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Chebyshev Pafnutii L.

( The famous Russian mathematician)

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Biography Chebyshev Pafnutii L.
photo Chebyshev Pafnutii L.
Chebyshev Pafnutii L. - the famous Russian mathematician, born May 14, 1821, Mr.. in the hamlet Okatova, Kaluga province, died on Nov. 26, 1894, Mr.. St. Petersburg. Pupil of Moscow University, where he completed his studies in 1841, Mr.. CH. his entire professorial career in 1847, Mr.. to 1882 g. dedicated to Saint-Petersburg University. C. Academic activities, which began in 1843. appearance in the light of the small notes "Note sur une classe d'integrales definies multiples" ( "Journ. de Liouville ", Volume VIII), did not stop until the end of his life. The last of his memoir "On the sums, depending on the positive values of a function", was published after his death (1895, "Mem. de l'Ac. des sc. de St.-Peters. ")
Merits H. were evaluated by scientists of the world in a dignified manner. He was a member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in 1853, Associe etranger Paris Academy of Sciences in 1860. (that honor v. shared only with another Russian scientist, famous Baer, elected in 1876, Mr.. and in the same year, deceased), corresponding member of many learned societies of Western Europe, and an honorary member of all the Russian universities.
Characteristics of his scholarly achievements are very well expressed in the note academicians AA. Markov and I.YA. Sonin, read in first after the death of W. meeting of the Academy. In this note, incidentally, said: "Proceedings of the V. bear the stamp of genius. He invented new methods to solve many difficult issues that have been set long ago and have remained unresolved. However, he raised a number of new issues on the development of which worked until the end of his days ". The Academy decided to obtain for funds for the publication of the complete works of H. and provide possible assistance to this company. Substantial financial support performance of this company has a brother of the late Professor V.L. Chebyshev, and Proceedings H. assumed the authors of the note by. It is now left in the first volume of works W. Russian and French.
Full list of works W. can be found in "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences" for 1895. (Volume II,? 3). We mention here only the most remarkable works of H. These include primarily the work of H. number theory. Getting their position in additions to the doctoral dissertation Ch: "comparison theory", published in 1849. In 1850, Mr.. there was the famed "Memorie sur les nombres premiers", where given two limit, which is the number of prime numbers lying between two given numbers. Results H. and still constitute the most significant of what is known on the subject. In 1867, Mr.. in Volume II of the Moscow Mathematical Collection ", . came another very remarkable work Ch: "On mean values", . which the theorem is given, . underlying the various aspects of the theory of probability and contain the famous theorem of Jacob Bernoulli as a special case,
. These two works would have been enough to immortalize the name of H. In the integral calculus is especially remarkable job in 1860: "Sur l'integration de la differentielle (...)", . which gives way to learn using a finite number of actions, . in the case of rational coefficients of the polynomial radicand, . it possible to determine the number of A so, . that this expression is integrated into logarithms and, . if possible, . find the integral,
. The most original, as a matter of fact, and the method of solution are of W. "Functions deviating least from zero". The most important of the memoirs, here related, there are the memoirs of 1857. under the title "Sur les questions de minima qui se rattachent a la representation approximative des fonctions" (in "Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences").
. This work is especially appreciated by scholars of Germany and France, for example, Professor Klein in his lectures, reading to the University of GцTttingen in 1901, calls this memoir "amazing" (wunderbar)
. Their contents included in the classic essay I. Bertrand "Traite du Calcul. diff. et integral ". In connection with these same issues are and the work W. "On the drawing of maps".
Further, the remarkable work of H. of interpolation, in which he gives a new formula, important both in theoretical and practical relationships. One of the favorite methods of Ch, which he most frequently used was the application properties of algebraic continued fractions to the various issues analysis. The works of the last period of the H. include studies on limit values of integrals "(" Sur les valeurs limites des integrales ", 1873). Completely new questions raised by this Part, and then developed his disciples. Recent memoirs H. 1895. belongs to the same area. In response to questions "about the functions of least deviation from zero", and are of H. in practical mechanics, which he studied a lot and with great love. In this region V. belong to various ingenious devices, one of which (Machine arthmetique a mouvement contini) is stored in Paris, in Conservatorie des arts et metiers.

Merits H. as a professor will remain forever in the memory of those who had the enviable share learn from him. He continued to teach their students and at the end of their university course, directing their first steps in the scientific field, through interviews and precious indications of fruitful questions. CH. created a school of Russian mathematicians, many of whom now enjoy great fame. Public work W. limited to their professors and participation in the affairs of the Academy of Sciences. From the obituary essays, you can specify a beautifully worded essay academician п-.п°. Lyapunov in volume VI of 2-series "Izvestia of the Kharkov Mathematical Society. K. Posse.

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Chebyshev Pafnutii L., photo, biography
Chebyshev Pafnutii L., photo, biography Chebyshev Pafnutii L.  The famous Russian mathematician, photo, biography
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