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Caterino Kavos Albertovich

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Biography Caterino Kavos Albertovich
photo Caterino Kavos Albertovich
Kavos, Caterino Albertovich - composer, conductor of the Imperial Theaters, which played a major role in the history of opera in Russia (1776 - 1842). Son of director of the theater "Fenice" in Venice. Kavos, already 12 years wrote a cantata on the arrival in Venice of Leopold II. At age 14, got the position of organist of the church of St. Mark. In 1797, Mr.. together with the Italian opera troupe Astarita arrived in St. Petersburg. The troupe was soon disbanded, but Kavos joined the Imperial Theaters, first composer in the French troupe with the duty to compose music for the opera - vaudeville. Of these, the opera "Three brothers hunchback" and "Three Sultan" and walked in the Russian translation, "Three brothers hunchback" the first (1-s presentation of the Russian language) did not come out of the repertoire of 20 years. Since 1803, Mr.. Kavos was appointed conductor of the Italian and Russian opera and, moreover, was a teacher of singing in the College of St. Catherine. In 1811, Mr.. He took the same position in the Smolny Convent.

Opened its operatic staging activities in 1803, Mr.. comic opera "Lesta, . Dneprovskaya mermaid "(remake Krasnopolye" Das Donauweibchen ") with music Kauer and Davydova, . Kavos then together with Davydov wrote music for the libretto Krasnopolye is to continue and "Leste" - the second (1804) and the third part (1805) and is one of the fourth part of the libretto of Prince A,
. Shakhovsky without moving from the repertoire until 1832. and he went the last time in 1852 - 53 years. The success of the 2-nd part of the "Leste" caused a number of operas Kavos on folk stories: "The prince Invisible" (libretto Lifanova). In 1806, Mr.. put more opera: "Love Mail" (Prince A. Shahovskoy) and "The Fugitive from his bride" (Prince Shakhovskoi) in 1807, Mr.. - Ilya Bogatyr "(libretto IA. Krylova), which had a great success and gave more in 1832 - 33 years. In addition, Kavos composed (or rather "arranged") music for ballets Didelot: Zephyr and Flora "(1808)," Cupid and Psyche "(1810);" Apis and Galatea "(1815)," Carlos and Rosalba ( 1817). Some ballets composed Kavos in collaboration with students. By 1812. Kavos is the ballet "Love of the fatherland" as well as music for vaudeville Prince A. Shakhovsky "Cossack-poet ', arranged from Little Russia songs (going back in 1852). In 1813, Mr.. Kavos has composed music for intermissions and verse comedy "Imaginary Invisible" (translated from German Scheller), and in 1815, Mr.. was without success comedy prince Shakhovsky "tax-farmer Brazhkin with intermissions and couplets Kavos. October 19, 1815, Mr.. was the first opera "Ivan Susanin in 2 acts (the text of Prince Shakhovsky). In 1815, Mr.. Kavos composed couplets on the return of Russian troops from France. Couplets of this year performed at concerts for the benefit of disabled.

Further works Kavos: the ruins of Babylon "and" Dobrynia Nikitich "(1818)," Svetlana "and" The Firebird "(1822), libretto by the failure of which (H. Language) prevented its success. The last major labor Kavos in the opera was staged by "Life for the Tsar" by Glinka in 1836, Mr.. In his career Kavos discovered talent, great technical knowledge. The main importance is the broad practical activities Kavos: kapelmeysterskaya and vocal teacher. Most of the singers and the singers were poorly educated, many did not even know the music. Kavos was both a teacher and coach, and director, and conductor. Many opera singers and the singers came out of school Kavos: Vorob'eva, Petrova, Sandunova, Samoilova, Semenova, Samoilov, Klimovsky, Zlov, famous Petrov.

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Caterino Kavos Albertovich, photo, biography
Caterino Kavos Albertovich, photo, biography Caterino Kavos Albertovich  Music, photo, biography
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