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William Makepeace Thackeray

( English writer)

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Biography William Makepeace Thackeray
William Makepeace Thackeray (William Makepeace Thackeray)

Born 18 July 1811. in Calcutta (India) in the family a senior official of the East India Company.

1817 - sent to London to study at private schools.

1822-1828 - studying at Charterhouse-Cheek. Soon his mother moved to London after the death of her husband married a second time

. 1829 - after school Thackeray comes to Trinity College, Cambridge University, . but a happy and fruitful period of the university ends soon: Thackeray loser -, . and then lost the remainder of his considerable fortune in the collapse of the Indian real estate agencies,

1830 - without completing the course, Thackeray sent to a trip to Europe to study painting, which from an early age he showed great ability (Thackeray himself illustrated his novels and was an outstanding cartoonist).

1830-1831 - Thackeray visited Weimar, where he met Goethe.

1832 - Thackeray six months living in France where he took lessons in painting. But later, without having succeeded in painting, he turned to journalism and became a shareholder, the Paris correspondent of the London newspaper 'The Constitutional'.

1833 - is co-editor of radical magazine 'The National Standard' (National standard). After the bankruptcy of the journal goes back to Paris

. 1837 - he returned to London and began working in numerous newspapers and magazines ( 'Fraser's Magazine', . 'The New Monthly', etc.) as a columnist and cartoonist, . a variety of pseudonyms (Jellowplush, . Titmarsh etc.), . striving in all genres: from parodies and epigrams to the sketches and satirical novel,

. 1840 - Exposure essays about life in Paris 'Paris notes' (The Paris Sketchbook).

. 1841 - story 'Happiness Barry Lyndon' (The Luck of Barry Lyndon), later received the title: 'Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq', in which the influence of Fielding.

. 1843 - leaves 'Book of Irish essays' (The Irish Sketch-book), which referred to the contrasts of wealth and poverty in Ireland.

. 1845-1851 - Thackeray actively participates in the notorious British humor magazine 'Punch' (Punch)

1846 - a book about the journey to the East 'From Kornhilla to the great Cairo' (Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo).

1836 - married to Isabella Shaw, Thackeray earnest appeals to the literature.

Family life Thackeray emerging dramatically. He was born three daughters, but because of developeiy mental illness of his wife wife had to leave. Thackeray returned to his bachelor life, leaving two daughters (a third died) in the care of his mother and stepfather. At 1846g. he buys a house and carries there daughters.

1839-1847 - in a series of literary parodies 'novels of famous authors' (Novels by Eminent Hands) writer evinces exacting taste and excellent sense of style. Thackeray's sympathies were given to the eighteenth century, the Age of Reason, and personally - G. Fielding, T. Smollett, and other educators

. 1846-1847 - goes 'Book snobs' (The Book of Snobs), in which the writer gives a satirical portraits of people of different ranks, imbued with the general spirit of caste and complacency

. 1847-1848 - monthly release published by 'Vanity Fair' (Vanity Fair), which brought Thackeray fame
. The novel tells of the closely linked, but in many ways the opposite fates of two friends on the guest-house, the time of action - the first decades of the XIX century. Name of the novel and comprehensive way 'fair everyday hustle and bustle' taken from the allegorical novel by J. Bunyan 'Way Pilgrims'. Exposing the company struck a deep hypocrisy, selfishness and moral slovenliness, Thackeray gives a meaningful subtitle ostrosatiricheskomu his novel: 'Novel Without a Hero'

. 1848-1850 - a novel of modern life 'Pendennis' (Pendennis).

. 1850 - Thackeray wrote scathing parody ending of the novel B. Scott 'Ivanhoe' - 'Rebecca and Rowena' (Rebecca and Rowena), thus expressing their rejection of inherent Scott idealization of the Middle Ages

1852 - a novel about the life of England in the XVIII. 'History of Henry Esmond' (The History of Henry Esmond).

. 1853-1855 - a novel 'Newcomb' (The Newcomes), continued 'Pendennisa'.

. 1853 - entitled 'The English humorists XVIII century' (The English Humourists of the Eighteenth Century) published lectures delivered Thackeray in England and America, where he was 1852g.

. 1854 - comes the most famous of the Christmas books Thackeray 'Ring and the Rose' (The Rose and the Ring).

. 1855 - during the second trip to America Thackeray reads a series of lectures 'Four George' (The Four Georges) with humor characteristic of these monarchs and the British way of life in their reign (published in 1861.)

. 1857-1859 - a novel 'Virginians' (The Virginians) - continuation of 'Esmond'.

. 1860 - published novel 'Lovel, widower' (Lovel the Widower).

. 1860-1862 - Thackeray edits the journal 'Kornhill' (Cornhill).

. 1860-1863 - published a series of essays 'Notes on different things' (Roundabout Papers).

. 1861-1862 - 'The Adventures of Philip' (The Adventures of Philip)

1863 - Thackeray leaves a magazine and starts a new novel, 'Denis Duval' (Denis Duval). But finish it he did not have time.

December 24, 1863 - Thackeray died in London.

1864 - posthumously published unfinished novel, 'Denis Duval'.

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William Makepeace Thackeray, photo, biography
William Makepeace Thackeray, photo, biography William Makepeace Thackeray  English writer, photo, biography
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