medal "In memory of Admiral Kuznetsov'.

Since 1993, a member of the Russian PEN Center. In 1996 he won the St. Petersburg branch of the PEN Club 'for civil and creative courage'.

Victor Kopecky also known as an artist. He presented his paintings in several solo and group exhibitions of paintings (1966-1998).
Captain Koneckij in 1999 was awarded "Honorary Worker of Transport of Russia ', he also was an honorary member of the Marine Club Sofia (Bulgaria).

The writer, a dedicated sea, died March 30, 2002.
His life, destiny and creativity have become the personification of honesty and steadfastness. Naval seamen, as the Commander of the Navy, ever enrolled Victor Koneckogo in your system.
Name Victor Koneckogo recorded in the memory of Sheets 'Golden Book of St. Petersburg'. In support of the merits of the captain and the writer's Leading Russia shipowning company 'Sovcomflot' decided to call it the name of the new generation of tanker.

International Fund for '300 years of Kronstadt - the revival of sacred 'and Naval art and literature by the Fund was completed in 2003 edition of the collected works of Victor Koneckogo in seven volumes (eight books).

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