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Biography ALLEN Paul
Start the life story of Paul Allen could, perhaps, as follows: January 21, 1953 in Seattle, the son of a librarian was born a boy. It was called Sex: But it would be too boring, and therefore better start with the other lines from the official biography of Paul Allen. 'At the end of 1960 was in school. Sorry permanent restrictions on access to electronic computer, along with his friend Bill Gates dreamed of the day when every table was a miniature copy of your computer '. How it all just turns out - the boys just dreamed of personal computers. And, he grew up, in response to children's dreams just participated in the development of software for the first Altair personal computer. And then just as easily have created a DOS operating system for IBM PC, became the de facto standard for personal computers. Results something that needed, it is the wish that childhood dream became a reality. Perhaps the reason was the fact that, according to Allen's own admission, his whole life he followed the instructions given, given his father: 'did nothing but what you really like'.

. Favorite Hobbies: movies, books, guitar, chess, scuba diving
. Beyond the official biography has remained one more passion - Map. In school, Paul Allen was famous for playing poker. As legend has it the game of poker he met his future friend, partner and colleague - Bill Gates. Happened in 1968. By the way, playing cards allow friends to raise money needed to pay for the work on computer.
Paul's obsession with programming in the years of school study at times, in the most literal sense, is costly to parents. In an interview at the 1995 American edition of Fortune, Bill Gates told the story of confusion, which happened to his friend at a ceremony to mark the end of the school year. The administration simply refused to issue a certificate to Allen, while present at the ceremony, the mother of the future billionaire has not paid the debt of $ 200 for her offspring used machine time.

However, once fortune smiled friends. Fortune came to him in the face of the computer center in downtown Seattle. Paul and Bill were famous at school for its success in communicating with computational monsters, and one of the parents advised of their administration center as free testers. In search of errors in the system of his friends did not pay, but they have full time access to a computer data center. But more was not necessary. 'Seasoned' programmers with condescension looked at the young talent and in response to the endless questions, laughing, gave them a thick volume of instructions. These books he studied diligently and adolescents have led to new questions. 'They gave us a hand on a book - tell about this time Paul Allen. - And it looked like game. We read about assembler, but did not have on hand to guide the system itself. A staff amused himself, how much time will need to have before us Bill came, finally, that to understand the whole picture, we need one more part of the instruction. Then we returned to issues and we were awarded the following part of the book '. Because of financial problems in one not very fine day center simply closed. Later, Allen described how some people who have come to describe the property, pulled out chairs almost from under them with Bill and his friends rush to save on punched tape program until the computer has not completely turned off:

. In 1971, Paul enrolled in the Washington State University, read an article about the world's first microprocessor Intel 4004
. Computer 'brain' shrink to the size of the chip, and it turned into reality their dream with Bill about the time when everyone at the table will be your own personal copy of the computer. Allen, inspired by the read, with fervor to prove to his friend, the microprocessor will now be constantly improved and will form the basis of future computing systems. A year later, friends in clubbing together for 360 dollars, bought what was then a miracle technology - Intel 8008 microprocessor. He was supposed to serve as the heart of the computer for traffic control: As recognized by the Paul Allen, . their first joint venture with Bill, . company Traf-O-Data, . organized in 1972, . although it yielded some profit, . was in general not too good,
. Crushed by price competition partners were forced to 'hide' your business. However, the fact that the other could break, to Allen and Gates was just a good lesson for the future.

