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FETLI Michael Ryan

( Dancer)

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Biography FETLI Michael Ryan
photo FETLI Michael Ryan
The brilliant dancer, Unique, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest tap dance performer in the world, an artist, got lots of all kinds of prizes and awards - that Flatley makes the audience literally go crazy with his incredible show. A constant striving to improve the human, . who persistently sought fame, . grinding away, . in his own words, . 'like crazy', . can not but arouse admiration and respect! That ambition and unswerving faith in the, . what, . despite all the setbacks, . he can become the best, . and led to the brilliant Michael, . explosively, . victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, . held in Dublin on April 16, 1994,

. Michael Flatley famous throughout the world, only at the age of 36 years and has since earned his talents as a dancer and a businessman has about 300 million dollars! A few years ago about him no one knew, . but now people look at his remarks and say 'Unbelievable! It can not be! " No wonder Michael is called 'the myth, . the magic, . the man '(' myth, . magic, . man '),
. And that says it all.

Michael Ryan Flatley was born July 16, 1958 in the United States, Chicago, Illinois, the son of Irish immigrants - Michael Flatley and Eylish. He was the second child of five offspring of Irish family. In addition to Michael, grew up in the family: older sister - Anna-Marie (Annie) and younger children - a brother Patrick and sister Tomashina and Eliza. Parents wanted to give the children diversifying, which is why Michael, for example, while attending a dance class, boxing section, and also took lessons in playing the flute.

His first dance steps Michael did, as a mere child. 'I was only 4 years, . when my grandmother Hannah, . winner of the Irish dance competitions, . showed me, . how to beat a tap ', . - Says Flatley, . - And when I was 11, . my mom - also champion in Irish dance performance - has led me, . my three sisters and brother in a dance class',
. Michael was disappointed twice: first he was horrified by the fact, . he would have "really" do dances, . and the second time - when, . already convinced himself, . that it is simply necessary, . heard from teachers, . that 11 years - it's too late to, . to learn to dance professionally,
. 'But I had already decided, and my friends learned to dance. Besides, the classroom was full of pretty girls, and I decided to try to achieve success', - says the dancer.

Well, he succeeded: in 17 years, Flatley became the first American who won the championship at the competition 'Irish World Dance Championships' - the prestigious competition Irish dancing performers in Dublin (1975). Unfortunately, this award did not help Michael find a paying job, and he was forced to settle just 'not on the profile', namely, to dig ditches for laying sewer pipe. Money for the work they paid so little that Michael barely making ends meet, but a young Flatley was a lot of healthy ambition, which was unable to repay even not 'elegant' Work. "By the way, . This work has taught me discipline - I get up every morning at six o'clock, . because it was impossible to be late on the scene for a minute! Moreover, . during work, my head was always free, . that made me think about, . I will succeed ", . - Says Flatley,

Several years later, Flatley yet settled dancer, but it was only a moral satisfaction for him, as the financial side of the matter still leaves much to be desired. Despite the fact that Flatley was already the best of the best and vytvoryayut onstage unique things, the money he had just as little, as before.

Time passed, but nothing in life especially Michael did not change, while in 1984 it fell into the dance troupe of Irish dancers 'The Chieftains' ( 'chiefs'). Head of the troupe's name was Paddy Maloney, and he immediately told Michael that he should not expect more earnings. So from digging ditches Flatley was unable to tie. A few years Michael spent with 'chiefs', gradually becoming the leader of the troupe. Spectators welcome speech Flatley storm of applause, which was certainly very nice, but again did not bring financial satisfaction. Yet Michael stubbornly continued to believe in your lucky star, constantly practiced and improved, and jokes with friends invariably replied: 'I'll do her anyway! "

. In 1993, the 'leaders' took part in the program "Mayo 5000", shown at a reception at the Irish president Mary Robinson
. This speech for 'Chieftains' organized by Irish producers - John Mak'Kolgan and his wife, Moya Doherty. Speech troupe went 'to cheer', especially the audience applauded Flatley. Therefore, . when in 1994 for the Eurovision song contest, . held in Dublin, . it took seven minutes 'extracurricular' Room, . Producers call it to Michael and asked him to perform a dance routine, single-source 'Riverdance' in the interval between the main parts of the program Eurovision,
. Of course, Flatley grabbed for the offer, knowing full well that his long-awaited hour of triumph, perhaps, not far.

