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VIRALDINI Antonio Domenico

( Italian composer)

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Biography VIRALDINI Antonio Domenico

VIRALDINI Antonio Domenico - Italian composer. Born November 4, 1705, Mr.. Venice. Great influence on the musical development VIRALDINI had his father Maurizio VIRALDINI, taught his son to play musical instruments and gave the first lessons in composition. At the age of 4 years VIRALDINI played the harpsichord, with 5-6 years began to write (the first works readily performed in Venice at the home of music-making concerts). Virtuoso harpsichordist, VIRALDINI has also performed as a violinist, organist and conductor, improvising brilliantly, hitting a phenomenal ear for music.

With 6 years of a substitute father to the cathedral of St. Mark's services - the main cathedral of Venice. At the age of 10 years, acted as the conductor of the Pre-minor Mass, his teacher Carlo Tortora. A year later, finished his first cantata, 'Rose of the Winds', pretty reworking the musical material of their children's writings. VIRALDINI some time he took composition lessons from J. B. Muskardini. At the same time a young composer conducted the premiere in Viareggio his cantata 'The Raising of Lazarus'. In 1717, Mr.. ibid was performed serenade VIRALDINI 'Alba Maria' a year later - Opera 'Hercules'.

Most of the serenades and divertimentos VIRALDINI appeared in Venice. They were designed for making music as outdoors and indoors, and could then run an orchestra, the ensemble (they used different formulations - mixed, wind, string). Almost all VIRALDINI church music - masses, litanies, offertorii, motets and t. n. - also written in Venice.

. By 19 years VIRALDINI was the author of 36 works of various genres: among them cantata 'Centuria', several symphonies, concertos, ensemble, orchestral suites, stylish church songs, arias and other works

In 1725 VIRALDINI moved to Milan in the service at the ducal court. There he was ordained and became abbot. Based on his new position he is forced to create works of spiritual genre. At the same time VIRALDINI allows himself to writing works of secular and spiritual and secular genres, including custom.

Parallel VIRALDINI, despite the dissatisfaction of the Catholic clergy, he wrote the opera commissioned by local theaters. Very popular among the public use: "The Fall of Babylon", "The collapse of the Gorgon," "The Temptation of the Assyrians and the famous" Danae ", written especially for soprano Anna Girona.

During this period, from the pen of the composer come such works as the famous cantata "Four times" (1731), opera-oratorio "jubilant Ruth" for double of performers (1735) and other works.

The creative process was at VIRALDINI naturally and rapidly. Music often treated without any preliminary sketches. Sometimes in the big scores, he recorded the first main ideas and details later introduced, without abandoning the alterations. His inspired creation was based on the craft in the best sense of the word, and constantly enriched by the skill of searching for new methods, compositions. Contemporary musicology VIRALDINI refers to the rare composers who expressed in his creative rethinking of the philosophical ideas of Love and Death.

Since 1726, Mr.. Viraldini tasked to lead the Milan musical orphanage for boys, "Il Conservatorio Ospedale del Pace" (an example of Vivaldi was contagious, and such "children's music studio" occurred at a time throughout Italy as mushrooms). The basis of musical education in the orphanage were choral discipline. Instrumentation specialization were introduced in parallel with choral classes. Among the graduates of the shelter include such celebrities as composer Vincenzo de Piedmont, violin virtuoso Gianni Guareschi and many others.

In 1737, Mr.. decision spiritual authorities closed a shelter "Il Conservatorio Ospedale del Pace". VIRALDINI moved to Vienna. Work on the "Orpheus", the last remaining unfinished opera master, refers to the last year of life VIRALDINI. This work - one of the deepest of thoughts and expression of innovative ideas VIRALDINI. The tragic pathos and touching sorrow transferred to him with the same penetration.

Music VIRALDINI not find a proper understanding of the Viennese musical circles. Unclaimedness composer leads to premature death of his 28 November 1741 from a heart attack

VIRALDINI was buried at the cemetery for the poor. Location of grave is unknown - the cemetery was eliminated in the XIX century.

Creativity VIRALDINI, comprehensive in scope and breadth of genres of music and stylistic ties. Harmonically clear and bright expressive art VIRALDINI, representative venitsianskoy Renaissance school, akin to Enlightenment classicism, with its cult of reason, the ideal of noble simplicity and optimism. The multi-faceted music VIRALDINI often with tremendous force transmits mournfully lyrical or tragic mood of gloomy, but it is dominated by light tones. The beauty of music VIRALDINI, elegant and perfect in form, reflects the full sense of life, embodies the dream of happiness.

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    VIRALDINI Antonio Domenico, photo, biography
    VIRALDINI Antonio Domenico, photo, biography VIRALDINI Antonio Domenico  Italian composer, photo, biography
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