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Dorodnitsin Anatoly A.

( The scientist, academician of the USSR)

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Biography Dorodnitsin Anatoly A.
Academician of the USSR Anatoly A. Dorodnitsin (1910 - 1994) is widely known for his outstanding scientific work in mathematics, determining role in the creation of computational fluid dynamics, fruitful scientific and organizational work.

. As one of those scientists who foresaw the enormous role and capabilities of electronic computers, he participated in the creation of the Computing Center of USSR Academy of Sciences and chaired it from its inception in 1955
. Much effort he gave the development of modern numerical methods and the widespread introduction of computers in various branches of science and technology.

Scientific creativity Anatoly Alekseevich differs versatility. He became a leading Soviet scientist in the field of applied mathematics, aerodynamics and physics of the atmosphere. In these branches of science they carried large and original research, offered an effective method, fundamental results. The peculiarity of his scientific activity - formulation and solution of problems of importance both theoretical and practical importance, bring the results to a finished form suitable for use in practice.

After the first appearance of computers dominant trend in the works Anatoly Alekseevich is the development of new computational methods and their application to current scientific and technical issues. A number of publications and reports Anatoliy dedicated computer - its subject matter, objectives, methods and scope. He made great efforts to in our country acquired the status of a separate computer science, formulation and analysis of computational tools, software and algorithms. In the sphere of his attention were such hot topics, . as mathematical modeling in various descriptive sciences (biology, . Economy, . Agronomy), . pattern recognition in geology and medicine, . development of automated design systems in aircraft,
. His deeply held issue of environmental, . He studied the issues of mathematical modeling of interaction between man and the biosphere, . participated actively in the work of public commission of experts USSR on improving reclamation,
. Activities of the commission allowed to prevent the implementation of the destructive and wasteful project of water transfer from the northern rivers.

Much effort to introduce computer technology scholar in the various areas of the economy and in research. He was one of the first among our scientists clearly realized the enormous revolutionary role of computers for scientific and technical progress. By law, he became the founder and director of the first in our country, the Computing Center of USSR Academy of Sciences and more than thirty years has led the world-famous scientific institution

. As chairman of the Scientific Council on computers and control systems and SCSE Presidium of the USSR, . Chairperson of the Computer Engineering Sciences of the USSR and the Deputy Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Computer Science, . Anatoliy largely contributed to the general computerization of the national economy of our country,
. He gave a start in life a number of domestic computers. In the circle of his interests were working to create software applications and computing systems for scientific research, automation of design and planning.

As an outstanding scientist and organizer of science, AA. Dorodnitsin enjoyed enormous prestige and abroad. For many years he was a representative of our country in the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and in 1968-1971. served as president of the Federation.

Outstanding scientific and organizational activities of Anatolii Alekseevich was highly appreciated by the State. He - the Hero of Socialist Labor, awarded the Lenin Prize for his work in the field of computer technology and three State awards. A bright talent, boundless devotion to science, tireless in work, high principles of Academician Anatoly Alekseevich Dorodnitsyna - all these features prominent scientist of our country.

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Dorodnitsin Anatoly A., photo, biography
Dorodnitsin Anatoly A., photo, biography Dorodnitsin Anatoly A.  The scientist, academician of the USSR, photo, biography
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