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Aronzon Leonid L.

( Poet)

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Biography Aronzon Leonid L.
Aronzon, Leonid L. (1939-1970), Russian poet.
Aronzon was born March 24, 1939 in Leningrad and lived there all their lives. Poetry began writing at age six. In 1963 graduated from the Faculty of History, Literature Herzen Pedagogical Institute, defended a thesis on Zabolotsky.

Relatively long and difficult was poetic maturation Aronzon. In his early works are frequent imitation Mayakovsky, Lorca, then re-open Tsvetaeva, Pasternak and others. Gradually, he managed to overcome the secondary and create original texts, . largely preparatory to its further evolution (The voice of thy, . on the trail of your: (1958?), . Oh Lord, . Have mercy on me: (1961), . Pavlovsk (1961), . Lulls at the heart of your daughter: (1962), . All the breaking of the word mania pointed spears: (1962), . All stand in the way alone, . a post: (1962), . In forestry lakes fit kindness: (1963), . What essentially torments him? - Whether music, . Uglich?.,
. (1963), the poem Things (1962-63?), Etc.).

These years 'thaw' were a time of awakening public interest in poetry, Russian literature, who gave a lot of new names. At the same time absorbed whole layers of culture of the recent past. Is a restoration of spiritual traditions

. The main literary contacts Aronzon in this period should include 'Akhmatova's Orphans' (Anatoly Naiman, . Eugenia Reyna, . Joseph Brodsky), . Poetry Alexander Altshuler, . Leonid Entina and Alexei Khvostenko, . novelist Vladimir Shveygoltsa and some other,

In 1964-1967 the author's poetic voice matured, has acquired a special intonation, in the traditional fabric of verse invading elements of the vanguard, there is what is called the integrity of the art world. It was during this period of apparent cross-cutting themes of Aronzon: the beauty, love, death, nature, God, the flesh, friendship, loneliness, silence, reflection. Note the large number of almost pure landscape poems, shaped style, focused more on a subconscious impact than poetic declaration

. In these years Aronzon participating in public speeches, . expands the scope of creative contacts (he met, . example, . with the poet Vladimir Erlem, . Alexander Mironov, . Victor Shirali, . Viktor Krivulin, . Henri Volokhonsky, . begins to make friends with the artist Yevgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko, . resume relations with the artist Yuri Galetsky),
. Written such great poem, . It seems like playing the harp clear morning of April: (1964), . Message in a hospital (1964), . Komarovo (1964), . Madrigal (Your eyes, . Beauty, . were:, . 1965), . There, . where the person on the bottom of the dish: (1965), . Entry into the poem 'The Swan' (1965?), . Greyhound, . continuing the hare: (1966), . Paging is a cycle calendar (1966), . poem Walk (1964) and the Rural Idyll (1966) and many others,

Since the end of 1966 he began to write scripts of popular movies. Lyrics scenarios encountered very approvingly, bringing recognition (which is so lacking in relation to the poetic activity) and abundance. Of the dozen films made by Aronzon scenarios, two were awarded diplomas of the first: the zonal festival in Kyiv (1968) and at the Festival International Association for the Scientific Film (Dresden, 1969).

Work in film and its associated 'easy' success (as well as children's poems, written about a hundred of them), according to some scholars of Aronzon, to a certain extent damaged the poetic creativity. In 1967, there are signs the crisis in his diary Aronzon entry appears: 'I consciously began to write poems worse:'. Indeed, in some poems of this year found traces of inappropriate smartness, and even rashozhesti intonations peculiar to srednepoeticheskoy norm official poetry. Besides working on scripts, this process may explain the author's desire to be more user friendly for the reader, and the warm hope to achieve publications. It is possible that the main reason was the domestic protest against the fret of his own poetry. Anyway, Aronzon felt unsuccessful attempts in this direction and at the time refused the desire to 'simplicity', denoting the beginning of a new, more mature phase of creativity

. In the final (and most complete, . perfect) the period of his poetic development written by the best-known poem: Morning, . Good walking in the sky:, . Around the underlying nature:, . Unhappy once in St. Petersburg:, . Two steps behind you Dawn:, . As well in abandoned places: many verses to friends and sonnets, . well as a modest, . but very important prose works: A separate book (1967), . Night received a letter from his uncle: (1970) and some other,
. Semantic and emotional capacity of the line increases; peculiar position of the author's contemplation becomes more insistent, in-depth, in a metaphor often connected very distant from each other in a direct sense of the word. Main themes though not changed, . retaining the traditional, . but some motifs come together in such a diversity of organic links, . that sometimes seems, . though in general all the poems written by one, . 'integral' and is not reducible to any of the well-known theme,

The second half of the 60's was marked by a decline in social and artistic activity, to organize public appearances became increasingly difficult, increasing isolation from the audience. At the same time in the outlook of Aronzon exacerbated by the tragic motives.

Increasingly, things are more consistent and determined using the techniques inherent in the vanguard. Through the old 'traditional', 'meaningful' style show through drawing the contours of 'directness and clarity', reaching to the profaned elementarity, pinched features outrageous, inherent in some poems Aronzon and earlier. The works 'new kind' should include the cycle transcript (1969), the poem When the morning comes - then the morning comes: (1969), odnostrochiya, doublet, play Egotomiya (1969-1970) and several other.

Avant-gardism Aronzon and penetration into the structure of methods other arts. So, starting in 1966 to engage in visual arts (two self-portraits are preserved, the set of drawings, cartoons), Aronzon creates poems Ave (1969), which is a synthesized literary graphic work. The visual effect becomes important in a number of other texts.

The greatest success in life Aronzon was spiritual intimacy with his wife, Rita Moiseevna Purishinskoy (1935-1983), a sensitive and gifted man. The main thing for her was her love for her husband and his devotion to the cause. Largely due to their proximity to the poetry Aronzon appeared impressive series so rare in modern literature 'family-lyrical' poetry.

However, in the past year, a sharp deepening of the tragic mood (the experience of loneliness, hopelessness), periods of recovery are increasingly followed by periods of mental decline.

In 1970, Aronzon went to Central Asia. On the night of 10 to 11 October in the mountains near Tashkent, leaving the shepherd's hut, he shot himself out of a hunting rifle. By the morning of Oct. 13, Leonid Aronzon not become.

The obsession with death - the first thing that catches your eye when getting acquainted with his poems: When I, your dear, I die ... I want to die early ... when I should have died yesterday, today would have been happy and sad ... Here are poems that are compiled favorite E. Schwartz concluded poetry section of the book:

How soon would I have died,
yet I die, I belatedly.
I chained to the Duma
ongoing for years in vain.
I chained to the Duma.
All others - Formation of the nobility.
The whole day lying in bed,
to become one of the mummies

. 1968 (7)

. The other pole of emotional poetry Aronzon - just as violent, as an obsession with death, obsession with the beauty of the surrounding world, and continually felt by almost physically unbearable bliss of being, from which, as from death, too, have nowhere to go:

. My God, how everything is beautiful!
. every time more than ever
. It is precisely on Leonid Aronzon said the widow of the poet: 'He was a native of Paradise, which was somewhere in the vicinity of death'. The poetic world of LA Aronzon - this is really paradise, but paradise specific, embodied not only delight but also of being fatal.

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Aronzon Leonid L., photo, biography
Aronzon Leonid L., photo, biography Aronzon Leonid L.  Poet, photo, biography
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