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John Banville

( Irish writer)

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Banville, John (Banville, John) (p. 1945), Irish writer. His works are distinguished historical accuracy, metaphor, the wealth of literary allusions. 'His voice, - said the criticism - just sounds like the voices of other Irish people, and yet among them - Joyce and Beckett'.
Born December 18, 1945 in Wexford (Ireland). He studied at the local college of St. Peter. Since 1988 editor of the literary department of 'Mandarine Times'. His first book was a collection of "Long Lankin" (Long Lankin, 1970), consisting of nine short stories and novella. Their themes - the human loss, the loss of love, freedom, which is achieved without pain - will develop in his other works. Reviewers noted the emotional tension, penetrating all the stories collection. In the novel "Night brat" (Nightspawn, 1971), resorting to deliberately overcomplicated narrative form, Banville is trying to identify the limitations of the traditional novel. Critics have not been consensus on this novel, it was defined as a thriller, 'black' comedy, a study of decadence.

The third book writer, "Birch Grove" (Birchwood, 1973) - a gloomy tone of the novel with elements of Gothic. This is the story of the protagonist, Gabriel Godkina, which grows and matures in his crumbling ancestral estate, the action takes place in the 19. Gradually, Gabriel learns of incest in the family, hidden hereditary vices, doubles, illegitimate children, but he can defend in this closed its internal chaos independence. According to critics, praising the novel, it artfully combined Victorian sensations vivacity with going from the author's bleak poetry. The book won the 1973 Prize of the Irish Academy of Letters.

The next two works Banville, Doctor Copernicus "(Doctor Copernicus, 1976) and" Kepler "(Kepler, 1980), Romanized biography of the Polish astronomer, 15 in. Nicholas Copernicus and is influenced by his ideas of the German astronomer. In the center of the second novel, thematically similar to "Doctor Copernicus" - toil scientist, struggling with society as astronomy, largely magic. In 1980 the novel won the Guardian. After two less significant novels "Newton Letter" (The Newton Letter, 1982) and "Mephistopheles" (Mefisto, 1986) Banville has published the "Book of the evidence" (The Book of Evidence, 1989), which became his great artistic success. The novel, which causes association with "Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky, is a chilling confession of the hero, cynical and heartless man, telling about a barbaric crime committed by him. Then came the novels "Ghosts" (Ghostes, 1993) and Athena (Athena, 1994), but the second really significant work remains Banville novel, "The Untouchables" (The Untouchable, 1997). It is based on real facts of the infamous 'Cambridge agents' - Philby, Burgess, Maclean and above all, Anthony Blunt, who, as agents of British intelligence passed on secret information Russian. Victor Maskell, 'untouchable' antihero Banville, like Blunt - the patron of the arts, gay, and a double agent. It is noteworthy that unsavory character in the novel, a Catholic Kvenell deducted from G. Green. Criticism welcomed the book, placing the author in a row with Dzh.Konradom and D. Le Carre. In 2001, Banville released his twelfth novel, "Eclipse" (Eclipse).

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John Banville, photo, biography
John Banville, photo, biography John Banville  Irish writer, photo, biography
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