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( Famous Zemsky statistician, economist, ethnologist)

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Biography SHCHERBINA Fyodor
photo SHCHERBINA Fyodor
Shcherbina Fyodor was born February 25, 1849 in the village Novoderevyankovskoy Kuban region, . family priest - Cossack historian, . Zemsky renowned statistician, . Economist, . ethnographer, . Corresponding member of the category of History and Political Science of History and Philology department from December 4, 1904,
. Of Cossacks. Peter received his education in the agricultural academy and Novorossiysk University. Before entering the academy, along with his comrades organized in the Kuban region farming guild, where he was an ordinary worker. Perhaps the life and work among the common people, came across Shcherbina the study of folk life. In 1878 - 1882 he. he explored the Kuban region. In 1884, assumed the superintendence of statistical work of Voronezh Province Zemstvo, . where he worked for eighteen years, . in 1903, exiled by administrative order of Voronezh (was able to return in 1904) and for a time lived on his estate near Gelendzhik, . Black Sea province.,
. During these years Shcherbina, on behalf of the Vladikavkaz Railway, produced an economic-statistical study of the area this way, the results of these studies were published in 1892 - 1894 he
. under the title: "The general outline of economic and trade and industrial conditions in the region Vladikavkaz railway". From 1896 Shcherbina was head of the expedition for the study of the steppe regions (Akmola, Semipalatinsk and Turgay), equipped by the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Property. A lot of work devoted to the study of land Shcherbina communities and artisanal, . published the article: "Solvichegodsk land community" in "Notes of the Fatherland" for 1874 and "Land community in the Dnipro district" in Russian Thought "in 1880 and others, they also, . one of the first time, . gives statistical information about shtundistah ( "Little-Russian shtunda" in the newspaper "Week" for 1876),
. Works Shcherbina, . as Zemsky statistics, . characterized by the introduction of statistics, . along with manufacturing processes and phenomena of barter, . Treatment, . financial processes, . general consumption of the people, study the budgets of the peasants Voronezh was the prototype for all similar works of other Russian statisticians.,
. Later Shcherbina, on behalf of the Kuban Cossack Army, working on a history of the Cossacks, as a result he published two-volume "History of Kuban kazachyago troops"
. In addition to the major works Scherbyna statistics, his works deal with the issues of ethnographic, historical, economic, some of them have the character of a purely journalistic. Articles Shcherbina, . since 1869, . placed in many periodicals, . as capital, . and provincial, . more than anything in the "Week", . "Russian Gazette", . Fatherland Notes, . Russian Thought, . The Northern Messenger, . "Russian Wealth", . "Legal Notice" and "economy",
. The book "The influence of crops and grain prices" (edited by Professor A. Chuprova and A. Posnikov, 1897) contains an article Scherbyna of peasant budgets, depending on yields and fluctuations in grain prices. As part of the Voronezh Shcherbina statistics compiled, . Edited part of the 66 volumes, in addition, . they issued separate editions of 16 books, . consisting of his work for the Voronezh statistics and articles on various issues, the book "peasant budgets" (1900) published by the Imperial Free Economic Society,
. Of the publications of the Ministry of Agriculture and State Property, edited by Scherbyna come until 10 volumes ( "Materials on Kyrgyz land, collected and developed by the expedition for the Exploration of the steppe regions").
. For the History of the Voronezh zemstvos "(1891) Shcherbina received from the Imperial Academy of Sciences cash prize of Emperor Alexander II, . for the statistical work for the Voronezh province of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society - a gold medal, . for evaluation of work - a prize named after Prince Vasilchikov.,
. In 1907 he was elected in the Kuban region in the II Duma
. Cossack joined the group and to the Socialist People's Party. In the parliamentary commission on military contingent in 1907 spoke with the right and the Cadets against the Left for the approval of the contingent of recruits in 1907 in the amount required by the Government.
. After the October Revolution he emigrated
. He was a professor of statistics at the Ukrainian Technical Institute in Padebradah, then rector of the Ukrainian People's University. He died in Prague on October 28, 1936.

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SHCHERBINA Fyodor, photo, biography
SHCHERBINA Fyodor, photo, biography SHCHERBINA Fyodor  Famous Zemsky statistician, economist, ethnologist, photo, biography
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