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Sergey Berinsky Samuilovich

( Music)

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Biography Sergey Berinsky Samuilovich
photo Sergey Berinsky Samuilovich
Sergey Berinsky Samuilovich (14 April 1946 - March 12, 1998)

Sergey Berinsky was destined to live is not very long, but extremely intense life. Untimely death in March 1998 found him in the prime of life and talent, breaking many of his plans, making orphans of children, friends, students ...

Sergey Berinsky Samuilovich was born in 1946 in the Moldovan town of New Kaushany. Children and youth are linked with its Donetsk, where he graduated from music school and college on violin. In family Berinsky cultivated an interest in literature, . sounded polyglot folk music - Jewish, . Romanian, . Moldovan, . Ukrainian (this atmosphere was required, and the elder brother of the composer, . now known poet and translator Lev Berinsky, . in turn had an impact on the literary tastes younger brother),
. In 1970 Sergey entered the State Music and Pedagogical Institute. Gnesinyh, in a composition class AG Chugaeva. Chugaev had a profound influence on the formation of his musical and human personality. Grateful memory of the Teacher Berinsky retained all his life.

After graduation, he remained in Moscow, is increasingly expressing itself as a composer. At the same time, his rich, active nature looking for new forms of implementation. Gift of human communication, coupled with the temperament and innate "instinct of truth" draw him on the path of "informal" teaching and education acts and the establishment of a laboratory composer's creativity. Sergei organizes music club, . which was intended to be, . in his own words, . "testing ground for music of all genres", he directs the seminar of young composers in the House of Creativity "Ivanovo", . maintains a constant heading conversations with colleagues in the journal "Musical Academy",
. This activity, . flowed away from formal educational institutions and the full truth of creative energy (she won Berinsky many faithful disciples and followers) deserves the more attention, . that unfolded in the difficult post-perestroika years, . "in moments of fateful, life, . when many of his colleagues fled Russia Sergei, . traveling to the prosperous West,
. And at the same time - an ongoing, on the verge of self-sacrifice, own composing work ...

Sergey Berinsky was convinced of the unique, personal nature of the creative act, but because it was alien to the group manifestos and slogans immediate. However, his own work was largely generated by a time - an atmosphere of national culture of recent decades of the century. Congenial senior contemporaries - Alfred Schnittke and Sofia Gubaidulina, . already passed that stage to stage avant-garde experimentalism, . He embodies such traits of the original generation "seventies", . as the desire for linguistic synthesis, . propensity for self-reflection, . striving for a kind of important task,
. "Multilingualism" Berinsky, as shown in the selection of poetic texts and in the proper style of music (from bytovizmov - to high pathos, from the baroque and the rhetoric of synagogue singing - to jazz) - clearly a romantic nature. It is no accident it was so close to Mahler - with its breadth of sources, melted into the author confessing it. He himself is the type of romantic idealist, acutely aware of being tragically divided and simultaneously striving for the heights of Harmony and Love, to merge with nature and the cosmos. Assuming that cross the path of music of XX century - the destruction and new your beauty, he passed this way, creating a very different, sometimes diametrically opposed to the emotional coloring compositions.

Another predecessor Berinsky was Shostakovich, with whom he verged along with a Jewish theme, exacerbation of social responsiveness. Hence - so frequent in his work and dedication memorial genres that have arisen as inspired by personal loss, and with the thought of the victims of mass genocide. Over the years, his works more and more insistently sounded religious note - whether it be stories of the Old Testament (Psalms of David "for four cellos), a musical genre of the liturgical tradition (the first tested in the Requiem of 1979)

. In music Berinsky received a response and philosophical poetry of RM Rilke (symphony-cantata "to Orpheus"), and elevated ancient oriental erotic poetry ( "Songs of longing Makhtumkuli"), and humor of domestic postmodernists ( "Tears of heraldic soul" D. Prigov)
. In its quest to grasp the immensity he touched sometimes exclusion zones emotional naturalism, creating a mono-vocal performance of "Isteriada and bayannye play" in a bad style. And everywhere always sounded its author's voice, recognizable in the language diversity of poetry, framed in symphonies, concertos, quartets, sonatas ...

Songwriting ideas Berinsky often encountered in live contact with the musicians. Several works, including "Double Portrait", he devoted his daughters, a performer on the violin and the flute. Among the famous musicians interpret (and sometimes inspired), his compositions - I. Bochkova violinist and singer Levon Mkrtchyan and Kuinji, cellists, and V. N. Shakhovskaya Tonkha, clarinetists L. Mikhailov and Petrov, accordionist F. Lips ... Last name deserves mention also because, . what, . focusing on the possibilities of this musician, . composer used the accordion in a completely new interpretation, . distant from the duty Role "folk instrument"; accordion for him - and the source of new sound colors, . and the metaphor of human breath, . surreal image intensified suffering human soul,

The artistic heritage of Sergei Berinsky as volume, how many genres. Among his - five symphonies (fifth left unfinished), concertos for various compositions with soloists, chamber-instrumental and chamber-vocal cycles, works for choir, music for theatrical productions and films.

His name was included in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Music and New Grove.

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Sergey Berinsky Samuilovich, photo, biography
Sergey Berinsky Samuilovich, photo, biography Sergey Berinsky Samuilovich  Music, photo, biography
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