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Alan Alda

( American actor, writer and director)

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Biography Alan Alda
Alda, Alan (Alda, Alan) (present. name Alfonso Joseph d'Abrutstso) (p. 1936), American actor, writer and director. He created the image of 'shirt-guy' hides a huge, diverse and interesting creative work. Alda primarily known for his comic gift, inherited from his father, actor Robert Alda, who played in vaudeville, and travels with his son across the country. Alda recalled in Who's Who in Comedy: 'I remember, I was joking released at the scene at the time of someone's out, I was then three years. All the time I spent in the theater and was even something of a talisman for the strippers and chorus girls'.
Alda was born January 28, 1936 in New York. In 1956 he graduated from New York's Fordham University with a bachelor. Participated in several local theater productions, and in 1959 made his Broadway debut in the role of telephone operator in the play only in America (Only in America).

In 1960, actively working on the stage. Continuing to play in local theater, . He appeared in Broadway productions: Little Abner (Li'l Abner, . 1960), . The theories of Darwin (Darwin's Theories, . 1960), . Perle Victory (Purlie Victorious, . 1961), . Ear to the Lord (A Whisper in God's Ear, . 1962), . Fair Game for Lovers (Fair Game for Lovers, . 1963), . The Owl and the Pussy (The Owl and the Pussycat, , . 1966),
. For his role in Apple Alda was nominated for Tony

. Simultaneously, Alda starred in several films: Those days are gone, . the play Perle Victory (Gone Are the Days, . 1963), . which, . as in the play, . Alda played Charlie Kotchipi, . Newspaper and Leo (Paper Lion, . 1968), . where Alda played George Plimpton, . former journalist, . and then a football player,

In addition, Alda starred in the television series, the most famous of them - It's all the news this week (That Was the Week That Was). Serial satirical parody news last week, he went from 1964 to 1965.

It was on television Alda played a very lengthy role, which is now always associated his name: Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce, known as Hawkeye, sharp-tongued glavvoenvracha in the series M.E.SH. (M * A * S * H) (another name at the box office REN TV - Baker's office in the hospital MEH). The series, shot by Larry Gelbart, went from 1973 to 1983 and was the TV version of the famous film by Robert Altman (1970) under the same name. The effect of this anti-war comedy is set during the Korean War around the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, or PAHG (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital - M * A * S * H *). The series has become one of the most popular and longest in the history of television. Until now, his repeated demonstrations collect significant audience. Alda is not only played in M.E.SH. several leading roles, but also wrote scripts for many series, more than once acted as a director and was one of its most active founders. And as he labored over the manner Alda Hawkeye, there is nothing surprising in the fact that this hero will not only ridiculous. Spectators can watch as it grows and changes. They empathized him. For serial M.E.SH. Alda received six awards Emmy, National Academy of Sciences and TV personalities as actor (1974, 1982), director (1977, 1982) and screenwriter (1977, 1982).

Among his numerous works on television Alda identifies himself as the lead program of the Discovery of American science, marching in the Pi-BBC from 1993 to 1997.

Simultaneously with the shooting series M.E.SH. Alda starred in the movies. Among his film credits: Mephisto Waltz (The Mephisto Waltz, 1971), California Suite (California Suite, 1978) and the same time a year (The Same Time, Next Year, 1978). In 1979, Alda wrote and starred in the film itself Seduction Joe Tynan (The Seduction of Joe Tynan), a picture of the manners of American politicians. In 1981, he acted as writer, director and actor in the film The Four Seasons (The Four Seasons). Both films brought him great success, in contrast to subsequent similar works, where he also served simultaneously as an actor, director and screenwriter. This film Sweet Freedom (Sweet Liberty, 1986), New Life (A New Life, 1988) and Betsy's Wedding (Betsy's Wedding, 1990)

. Three films, . Alda brought the greatest fame, . were removed by director Woody Allen at his own scenarios: Crimes and Misdemeanors (Crimes and Misdemeanors, . 1989), . The mysterious murder in Manhattan (Manhattan Murder Mystery, . 1993) and all say, . I love you (Everyone Says I Love You, . 1996),
. In all three films a special comedic style of Woody Allen's best possible way to reveal the possibility of an actor Aldo. In Crimes and Misdemeanors won Griffith Film Critics Circle Award and New York

. Among the smaller films Aldo: rustle in the darkness (Whispers in the Dark, . 1992), . intriguing thriller with Aldo in the role of the psychiatrist; The orchestra played all (And the Band Played On, . 1993), . screen version of the bestseller Randy Schilt the first years of the AIDS epidemic, . filmed for cable television; Flirting with disaster (Flirting with Disaster, . 1996), . weird comedy with Aldo and Lily Tomlin in the role of already middle-aged 'flower children' (hippie), and the object of my love (The Object of My Affection, . 1998), . original, . touching comedy recognized playwright Wendy Vasserstayna,

In 1991, Alda returned to the London stage in the revival of the play Our Town (Our Town) Thornton Wilder. In 1992 he was again invited to the Broadway role in Neil Simon play Jake's Woman (Jake's Woman), for which he was once again nominated for the prize 'Tony'. Next Aldo on Broadway - a role at the world famous play yasmin Retz Arts (Art). In 2001, Alda played on the stage of Lincoln Center in New York in the play QED (QED), Peter Parnell.

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Alan Alda, photo, biography
Alan Alda, photo, biography Alan Alda  American actor, writer and director, photo, biography
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