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( African-American writer)

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Biography ANGELO Maya
photo ANGELO Maya
ANGELO, Maya (Angelou, Maya) (p. 1928), African-American writer. Proved to be a poet, historian, songwriter, playwright, teacher, dancer, producer of films and performances, director, actress, singer. Human rights activists. Born April 4, 1928 in g.Sent Louis (pc. Missouri). She worked as a cook, streetcar conductor, the barmaid, dancer.
Angela's voice powerfully resounds in contemporary literature. It is called a renaissance woman. In 1954-1955 she starred in Porgy and Bess during a tour of 22 countries in 1957 - in vnebrodveyskoy production of the play Calypso Heat (Calipso Heatwave), in 1960, was occupied in the play "Black" (The Blacks). Its first literary works began to play. Two-act drama "insignificant" (The Least of These) was set in Los Angeles in 1966. It operates as a play "tear from the inside" (The Clawing Within, 1966) and two-act musical "Adjoa Amissa" (Adjoa Amissah, 1967).

"I know why birds sing in a cage" (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings), chronicles her life up to 16 years (ending with the birth of a son, Guy), was published in 1970 and has brought financial and literary success. Many of the stories is very grim, such as the one where it is recognized that the age of eight had been raped by a friend of the mother and five years could not speak, yet the book tells about the revival of personality in young Angelo. I know why the bird sings in the cage was launched in 1970 at the National Book Award and remains the most famous product of the writer.

Her first book of poetry - "Give me a sip of cool water before I die" (Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'fore I Die, 1971), in 1972, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. The following - two volumes of autobiography, . "Concentrate on my behalf" (Gether Together in My Name, . 1974) and "Singing, . dance, . Entertaining, . as a Christmas "(Singin and Swingin 'and Letting Merry Like Christmas, . 1976), . telling about parting with the youth and the youth, . associated with the avant-garde theater of the 1950,
. Second book of poetry, . "Pray, . that my wings are not denied "(Oh Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well), . published in 1975, . third, . "And still I will rise" (And Still I Rise), . - In 1978; headword poem was first staged as a one-act musical in Auckland (pc,
. California) in 1976.

In 1981, Angelou published her book "The Heart of a woman" (The Heart of a Woman), tells the tale of the 1960's. Critics include "Heart of a woman" to the best works of Angelo. In this book, followed by a poetry collection "Shaker, why do not you sing?" (Shaker, Why Don't You Sing?, 1983).

In the fifth autobiography, "All God's children need hiking boots" (All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, 1986) Angelo describes his four-year stay in Ghana.

In 1993, at the request of President Clinton, Angelou wrote a poem "On the pulse of morning" (On the Pulse of Morning). In the same year appeared her autobiographical book of essays, "Now I went to a trip without luggage" (Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now). In 1994 came a complete collection of her poetic works (Complete Collecteve Poems)

. Angelo - the author of several children's books: "That Sheba sings the song" (Now Sheba Sings the Song, . 1987), . "Life is not afraid of me" (Life Doesn't Frighten Me, . 1993) with illustrations by Michel Basquiat, . collection of poems "The soul looks back in wonder" (Soul Looks Back in Wonder, . 1994), . My painted house, . my friends - the chickens and I "(My Painted House, . My Friendly Chicken and Me, . 1994),

Angela became the first black female director in Hollywood, played in the film, theater and television. Written and produced several documentaries t.ch. "Afro-Americans in the arts" (Afro-Americans in the Arts), prize-winning 'Golden Eagle'.

In 1959-1960, at the request of Martin Luther King was the coordinator of activities in the northern states of the human rights organization Christian Leadership Conference of the South. In 1975-1976 on the orders of President Dzh.Forda was part of a commission to celebrate the 200 anniversary of the United States and later was appointed by President Dzh.Karterom member of the commission to celebrate the International Women's Year. Angela was a visiting professor at many American universities, in 1981 before being appointed a life professor of American studies at Wake Forestskogo universitetata in Winston-Salem (pc. Sev. Carolina).

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ANGELO Maya, photo, biography
ANGELO Maya, photo, biography ANGELO Maya  African-American writer, photo, biography
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