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BALTHASAR Hans Urs von

( Swiss Roman Catholic theologian, church leader, the publisher.)

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Biography BALTHASAR Hans Urs von
BALTHASAR, Hans Urs von (Balthasar, Hans Urs von) (1905-1988), Swiss Catholic theologian, church leader, the publisher.
Born in Lucerne, August 12, 1905 in a pious Catholic family. From his childhood interest in literature and music. Secondary education in the Benedictine (Engelberg) and Jesuit (Feldkirch, Austria), gymnasiums. He studied Germanic and philosophy at the universities of Zurich, Berlin and Vienna. Became acquainted with the German theologian Romano Guardini (1885-1968). In his university years, exposed himself to a 30-day spiritual exercises of St.. Ignatius Loyola, and decided after the exercise to join the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order). In Zurich, with honors (summa cum laude) defended his doctoral dissertation on "The History of the eschatological problem in contemporary German literature" (1928). In 1929 became a Jesuit novice and two years later, completing probation, began to study philosophy (in the higher school of philosophy of the Jesuits 'Berhmannskolleg' in Pullach near Munich). In those years (1931-1933) supported him for the fruitful dialogue with the German philosopher and theologian Erich Prshivaroy (1889-1972). In 1933-1937 he studied theology at the Jesuit theological faculty in Lyon (Lyon Fourviц¬re), which played a big role for his acquaintance with the French theologian Henri de Lyubakom (1896-1991), grew into friendships. In 1936 in Munich was built in the priesthood by Cardinal Faulhaber of San. After working for some time in the magazine 'Voice of Time' ( 'Stimmen der Zeit'), . became chaplain to students in Basel (1940), . rejecting the offer to become professor of theology and founded the Institute of Ecumenical Theology at the Gregorian University in the Vatican,
. During these years, met with Karl Barth and Adrienne von Shpayr (mind. 1967, Basel doctor Balthasar drew her to Catholicism and became her confessor, and after the death of her published works). In 1945, together with A.fon Shpayr founded "Community of St.. John '(' Johannesgemeinschaft '), non-church organization, which later led to conflict with the authorities and the medal to the exit of the Society of Jesus Balthazar (1950).

From that time until the end of their days engaged Balthasar Pastoral care, publishing (publishers 'Johannes-Verlag' in Einsiedeln), theological and literary activities. Since 1956 he lived permanently in Basel.

Balthasar willingly engaged in pastoral activities, gathering around him many. Supervised spiritual exercises. In the 1940's with Robert Rastam founded the 'Students' learning communities' (' Studentische Schulungsgemeinschaft '), still exists in Switzerland (under the title' academic work community ', Akademische Arbeitsgemeinschaft). Work in the 'Community of St.. John 'Balthasar attached great importance, it implemented its submission to the possibility of following Christ in this life (organized by women's branch of the community and a branch for priests). Maintained close relations with the Catholics in other countries: with the French group 'Resurrection' ( 'Rsurrection') and the Italian movement 'Unity and Liberation' ( 'Communione e liberazione')

. In 1972, together with the de Lyubakom, . Joseph Ratzinger and other theologians started a quarterly international Catholic magazine 'Communi' ( 'Communio', . published in 17 languages), . aimed at updating Theology, . dialogue between believers of all Christian denominations, . bridging the gap between faith and culture (in the journal is a place for material on the philosophy, . art, etc.),

Extensive and diverse field of theological and literary interests Balthasar. He translated the French Catholic writers (Paul Claudel, Charles PцLguy), wrote research papers on the works of Georges Bernanos, Reinhold Schneider. Border opening "Apocalypse of the German soul" (Die Apokalypse der deutschen Seele, 1937-1939) dedicated to the German philosophy. In studies on patristic preferred Greek Church Fathers, released his extensive monograph "Cosmic Liturgy" (Kosmische Liturgie, 1941, 1961) on Maximus the Confessor. An important impetus for the beginning of the ecumenical dialogue has given his book "Karl Barth. The presentation and interpretation of his theology "(Karl Barth. Darstellung und Deutung seiner Theologie, 1951). His numerous studies on eschatology, ecclesiology, Mariology Balthazar brought in a new amount of Catholic Theology: from 1961 to 1987 he worked on a trilogy that has engulfed the theological aesthetics, drama and logic. Trilogy, . dedicated to the divine revelation, . constructed in accordance with its three inherent qualities - beauty (Glory of God, . Herrlichkeit, . 7 volumes, . 1961-1969), . good (Teodramatika, . Theodramatik, . 5 volumes, . 1973-1983) and truth (Teologika, . Theologik, . 3 volumes, . 1985-1987),

Man of the highest culture, Balthasar differed universal learning, was an expert on philosophy, literature, Scripture, Christian theology, history, music. He knew by heart all the works of Mozart, and love for the composer became friends with his Karl Barth. Balthazar - the author of more than 100 books and numerous articles and other publications.

Balthasar - an honorary doctor of many universities in the world - was awarded the Golden Cross St.. Mount Athos (1965), Romano Guardini Prize of the Bavarian Catholic Academy (1971), Salzburg Mozart Prize (1987) and other awards.

May 28, 1988, Pope John Paul II appointed Urs von Balthasar Cardinal. Balthasar died in Basel June 26, 1988.

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BALTHASAR Hans Urs von, photo, biography
BALTHASAR Hans Urs von, photo, biography BALTHASAR Hans Urs von  Swiss Roman Catholic theologian, church leader, the publisher., photo, biography
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