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ALEXINO Anatoly G.

( Writer, playwright)

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Biography ALEXINO Anatoly G.
ALEXINO ANATOLY GEORGIEVICH (p. 1924), (cf.. name Goberman), Russian novelist, dramatist. Born August 3, 1924 in Moscow, in a family active participant in the Civil War, repressed in 1937. As a child, appeared in the Pioneer Press's poetry (collected in the book horn, 1951; with S. Baruzdina). During the Great Patriotic War, worked in construction, in 1950 graduated from the Indian department of the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies. At the same time published a collection of stories, thirty-one days, approved by K. Paustovskiy and Alexina are already defined as the creator of a so-called. 'Young People's tale'. Numerous works of Alexina (novels Sasha and Shura, . 1956; Unusual Adventures Seva Kotlova, . 1958; Says seventh floor, . 1959; Kohl wrote Ole, . Olya wrote Kole, . 1965; Late baby, . 1968; Call and come!, . 1970; third in the fifth row, . 1975; Mad Evdokia, . 1976; Heart Failure, . 1979; Home Board, . Ivashov, . Diary of the groom, . all 1980; healthy and sick, . 1982; Forgive me, . mom ..., . 1989, . etc., . and play, . usually, . dramatization of stories, . My brother plays the clarinet, . 1968; in the country of eternal vacation, . 1970; Return address, . 1971; tenth, . 1974; Let's go to the movies, . 1977; Late baby, . 1983, . etc.) - is the immediate and lifelike, . not devoid of melodrama and sentimentality, . contained, . usually, . First Person, . narrative about the clash of children and adolescents with the adult world,
. Artworks Alexina are popular because of the dramatic swiftness of their construction, . severity of collisions, . psychological and bytopisatelskoy observation, . good humor, . topical subjects, . recognizable characters and circumstances (family, . school, . Pioneer Camp, . wargame, . first love, . Children's Choir - a story the day before yesterday and the day after, . 1974; youth theater troupe - the story Characters, . 1975; memories of the years of Stalinist repression - Toy story, . 1988; literary and worldly 'test' teenager - Scary stories: Detective stories, . are composed Alex Detkina, . 1969-1992),

. A collective portrait of the young generations, 1950-1980-ies, . proposed Aleksin, . not devoid of idealization - and at the same time an objective moral diagnosis, . delivered from the standpoint of moral perfectionism, . rejecting (in the spirit diligently cultivated in the Soviet mentality 1960-1970's 'romance') prudence, . narrow pragmatism, . selfishness, . callousness and selfishness,

Recognized and the audience and the critics (in t.ch. Foreign - Alexina works published in many countries), . writer has been active in the literary and social activities (Secretary of the RSFSR Writers' Union in 1970-1989, . one of the organizers of children's and youth magazines, . member of the editorial board of 'youth', . President of the association 'World - the world's children', etc.) was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Award (1970, . for the scenario of a documentary right to be a child), . State Prize of the RSFSR (1974, . the play, . raised at the stage of the Central Children's Theater) and the USSR (for a number of stories), . as well as several international awards and decorations,
. In 1982 Aleksin was elected a corresponding member of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR.

Since 1993, a writer living in Israel, where published novel chronicling the fate of a Jewish family in Russia, 20 in. Saga Pevsner (1994), memoir Turning the years (1997) and other works, the main topics which are linked to Russia's reality.

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ALEXINO Anatoly G., photo, biography
ALEXINO Anatoly G., photo, biography ALEXINO Anatoly G.  Writer, playwright, photo, biography
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