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Belyaev Stanislav

( Ballet dancer)

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Biography Belyaev Stanislav
photo Belyaev Stanislav
Stanislav Belyaev was born in 1973 in Leningrad. Even before admission to the professional ballet school, he began studying dance. In 1983 he enrolled at the Leningrad Choreographic School Academic behalf AY. Vaganova.

Within the walls of the school fate brought Stanislaus in the past with the renowned dancer, now known educator VG. Semyonov. The first skill he has acquired skill is in VG. Semenova. He has the same glory and thereafter continued to improve their professionalism. In school glory with teenage years she danced solo repertoire. From the large list of roles is worth noting young man in 'Les Sylphides', Albert in 'Giselle', which became the starting point for creating these images already at the Mariinsky Theater. In 1988, the glory of taking part in concerts devoted to 250 anniversary of the school. And in 1989, . while still in school students, . makes his first tour: America, . Israel, . Iceland, . Netherlands, . Germany and France (later, . participating in regular tour Maiinskogo Theater, . Stanislav had the opportunity to visit many other parts of the globe and see different countries and continents),
. After graduating from the ballet school, by then renamed the Academy of Russian Ballet in 1991, Stanislav, was adopted in the Mariinsky Theater.

In the theater continues to work with VG. Semenov. Dancing mostly small variations, Stanislav in his first season in preparing the role of Albert in 'Giselle'. Tall, noble appearance and elegant manner determined Role dancer - a romantic hero. After Albert's repertoire Stanislaus appeared Party: Siegfried ( "Swan Lake '), Prince (Nutcracker), Desiree (' Sleeping Beauty '). To this list should be added to the Party Boys in 'Les Sylphides', Vision roses in the eponymous ballet, Vaslav in 'Bakhchissaray Fountain', knee-deep in 'Vain Precaution'.

In the formation of creative personality Stanislaus occupies an important place with the Commonwealth O. Vinogradov, chief ballet master of the Mariinsky Theater of the period. And in 1994 about. Vinogradov staged his new ballet 'Cinderella', where for Glory was intended role of the Prince. The premiere was held in Tokyo, was a partner known ballerina delightful Jeanne Ayupova.

Later in the repertory of Balanchine ballets appeared. List of roles Stanislaus replenished 1st and 4th pas de deux in the ballet 'Crystal Palace'. During my time at the Mariinsky Theater his partner were: S. Makhalina, A. Asylmuratova, M. Ayupova, Y. Lopatkina, - the stars of the world stage. During these years the glory of taking part in the filming of the movie M. Kshesinskaia and the ballet 'Cinderella'. Perfect mastery of technique, the purity of dance, perfect external data, and most importantly - a rich creative experience - a portrait of Stanislaus in 1997, when he received an invitation from the German State Opera in Berlin.

In Germany, Stanislav continued to expand its repertoire. He was lucky to work with many Western choreographers. Among them, P. Bart, a former famous French dancer and now a tutor Grand Opera in Paris and choreographer, who directed many of his ballets on the stage of the German State Opera in Berlin. Many of the solo parts in these plays were made for Stanislaus. David Sutherland gave Stanislaw role of the young King Henry in the ballet 'The history of Pygmalion and Don Juan'. In diverse classical and neoclassical ballets Stanislav modern dance, such as 'Labyrinth' M. Baldwin, where the glory of facing his new plastic, whereas in 1991 the final performances of the ballet school, he dabbled in modern dance in a room of Boris Eifman's 'Knowledge' to music by Albinoni.

In 2000, Stanislav left Germany. He received an invitation from Jorma Uottinena, director of the Finnish National Opera, take the place of the leading dancer of the ballet company of the theater with very interesting repertoire and luxurious base. New plays and new roles were not long to wait. This Lensky in 'Eugene Onegin' by John Cranko, Oberon in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Heinz Shperli, the Prince in 'Sleeping Beauty' Rudolf Nureyev, Albert in 'Giselle' Silvia Gill and others.

Season 2001-2002 at the Finnish National Opera is full of prime. This ballets of George Balanchine's 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto' and 'Serenade' and 'Cinderella' by Ben Stevenson. Stanislav performed leading roles in all these performances. In the same season for the first time glory danced part of Basil in the ballet 'Don Quixote' by Patrice Bart, intensity and richness of the adagio, virtuoso pas de deux and variations.

In 2002, Universal Ballet from South Korea invites Stanislaus dance in Seoul Siegfried in the ballet 'Swan Lake', as well as Romeo in the new play 'Romeo and Juliet'.

International Ballet Competition in Prague, which took place in August 2002, brought the first success Stanislaw choreographer. Praise prepared for the second round of this competition modern rooms 'Tango de Roxanne'.

In January 2003, Stanislav danced in a gala concert in Seoul with the stars of world ballet.

Finnish National Opera invited fame during the 2002-2003 season will mark the premiere of Prince in 'The Nutcracker' staged Wayne Iglina, Jean de Briena in a new play by Anna-Marie Holmes and Kevin Mc Kenzie. The press reported on this new work: "At the premiere of Raymonda's special joy brought Stanislav Belyaev, dancing lyrical main role of Jean de Briena, because it is the dancer brings to the stage a breath of Russian classical school. In the dance Belaiev present a beautiful line and calm, good jumps and aerial pirouettes. He managed to dance brilliantly suitable to him the role of refined hero ... He takes care of Raymonda in accordance with the chivalrous character of the sending of the image. With all his by nature he is truly a romantic lover ". Interesting was the meeting with a young contemporary choreographer Laszlo Bird and his one-act ballets 'four hands'.

In December 2002, for his creative achievements honored Stanislav prize "ProDance".

Season of 2003-2004 brought Stanislav interesting trip in Salt Lake City, USA. In this remarkable city Stanislav danced in the premiere of Alberta Ballet in Giselle Editorial Jonas Kogyo with the ballet company Ballet West. The role of Count Albrecht - one of the earliest and most successful in the repertoire of Stanislaus. At this time the work on the manner in collaboration with Jonas Kogyo, in the past a remarkable dancer, has brought many new and interesting nuances. Received a traditional classical performance of the new millennium. The audience appreciated it deservedly.

New one-act play "Polakka" was created by Anna Larkesen in the Finnish National Opera in the beginning of the season of 2003-2004. Stanislav successfully performed the lead role, once again test herself in difficult technically and emotionally pas de deux and virtuosic variations. This was the second meeting on the ballet stage Stanislaus with amazing music of Chopin, the first held back in school, at work on the ballet Fokine's "Les Sylphides".

After many hours of Excellence and rehearsals of new productions Stanislav learning professional photography, the world of photography is very close in spirit and beauty of the art of ballet dancing.

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Belyaev Stanislav, photo, biography
Belyaev Stanislav, photo, biography Belyaev Stanislav  Ballet dancer, photo, biography
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