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Tambourine Mikhail Semenovich

( Writer)

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Biography Tambourine Mikhail Semenovich
photo Tambourine Mikhail Semenovich
Tambourine, Mikhail Semenovich (1909-1982), Russian writer. Born 8 (21) November 1909 in s.Vtoroe Polomoshnevo Altai Territory, a farmer's family - an active participant in the struggle for Soviet power in Siberia. In 1927 he graduated from the school devyatiletku with teacher bias, and about five years taught in rural schools in Siberia and Tartary. His works were published in 1927, in 1929 participated in the All-Union Congress of Peasants Writers. The first major work of Diamonds - the story of collectivization in the Siberian village "Gremiashchii Year" (1929-1930, publ. 1932). Many published in newspapers, anthologies and collections of Siberia and Tatarstan (essays and stories of collective farms, Siberian guerrillas, fighters for Soviet power). The first collections of short stories writer - "In a flood," "Immortality" (both 1940) are devoted to Civil War.
Since 1942 a tambourine at the front (the soldier mortar, then a war correspondent for the division and Army newspaper). In 1946 came his first book's most famous novel "White Birch", . over which the author worked from 1942, . brought him the State Prize in 1948 and popularity in the country and outside it (the novel survived more than 50 publications, . translated into almost all languages of the peoples of the USSR and many foreign languages),

. Forgotten now, . this novel back in the 1980's was characterized by formal study of literature as one of the best (along with the novels "They fought for their country" and Sholokhov's "Russian Forest" Leonov) domestic products of the war, . as an attempt at large-scale epic canvas to create a synthesis image of a popular hero,

. Enthusiasm literary experts on the "White Birch" (admired, . among other, . and true mastery Bubennova battle-pieces), . prevailing in the late 1940's pages of the periodical press, . in 1950, . especially after the 20 Congress of the CPSU, . replaced by harsh criticism of the novel, . especially its second part (1952), . given such idealized, schematic, . advocacy and sugary image of Stalin, . military genius and the best of people, . that from him jarred even the leader,
. Tambourine refused to write the planned 3rd part of his epic, . switching to new, . equally relevant to domestic policy of the Party and government topics: the development of young virgin (novel "Steppe Eagle", . 1959), . industrial construction in Siberia (the novel "riffle", . 1971), etc.,

Although tambourine even more compromised himself during the campaign 'against' cosmopolitanism '(Article. "Do we need is pen name?"), . shape it, . apparently, . should be viewed not so much in personal, . as in the socio-historical perspective, . quite adequate as a product of the society, . whose ideology and does not imply freedom of existential choice, . a manifestation of loyalty to the artist recognized only strongly marked adherence to dogmas and the changing political slogans,

. Once famous, . and now an equally categorical expelled from the cultural memory of compatriots creator of Soviet mythology was not without the writer's gift, . forces verbal smear, . real sense of ownership of national life, . as evidenced by many pages of the first part of the novel White birch,
. Tambourine left as many snobbish-partisan journalistic and literary-critical essays, memoirs works ( "Stozhatry red summer", 1977, etc.).

He died in Moscow tambourine October 3, 1982.

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  • Andrey for Tambourine Mikhail Semenovich
  • the author's biography, what you spit grandfather? see for yourself what did you perch frostbitten? Nothing huh? Just spit others - a populist you hayseed. Aktualny grandfather was in the past, but he already priznaty Classic. And you were worthless - worthless and will stay forever.
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    Tambourine Mikhail Semenovich, photo, biography
    Tambourine Mikhail Semenovich, photo, biography Tambourine Mikhail Semenovich  Writer, photo, biography
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