. Thus, . April 16, 1994 something happened, . what Michael has sought long and hard, he became a worldwide sensation! Flatley worked seven-minute number with his partner Jean Butler - and the audience literally went mad! Program Eurovision vybilas from temporary restrictions, . because the audience would not let the dancer on stage, . Yes it is and no wonder - Europe first saw 'the myth, . the magic, . the man 'and' got on the ears ':)' Life - an interesting thing, . - Said later Flatley, . - Today you Roesch ditch, . tomorrow you know the whole world ',

A few days after the triumph at Eurovision, Doherty and Mak'Kolgan Michael said what he had dreamed for a long time and that he dreamed a dream: to create my own show 'Riverdance' c forty dancers, orchestra and vocal group. Flatley was appointed director and soloist of the dance troupe, his weekly salary is $ 130 thousand per week (generally, in the press, this figure varies constantly, so do not be surprised if you read it, and 40, and 80, and 100 thousand - MP). Michael was in seventh heaven - a dream turned into reality! By the end of 1994 show 'Riverdens' kicked off in Dublin and in a few weeks provoked a sell-out insane! Following the presentation, continued in London, . where success was the same, . as in Ireland,
. Along with performances the troupe sold videotapes with 'Riverdens', so that the line for zakolachivaniyu money work at all.

It would seem, here it is - a gold mine, live and be happy, when suddenly, in October 1995, just a day before the start of performances in London, Flatley withdraws from his office shows artistic director and soloist. No, he's not crazy, just a producer and composer Bill Whelan, who wrote the music for 'Riverdance', receiving more than one million dollars a week, and Flatley steamed himself for "some" one hundred thousand. Michael is no longer to arrange, because the big money is no more, no less, and it was his talent dancer and choreographer. Therefore Flatley asked the producers to review the terms of the contract, to which he was asked to roll far away, but at the same time remember the recent times, when he was unknown and poor. About an equal partnership and speech, they say, can not be, we type in the company of other dancers, so ados, amigo - obviously, about a text heard Flatley. But he still hoped that he would not have to part with 'Riverdensom'. Alas, it turned out differently, happened at all and not so '

. About a week after leaving 'Riverdens' Michael departed from depression, . valyayas in bed and otstukivaya behind the bed with his foot rhythm, . Suddenly he was struck by the idea: 'I suddenly remembered, . that I had a thought, . I could not apply in 'Riverdance',
. Movement, of which I speak, you now can see in the dance 'Hell's Kitchen'. Bad mood vanished and I decided to immediately start work on his new show 'Lord of the dance', to prove to myself and all that history with 'Riverdens' not me dobila. I always wanted to make a great Irish show, modern, but based on history, with great music, high technology, that would appeal to both kids and adults. I have been so grandiose plans, that I realized: I want to do this show one and pay for all of one ', - says Flatley. And so it was born 'King of Dance'.

Flatley has calculated that for the production of the new show he would need about two million dollars. At this point he had three. Of course, immediately found investors who, with the consent Flatley, unconditionally would have the desired amount, but Michael, taught by bitter experience, decided to pay for the production and staging the show only from his own pocket. Founding a company 'Unicorn Entertainments Ltd', Flatley has secured the rights and full control to 'LOTD'. To write the music for the show, Michael has invited well-known Irish composer Ron Hardimana.

Being tough and demanding leader, Flatley tormented rehearsals and myself, and dancers. Otherwise it could not be: putting money at stake, ambitions and dreams, Michael, in case of failure, could suddenly lose it all, and, moreover, deprived of opportunities to show others that the situation with 'Riverdens' not knocked him out of a rut. And he won! Show 'Lord Of the Dance' was first shown in Dublin's 'Point Theatre' June 28, 1996, and the audience shouted, moaned, screamed and jumped, as undermined. As for the commercial success of this event, it exceeded all expectations: even in the first year of net earnings Flatley (according to the magazine 'Forbes') was more than $ 50 million. In 1997 - about a hundred million $. Given that the 'Lord Of the Dance' completely belongs to Mr Flatley, one can confidently say that nobody has never earned so much money in a dance show business!
. A year after the first show troupe was on tour across the United States and Australia, and in late 1997 was recruited second part of the show 'LOTD'
. Then came the third dance troupe, and now already have and fourth. Each dance team performs in certain places. The first tours in Europe, the second - on the U.S.. The third company of 'Lord of the Dance' gives an idea of a permanent site in Las Vegas, and the fourth - in the 'Disneyworld', in Florida.

. After some time, Flatley conceived a new show, . the thought of which gave him no peace: "When I was a kid, . my shyness immediately caught the eye, . - Says Michael, . - Sometimes I even could not and did not want anyone to communicate, . so completely given to creating what some interesting things for boys,
. For example, I had a large collection of ships, made by my hands. As far as I remember my childhood, I have always something to master, it took my spare time. I often fantasized something invented, had tried to improvise. Apparently, children's habits did not give me rest and now, so in my head constantly have thoughts of creating a grand presentation, which was struck to all '. Exactly Flatley tells how he hatched the idea of creating breathtaking show 'Feet Of Flames'.

The venue of the show was chosen as Hyde Park in London. On the preparation of this grand vision very interesting is told in the film in 1998 'The making of Feet Of Flames', which is part of a documentary about creativity Flatley -' Michael Flatley. Gold '. In the formulation employed an incredible number of dancers from several troupes combined 'LOTD', and the staff were more than 200 people. Show 'Feet Of Flames' was conceived as undergo 'upgrade' version of 'Lord Of The Dance', with new dances, costumes, additional musical numbers (for example, a spectacular solo by Michael on flute - 'Whispering Wind') and other 'surprises'.

