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Comments for ALYOSHIN Samuel I.
Biography ALYOSHIN Samuel I.
ALYOSHIN Samuel Iosifovich (p. 1913) (cf.. Kotliar surname), Russian dramatist. Born on 8 (21) July 1913 in Zambrow (Poland) in the family doctor and a teacher. In 1935 he graduated from the Industrial Department of the Military Academy of motorization and mechanization of the Red Army, he worked in design office. During the Great Patriotic War was an engineer tank troops fought on the Stalingrad front, in the intervals between battles, wrote his first play Mephistopheles (1942, published. 1963), in which, not without a topically-publicist sight, a traditional German medieval devil 'humanized', having gone through earthly love. In 1941-1946 appeared in the pages of magazines' Crocodile 'and' Ogonek of humorous essays. After demobilization until 1952 worked as head of the laboratory in motor Institute (in 1946 defended his Ph.D. thesis).
First published piece - Director (staged in 1950 at the Moscow Theater of Drama, now Theater. V. Mayakovsky). Built it for formal standards prevalent in the second half of 1940 - early 1950's 'productive' Pieces, . managed by, . however, . avoid the usual for this genre of review narrowly technological problems, . emphasis on the psychological nature of the disclosure of the protagonist, . in the spirit of the time nature of purposeful, . successfully stand the test of moral strength in the extreme work and family and domestic situations,
. Intended as director motif complete and uncompromising dedication as the ultimate measure of fidelity to his vocation was developed in the play is all the people (1959), . delivered almost simultaneously in the major theaters in the country, . and in 1963 picturized (directed by G. Nathanson),
. Its hero, a physicist, struck in the prime of life and talent of a deadly disease, selflessly striving in his allotted time to complete their academic work. The inherent drama Aleshin philosophical and polemical aspect especially distinctly here in the scenes Dronov dispute with a priest Serafim Nikolaevich, . shown, . contrary to the canons of official atheism, . clever and subtle psychologist, . thoughtful conversationalist and a sincere humanist,

At the heart of the play Ladder (another name. Problem, 1976) is an acute, dramatic conflict rectification talent and mediocrity in science. In the plays in a different social material Aleshin also tends to be 'boundary situations', . puts the responsibility in front of heroes, . 'existential' moral choice on the eve of a critical juncture in their lives (the writer on the eve of heart surgery - the House, . 1962; untitled tanker in German captivity, . prefers death to betrayal, . - To each his own, . 1965),
. By being (in t.ch. in these pieces) continued interest in the documented story, . Aleshin, at the same time seeking to generalized typed his comprehension, . will allow for fiction ( 'story in dialogues' Diplomat, . 1967-1977, . telling about the diplomatic mission of M. Litvinov in 1919-1920 for the exchange of prisoners of war),

. In pieces, . devoted to problems of privacy, . love and marriage, . playwright, . in accordance with its invariable principles of personal responsibility and moral perfectionism, . serves as an uncompromising demiurge and judge them depicted events (drama One, . first staged in 1956 at the Theater of,
. Eug. Vakhtangov; main role, other titles. White dress for the sinner, 1964; Another, 1968; civil case, other titles. It was for love, 1974; If ..., 1975; Theme and Variations, 1979). However over the years, the motive of unselfish love of neighbor as the true life-support, the opposing and selfishness of ambition and pragmatism of material prosperity, advocates more distinct (Hearth, 1991).

Reliance on prototypical images and plots, characteristic of the whole layer of drama Aleshin, combined with the relentless (though not always successful) search for the genre (literary dramatization in the drama, Gogol, h. 1 - 1944, h. 2 - 1950; satirical variation on the theme of Don Juan in the play then in Seville, 1948, a dramatic monologue in a play about William Shakespeare of Stratford Man, 1954; The updated fable of Socrates and his wife, Xanthippe, and what's his name ... and play about Bulgakov All I do not die ..., both of 1989)

. Most of the works Aleshin, . Glued to the domestic scene for many years, . inherent power of theatrical, . expressive images, . the rapid development of the conflict, . 'vital' combination 'serious' and 'ridiculous', . referring to 'mixed' genre of melodrama, . whether it be comedy (Her Excellency, . 1979; Eighteenth Camel, . 1983), . psychological detective story (The investigation revealed ..., . 1984) or distinctive modern morality (Stories for adult children, . 1996).,

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ALYOSHIN Samuel I., photo, biography
ALYOSHIN Samuel I., photo, biography ALYOSHIN Samuel I.  Playwright, photo, biography
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