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Aigi Gennady

( Poet)

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Biography Aigi Gennady
Aigi Henadz (p. 1934), Russian poet. Born August 21, 1934 in s.Shaymurzino in Chuvashia. Prior to 1969 bore the surname Lisin, which his father, a village teacher, translator of Pushkin on the Chuvash language, was in Soviet times in the process of 'Russification'. Santa Aigi through the maternal line was the latest in a village priest. One of the ancestors of the poet uttered Chuvash word 'Hayha' ( 'yonder'), . omitting the initial sound, . - So there was a family nickname of 'Aigi', . which later became for the poet's 'art program named' (in the words of the Swiss translator and literary critic FF Ingold),
Aigi began writing poetry in the Chuvash impacted M. Sespel (1899-1922) and P. Huzangaya (1907-1970). Since 1949 published in periodicals Chuvash. In 1949-1953 he studied at Batyrevsky Teachers College, in 1953 on the advice Huzangaya entered the Literary Institute. Gorky, where he was engaged in a seminar MA Svetlov.

In 1958 his first book of poems on the Chuvash language, and in the same year he was expelled from the institute 'for writing hostile books of poetry, undermines the foundations of socialist realism'. A year later received a diploma of the Institute, providing for the protection of transfers.

Of great importance for Aygi meeting with Pasternak, after consulting the young poet to move into the Russian language. Settling in Moscow, Aigi in 1961-1971 he worked at the State Museum of VV Mayakovsky senior bibliographer, head izosektorom. Aigi was complete description of the iconography of Mayakovsky, participated in organizing exhibitions of Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin and other Russian masters of the avant-garde. Since 1972, deals exclusively with literary work, combining poetry with translation and derivative work. In 1968, released in translation in the Chuvash language anthology of poets of France, where 77 authors are represented verses 15-20 cc. (awarded in 1972 the French Academy Award). In 1974 published an anthology of poets of Hungary, in 1987 - why Poland. Drafted Aigi and fitted with a foreword by his anthology of Chuvash poetry published in translation in Hungarian, Italian and English.

For a long time Russian poetry Aigi published only abroad. The first big book Poems 1954-1971 came out in 1975 in Munich, in 1982, Parisian publishing house 'syntax' has issued a collection of poems Aigi The observed winter. Since 1962 his poems were published in translation into foreign languages - first in periodicals, and book publications since 1967 in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Britain and other countries.

Since 1987 Aigi began to publish at home, in 1991 left Russia's first book of his poems here. In 1990 he was awarded the State Prize of Chuvashia. KV Ivanov, and in 1994 became a folk poet of Chuvashia. In 1997 in Cheboksary hosted an international conference dedicated to the works of the poet, - a kind of Congress 'aygistov' world. In 2000 became the first recipient institutions in Russia Pasternak Prize. His international awards - European Petrarch Prize (1993), the title of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters (France, 1998).

Innovative creativity Aigi clearly knocked out of the context of domestic literature 1960-1990-ies. Jakobson called it 'extraordinary poet of modern Russian avant-garde'. It Aigi in modern poetry is not modernist or postmodern, and avant-garde actually started (another carrier which is VA Sosnora). His artistic predecessors Aigi believes VA Khlebnikov, Mayakovsky, Malevich, awakened in him the desire 'maximum sharpening poetic language'.

In poetry Aigi organically make the transition to vers libre, which YN Tynyanov predicted for Russian poetry in the mid 1920's. Free verse Aigi completely devoid of hue 'experimental', . is not the complication of the metric verse, . and the original form of poetry, . sometimes reaching a maximum simplicity in 'minimalist' works of the author: so, . Calm poem consists of a single vowel letter (sound) 'a' and is like a verbal poetic equivalent of Malevich's Black Square,
. Syntax Aigi radically different from the mundane, prosaic: here all the words put in new connections, highly individual and punctuation, serving as musical and musical writing.

Aigi attaches great importance to the poetic graph: drawing text page is included in the artistic structure: page can be likened to an icon, often it is viewed nenazoylivo filed Image - Cross. Each poem Aigi like a painting, certainly provided with a name.

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Aigi Gennady, photo, biography
Aigi Gennady, photo, biography Aigi Gennady  Poet, photo, biography
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