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Banks, Iain Menzies

( English writer)

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Biography Banks, Iain Menzies
photo Banks, Iain Menzies
Banks, Iain Menzies (Banks, Iain Menzies) (p. 1954), English writer. Author of books 'for all' (the title pages are exhibited initials 'IB'), and targeted at fans of science fiction (for the title - 'IMB'.
Born February 16, 1954 in Danfermlins (District of Fife, Scotland). He graduated from the University of Stirling, BA (1975), has replaced many professions as computer specialist working in corporations 'Ai-bi-en' (1978). Neglecting the differences between genre thriller, 'fantasy' and science fiction, Banks, known as 'horror writer', which gave occasion to compare his stuff with the psychological prose, Kafka and EA by. This has already approached his first published novel, "Factory oc" (The Wasp Factory, 1984), on the cover of which is 'IB'. Family tensions, . reveals during, . while seventeen-hero of the book, Frank looks forward to returning home, his mentally ill brother, . transferred psychologically authentic, . while his dreams and all behavior translated into a surreal field of contemporary horror story,
. In the novel, "Stepping on the glass" (Walking on Glass, . 1985), . also signed 'IB', . Banks still more vigorously mixes the genres, . combining accurately recreates the process of growing adolescent, . mastered shifted the consciousness of paranoid thought, . that he - a soldier with the stars, . and military action 'real' members of the Star Wars science-fiction novel, . drawn into the internecine conflict,
. "Bridge" (The Bridge, 1986), while the best novel Banks ( 'IB'), is difficult to plan a story about the life of amnesiac man, immersed in a fictitious world.

Internally connected first four science-fiction novel, signed 'IMB'. "Given Flebasa" (Consider Phlebas, . 1987), . "Playing games" (The Player of Games, . 1988), . "State of Art" (The State of Art, . 1989; also self-titled collection, . 1991) and the novel "The use of weapons" (The Use of Weapons, . 1990) includes remotely related parts of the plot of some kind of interstellar, . based on the spacecraft Culture,
. Culture can boast of a lack of such a system where power rests on control of limited resources. In culture no empires, no stretching its tentacles everywhere corporations, no enclave, residents hidden knowledge which help to maintain independence from the saber-rattling of distant king, crowning the pyramid of power. Noteworthy, . The author shows that the inhabitants of this culture, . employed primarily to, . what to observe and study the universe at large, . controlled artificial intelligence spacecraft, . willing to live in this Utopia, . for them in some way and created,
. As for the novels, does not reveal details of this 'paradise', they focus on the wars that culture is from time to time with their opponents.

Banks continued his novels experiments outside of science fiction, receiving positive feedback from all the new media. In the novel "Dreams of the channel" (Canal Dreams, 1989) describes a concert of Japanese cellist, so afraid to fly on planes that it is ready to make their tour, tour, moving, for example, oil tanker. During one such voyage the heroine is at the center of a terrorist act. Critics have called the novel 'stunning fancy on the verge of surreal hallucinations', identifying the author together with M. Amis and J. Makyuenom to the 'vanguard of the most daring writers of modern Britain'. "Crow Road" (The Crow Road, 1992) refers to the most complex structure of Banks's novels as a mainstream development activities largely determine the set into the plot of shots from the past associated with funerals. Other works in line with the Banks' main stream 'includes' complicity in the crime "(Complicity, 1993)," Isis among nespasshihsya "(Isis Among the Unsaved, 1995) and" Song of Stone "(A Song of Stone, 1997). Became a bestseller in England, the novel "Business" (Business, 2000), called in the press 'a source of intellectual pleasure'. Science fiction, other than those mentioned, are the novels "Excess" (Excession, 1996) and "Permutations" (Inversions, 1998). The latter raised new enthusiasm criticism, consolidating a reputation Banks - Writer 'clever and causing' stories.

Banks staged works for theater, radio and TV.

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Banks, Iain Menzies, photo, biography
Banks, Iain Menzies, photo, biography Banks, Iain Menzies  English writer, photo, biography
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