. Winter 1974 Paul Allen came across was published in Popular Electronics magazine article about the world's first personal computer, MITS Altair production
. Confident in the future success of desktop computers, he realized that this is just what you need. As a programmer Paul realized that without a proper programming language Altair was practically useless for enthusiast computing. The same opinion is shared Gates. It was a small - to 'teach' first personalku language and do not miss this chance while to work and took no other. The uniqueness of the situation consisted in the fact that Allen and Gates were on hand almost finished project interpreter BASIC, was created back when working on own project Traf-O-Data. Adapt it to the Altair was a matter of technique. It remained to convince of the correctness of their ideas guide MITS, producer personalki that has been done with characteristic tenacity and drive of youth. As a result, Paul Allen was hired into MITS, and friends received a contract to develop a programming language for the Altair and: the office for work in addition. Who would have known that this was the beginning of the legend:

In 1975, there was a significant event - Allen and Gates first used the name Micro-Soft. In the source code interpreter BASIC, they created the order MITS, friends and included this line: 'Micro-Soft BASIC: Bill Gates wrote a lot of stuff; Paul Allen wrote some other stuff'. As confessed later, Bill Gates, they are with Paul long suffering, inventing a name for the new company. Outcorporated Inc. or Unlimited Ltd. was too impersonal, 'Allen and Gates' looked like a law office. It required something else. And this 'other' was found - the name comes from the ground and, at first, the only activities of the partners - the creation of software (SOFTware) for microcomputers (MICROcomputer). Later, writing of the names have changed - Microsoft, yes, and sphere of interests of the company itself over the past quarter century, are also somewhat expanded.

. In a joint business, Paul Allen was engaged in technical ideas and promising developments, Gates turned out to be closer to negotiations, contracts and other business communication
. Yet the main issues pals decide together - sometimes as Gates confessed later, the debate lasted for 6-8 hours at a stretch. Perhaps Allen's thrust to science to the detriment of commerce has led to what later created his own company and did not achieve the success that has made Microsoft. And this despite the fact that the company was represented by Paul Allen and markets the program, realizing the original and in their revolutionary ideas. However, it will be later, but for the joint brainchild of Allen and Gates's finest hour came in 1980. That's when IBM asked not too large and not particularly well-known company Microsoft with the proposal to adapt the multiple programming languages for use on a personal computer IBM PC, . which was supposed to appear on the market in 1981,
. During the negotiations it became clear that IBM representatives were not averse to find and artist, who contracted to develop an operating system for a new computer. Miss this opportunity was not part of Microsoft, and partners agreed. But do not think that his friends were too overconfident, hand in developing 'OSes', that is, with zero. There was some little trick - Allen and Gates knew where you can buy is almost ready operating system. Tim Paterson (Tim Paterson), who worked in Seattle Compute Products, had already developed the Q-DOS (Quick Disk Operating System - fast disk operating system) for 16-bit Intel. The trick lay in the fact that during the negotiations on the acquisition of Q-DOS in any case it was impossible to make it clear to sellers that Allen and Gates already has a buyer for the system. Gates, as the main negotiator, had to be pretty to sweat over this, but the combination of a brilliant success. However, the system had to be purchased subject processing, because she had to work on 8-bit processors. We must pay tribute to the enthusiasm for future billionaires: in an effort to meet the deadline, they worked almost round the clock and, according to Allen himself, was a day when they, along with Bill, not isolation, sat at a computer 36 hours straight. And the partners had. But the focus was not that of PC-DOS (the first version of MS-DOS), the acquisition of which cost tens of thousands of dollars, IBM immediately paid 6 thousand. Home luck was the fact that under the terms of the contract IBM signed by the parties undertook to sell PCs only with PC-DOS, Microsoft certified that percentage from each sold car. Allen did not err in assessing the future prospects for the development of microprocessor technology, and Gates was a good negotiator, under contract, which now lead managers as a textbook example of an error on the part of IBM.