. Premiered in Hyde Park on 25 July 1998 and attracted 25 000 spectators! The show was thought out to the little things - dance and musical numbers, . Costumes, . scenery, . light, . and, . sure, . stunningly dull team 'FOF' - this could not bewitch visitors, . emotions which have surpassed all expectations: the old, . and young, . screaming and jumping, . as wound, . fully adopting energy, . and pouring on them from the stage! What else could not be - a breathtaking show, . shown on that summer evening in one of the most beautiful places in London, . reminiscent of the magic, . fiction, . some incredible tales, . who love children and who often lack the adults! It was an unforgettable holiday, . who gave all is not unknown magician, . a real person, . who has managed at least for the time to give people the opportunity to plunge into the world of fairy-tale,

In late 1998, after the tour 'FOF' Flatley announced that he leaves the scene. But less than a year later, fans of Michael's creativity were pleased to learn that the King of Dance is preparing a world tour, 'Feet Of Flames - 2000', which will begin in germanskom city of Erfurt in March 2000. Press were full headlines: 'Glory to God, . Flatley is back! " ( 'Evening Herald', . Dublin), . 'Fire King' ( 'Irish Sun'), . 'Legs Flatley set fire to the world! " ( 'Ireland of Sunday'), . 'Fire King is back! " ( 'Irish Dancing Magazine'), . 'Flatley again on my feet! " ( 'BBS News Online') etc: Within one year tour 'FOF 2000' swept across the 100 cities and 10 countries and in scope, if not exceed,, . is not inferior 'Feet Of Flames' sample in 1998,
. Like last time, Flatley added many 'surprises', and there were musical variations on the already well-known melodies were made new costumes, and some changed the plot presentation. 'I came on the scene in order to earn money. Finance in this case does not concern me, - Michael said in an interview with 'Irish Mirror' (22/09/1999), - you know that the dancing - it's my vocation and my life. And I wish all the people that they dealt with their favorite business and that their dreams come true '.

In 2001, Flatley has organized an American tour 'Feet Of Flames', which, as it turned out, was the last in his dance career. July 30, 2001 Michael's spokeswoman announced that he leaves the scene. She also reported that the last time the dancers will perform before an audience in Dallas, Texas. 'There has been much speculation that Mr Flatley will no longer be dancing on stage, but today it really confirmed that his speech in Dallas - Last', - said the PR-manager, Mr. Flatley agency 'Reuters'. Concert in Dallas was the final date for world tour 'Feet Of Flames'. Michael's spokeswoman also said the following: 'Being in seven years at the top of success and gained a great popularity in the United States and other countries, Mr. Flatley has decided to leave, while at the peak of popularity'.

So, the U.S. began the final round in the dance career of Michael. But in the late summer of 2002, Flatley officially declares that "he is bored without dancing," and that it proceeds to the formulation "the most fabulous show in the world", which was given the working title of "The Seven Wonders of the World". Thanks to this brilliant dancer and choreographer, millions of people around the world saw the unforgettable, incredible presentation. Mr Flatley has managed to turn the dance show in the most grandiose and spectacular, that has ever existed in the world. Well, if he promises to surprise us again, we can not believe he. We shall wait more than impress us this extraordinary man. And also offer the fact that for Russia, it seems, it's "time dancer" - in June 2003, Flatley has promised to impress all who came to Red Square unprecedented project titled "Fire Dance". And in general, Flatley, in his words, "fell in love with Moscow and St. Petersburg" and maybe buy himself a small little house somewhere in the center of one of the capitals. Yes, from this "one-man band, you can expect anything.

It is also gratifying that the first company of the show "Lord Of The Dance" is the second time, visited Moscow and St. Petersburg in October 2002. Of course, as in any industry, anything, and here is not without critics. Someone accuses Michael that he departed from the traditional choreography, takes advantage of the show too much light, makeup, brilliant costumes and 'wrong' (in terms of, again, tradition) Irish music. Many people recoil from the fact that since 1998 "tepy" in several ensemble dances performed to the sound recording. Some detractors Flatley was awarded the titles 'Narcissus' and 'Mr. Las Vegas', obviously, for the love of the bright stage costumes, and someone (obviously a talented dancer, but somewhere in the depths of the soul:) christened the famous troupe? 1 "village club". But in the end, the criticism - it is not even a profession, and who are these the most criticism? Regular viewers. And who remembers that they talked about? No. And Michael Flatley - a professional who always went down in history. We are not thinking about the critics, it is better once again remember: 'Vita brevis, ars longa' - 'Life is short, art is long'.

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FETLI Michael Ryan, photo, biography
FETLI Michael Ryan, photo, biography FETLI Michael Ryan  Dancer, photo, biography
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