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Zaborin Yaroslav Ivanovich

( Mathematics)

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Biography Zaborin Yaroslav Ivanovich
photo Zaborin Yaroslav Ivanovich
Zaborin Yaroslav Ivanovich (p. 20.11.30) Kazan mathematician. Genus. Kazan. In 1948, after finishing school, he became a student of physics and mathematics faculty of Kazan University. After graduation in 1953 I. I. Zabotina invites you to his graduate known Kazan Algebraist Professor VV. Morozov. After successful completion of postgraduate YA.I. Zaborin works as assistant chair of algebra. In 1960, he defends his thesis on the topic "Transitive insoluble imprimitive groups of four-dimensional complex space.

In 1957, on the advice of VV. Morozova, apparently, one of the first in the university become aware of the enormous prospects of development of computer technology, YA.I. Zaborin begins to engage in computational mathematics. After internship at the Moscow University, he worked as an assistant department of computational mathematics, where they prepared and read the first time in Kazan University, a series of lectures on computational mathematics. In 1961 YA.I. Zabotina appointed head of the Computing Center at KSU - the first university computer center, Mr.. Kazan. They are a great organizational work, formed the main research activities of VC. In 1962 he organized in the VC group to develop methods for solving optimization problems and their application in economics. Since then the scientific focus of research YA.I. Zabotina - methods of optimization and application of computers in the economy. Since 1967 YA.I. Zaborin - Associate Professor of Computational Mathematics (later transformed into the Department of Applied Mathematics). Here he continues to actively engage in the same scientific field, forms a group of young mathematicians actively working in the new area, which is now called "economic cybernetics". YA.I. Zaborin results obtained in the field of linear and dynamic programming. But the main theme of most works is the scientist's theory and methods of nonlinear programming. The most studied and used area of nonlinear programming until recently was convex programming. However, the theory and practice required to learn to solve more general optimization problems. One approach to studying and solving such problems did not exist, although there were some attempts to highlight and explore some special cases. This gap is much work I have made good. I. Zabotina and his young colleagues Korableva AI. and Khabibullina RF, on the theory and methods for minimizing quasiconvex in general nondifferentiable, functionals. The developed device proved to be quite common. Many individual facts that were known before, follow as special cases of the results. Work has been done on the classification of quasiconvex functionals obtained general conditions for an extremum, proposed various methods for the numerical solution of extremal problems. In 1975 I. I. Zaborin successfully defended his doctoral thesis on "Methods of minimization of quasiconvex functionals". This work was performed at a high mathematical level, not only were the property of the theory. Proof of this - long-term cooperation YA.I. Zabotina with the departments of economics and economic geography at KSU, which appears a series of works on the application of its results in mathematical economics, production management, economic geography. When in 1967 at the Faculty of Geography of the University of Kazan was organized by the country's only department that prepares economy geographers mathematics (Head. Department Blazhko NI), YA.I. Zaborin took an active part in preparing the curriculum department. Largely thanks to his mathematical training economy geographers from the outset has become focused - the curriculum is focused on studying the theory of economic-mathematical modeling and methods for solving optimization problems of sectoral and regional economic systems,
. Cooperation YA.I. Zabotina with the department of economic geography was not limited to assistance in preparing the curriculum, it has turned into a fruitful creative collaboration. In particular, YA.I. Zaborin participated in writing the book "Mathematics and geographical methods of studying the stages of development of urban settlements", which was widely geographers. He is also one of the authors of a unique textbook "Mathematical Methods in Geography" with the stamp of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education. In these books the authors were awarded the title of university award winners. For over fifteen years under the leadership YA.I. Zabotina performed work я-п+пTп¦п+пЁп+п¦п+я-п+п+п¦ basis for various enterprises and organizations of Tatarstan, Mr.. Kazan and other cities. Many forces Yaroslav Ivanovich gives the preparation of highly qualified scientists. Defended under his supervision 13 Ph.D. theses, among his pupils 4 Doctors of Science (Sedykh LG, Khuzeev R., Izhutkin VS, Fazylov VR). Since the work YA.I. Zabotina - academic work is inextricably linked teacher. He prepared and read the first time in many courses at KSU. They include lectures on the methods of calculation methods for optimization, operations research, and various courses. Under his leadership, the department had been established expertise in the application of computer technology in the economy, in production management, to ensure mathematical ASU. Logical outcome of successful work YA.I. Zabotina and his students was the creation in our University Department of Economic Cybernetics and the opening of the Faculty of WMC new specialty - "Economic Cybernetics". Now specialty called 'Mathematical Methods and Operations Research in the economy'. YA.I. Zaborin headed the department from 1978 to 1998. From 1980 to 1985 YA.I. Zaborin vice rector for academic affairs at KSU, and from 1987 to 1993 - Dean of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Kazan State University.

For many years Zaborin YA.I. was a member of the scientific advisory board of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education in applied mathematics and economic cybernetics.
Since 1991 YA.I. Zaborin is the chief editor of the journal "Proceedings of the universities. Mathematics ", . Chairman of the specialized council for Ph.D. thesis in mathematics at Kazan State University, . member of a specialized council on his PhD in Kazan State Technical University, . Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan.,

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Zaborin Yaroslav Ivanovich, photo, biography
Zaborin Yaroslav Ivanovich, photo, biography Zaborin Yaroslav Ivanovich  Mathematics, photo, biography
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