. Bill Gates on the field Allen: 'As we work together there was no serious disagreement
. The only thing that made some tension, so it is that I occasionally had to call Paul the morning and remind you that already it would be nice to get up and go to work '. Allen could well say that 'life was a success', because he did not retreat one iota from his father's instructions to do just what he really likes. But in 1982, intense and extremely intense work of Allen's life changed dramatically overnight. While in Paris, during a tour of Europe in order to advertise some products Microsoft, Allen felt ill. Reason was incomprehensible lump on her neck. Sex and earlier were at something similar, but the strange sensations and deterioration blamed on fatigue. At this time it has taken too serious turn: I had to return to Seattle, where doctors put a frustrating diagnosis - Hodgkin's disease, a form of cancer. 22 months of radiotherapy produced results. The disease has receded, but the change itself Allen. As he admitted later: 'In 30 years, confronted face to face with death, you understand that it would be nice to do and deeds, which had never had the time'. Allen in the stock was 2 years old - if by that time the disease will not relapse, . treatment can be considered successful, . If not: At first, Paul has continued to perform his duties at Microsoft, . but in 1983 he parted company with, . retaining a significant stake and seat on the board of directors.,

. -In 'pause', . or rather, . anxious and painful two-year waiting period for treatment results, . Allen used to communicate with family, . reading, . Travel, . diving lessons and other worldly pleasures, . who suddenly become for him a special significance,

Fortunately, the disease did not produce a relapse. 'After all, I experienced just felt in another place' - admits Paul Allen. 'I manage to live' - was his motto. And Allen has decided not to return to Microsoft. His condition was stretching for a few billion dollars, it is possible to do so.

Disease and the subsequent recovery was awakened in the field Allenet dozing before the craving for beauty. He got a great collection of original Roman statues and collected in his many works of French Impressionists. Like a child, . play at soldiers, . Allen became the owner of two sports teams - he owned Portland Trail Blazers, . playing in the championships of the National Basketball League (NBA), . and the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL),
. He spent 2 million on the construction of the Seattle sports complex, known as 'Rose Quarter' (Rose Quarter), and got his own plane. It carries Allen's friends to the games of their teams in other cities and manages to bring them home to Seattle just in time for the night postscript. 'Nice guy' Paul Allen could afford it. Just as he sometimes can not afford, and other oddities. For example, in August 2001, the world's news agencies reported on an extravagant trip to Allen St. Petersburg. Company he was about two hundred western VIP-persons, among whom were movie stars and the main actors of world business and the arts, including Sir Paul McCartney and Tom Hanks. How enthusiastically telling their readers and listeners secular chroniclers, . invitations were placed in a casket of polished wood, . within each of them on satin purple and gold colors of imperial reclining egg, . made of precious stones - a copy of Faberge products,
. Well, while they themselves were written invitations on parchment, and placed in boxes. Guests were invited to visit the nearest airport - in London 'Heathrow', or New York airport 'Kennedy' - the choice, . where the private jet took them to Helsinki, . and then the whole company in a private plane Boeing Paul Allen moved to St. Petersburg,
. The end point was the appointment of a luxury cruise ship 'Navigator of the Seven Seas', moored in the harbor of St. Petersburg, where each guest accommodation cost $ 00 per night. How did you find the same omnipresent reporters, . cultural program of the entertainment included a visit to the sailing vessel, . skating helicopters to the Estonian capital, and back, . private tour of the Hermitage and other no less entertaining entertainment,
. And it was not the first such 'walk', organized by Allen. He has invited his guests to cruise to Alaska, which had cost 6.3 million pounds, and also organized at least a fascinating trip to Venice.

. Allowing himself sometimes extravagant behavior, Allen no stranger to charity, and, partly, the reason lies in the experienced Paul illness
. The man, who visited the edge of death, according to different attitudes towards money, realizing that in life there are other values. Allen donates significant funds to hospitals and research funds, engaged in the fight against AIDS and cancer. He is funding the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and in 1988 conveyed million Washington University on the organization of the library named Allen, named in memory of his father, who once headed the university library. Since the mid 90-ies, . when the U.S. Congress refused to finance the program Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), . Allen provides material assistance to astronomers, . engaged in a difficult search for the brothers on reason,
. Allenovskaya philanthropy extends to the museum institution. The very good guitar player (he even recorded an album with his rock band Grown Men), Paul Allen is a passionate fan of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. For this reason, in his native Seattle, Allen opened a grand and everything is not like a museum of rock music, which grew later into an independent project - Experience Music Project (http://www.experience.org/). In the spring of 2001, web reports appeared in which, with reference to a note in the newspaper Seattle Times, said that someone bought the space where, in 1975, Allen and Gates started to build the current empire of Microsoft. And although the buyer wished to remain anonymous, there is reason to believe that he was just Paul Allen - the space was bought by a company registered at Paul Allen's lawyer. So, it is quite possible that in the coming years, Allen gave the world the regular museum, spent for the benefit of society and his own pleasure for the sake of another piece of their vast state.

. However, no matter how great the state, it certainly over, if not to make the money work
. And Paul Allen understands this. True, they created a company specializing in innovation and advanced technologies have not always yielded high returns. Even in 1985, Allen founded the company Asymetrix, the main focus of which was to be the creation of application development tools. Moreover, these development tools were to be so simple that they could enjoy even people who are not too savvy in programming. Alas, the program ToolBook, product of creative professionals from Asymetrix, never gained special popularity among users.

. To failure can be attributed, and financing Allen Company Skypix, who has studied methods of compression and transmission of information
. The ultimate goal of research was to be an interactive satellite broadcasting, an era which are believed to Allen, is not far off. They say that reading the proposed compression technology, Allen was ecstatic, calling her 'amazing'. That was enough to immediately invest in the company million. In the early 90's it turned out, however, that the current level of technology does not allow to implement the revolutionary ideas of the developers, and in 1992 Skypix bankrupt.

. Finally, the fiasco and one of the most ambitious projects of Paul Allen's - the company Interval Research Corp
. She was supposed to embody the dream of an ideal laboratory, where scientists, free from the burden of commercial research, would take pure science. True to his principles to predict the future, Allen wanted to grope technologies that are unlikely to be in demand in the next 5-10 years, but will become commonplace in 15-20 years. The fact that in March 1992 began as a fairy tale, completed 8 years later as a utopia - April 21, 2000 Paul Allen officially announced the end of 'great' experiment. Although it may very well be that a quarter of a billion dollars spent on pure science and not in vain, and Allen himself was much more crafty than the thought of him. Many analysts have expressed the view, . that all the legacy 'of the great sages', . which is almost one hundred and fifty patents embodied ideas and inventions, . remaining after the death of 'fantastic' enterprise, . will be used by specialists Vulcan Ventures - the current parent company Allen,

And these assumptions not groundless - all members of Interval Research Corp. Upon termination, signed an agreement not to disclose information about their previous work, which was backed by solid cash payments. So it is likely that Allen, like a fakir, will soon surprise the world hidden from time to time, inventions and technologies.

. Yet it is not necessary to believe that the past years marked by a succession of failures, setbacks and financial losses on the part of Paul Allen
. Since 80-ies, he invested his fortune in the great number of multimedia, telecommunications and entertainment companies. His Vulcan Ventures investment group owns one of the largest cable communications systems in the U.S.. Allen is a shareholder of more than 140 successful companies, including DreamWorks SKG, ZDTV, Priceline.com, NorthPoint Communications. In addition, Paul is the main investor in Ticketmaster Group (http://www.ticketmaster.com), which sells tickets to entertainment and sporting events. And all this, not counting the shares of Microsoft, which Allen quietly selling. By the way, not so long ago, in late 2000, Paul Allen finally broke up with his most successful project, launched more than 25 years ago with Bill Gates. He resigned from the board of Microsoft, . retaining the post of chief adviser on strategy, . because Bill Gates is unlikely to tolerate near him as an advisor to somebody else, . but Allen, . friendship which has lasted four decades,
. Allen himself explains his step that he needs more time to their own business projects and work for charitable organizations.

. Here he is a 'good guy' Paul Allen, . billionaire, . that is the question, . whatever he wanted to remember the people, . answer: 'I'll be quite satisfied, . If I am remembered as a man, . who enjoyed working in a team of associates to develop new technologies, . as human, . who tried to create useful things for society '.,

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