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Kobzar Yuri

( Scientific)

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Biography Kobzar Yuri
Academician Yuri Kobzarev - one of the founders of the national radar technology, the head of a number of important developments that have had a decisive influence on the development of Radiophysics. His work opened up new ways in solving the problems of frequency stabilization of electronic generators.

Yuri was born in Voronezh. After graduating in 1926, Mr.. Kharkov Institute of National Economy (now the Kharkov State University), he started his career in the Leningrad Physical-Technical Laboratory of the Supreme Economic Council at the academician H. N. Semenov, later Nobel Prize. The first scientific work of young professionals was a study, led by the famous physicist Professor D. A. Rozhansky, generation of ultrashort waves, or rather wave meter range. Then he studied the problems of stabilizing these waves piezoelectric quartz resonator, developed the theory of nonlinear systems and frequency stabilization without quartz.

. In 1935, at the time of conversion laboratories in Leningrad Physical-Technical Institute, who headed the Academy of A
. F. Joffe, SW. B. Kobzarev has already become a senior fellow and deputy actual D. A. Rozhansky. When the laboratory was requested to deal with radio detection, . Kobzarev involved in the solution of this problem and in a short time has achieved remarkable results in the successful establishment of long-range detection of pulsed station for aircraft warning service (air surveillance, . warning and communication).,

. It is difficult to overestimate the importance for our country achieved S
. B. Kobzareva results in long-range detection of aircraft electronic methods. They have greatly contributed to the fact that the Soviet air defense system during the Great Patriotic War was equipped with first use radar technology. The ideas embodied in these pioneering works, embodied in the creation and development of promising new science - radar.

For the development of the first Soviet radar device to detect aircraft and ships SW. B. Kobzarev and his staff in 1941. was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. Thus Skvarsky The contribution to the creation of national defense. Stationary installation, built at Leningrad Physical-Technical Institute, got to watch the fighting from the first hour of war. These stations were operated until May 1945, they helped to found and destroyed many enemy planes. English specialists, learned at the end of the war with the stations' redoubt, were struck by the simplicity and reliability design of their surprise that the stations operate on a common antenna (in England the problem was solved much later).

. In July 1943, Mr.
. Council was established by radar at the State Defense Committee (GKO). YU. B. Kobzarev led the scientific and technical department of the Council. The Council played an important role during the war, coordinating the work on radar.

Since 1955. Kobzarev - Head of Department at the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, USSR (now IRE RAS). Under his leadership, have developed new scientific direction - the statistical processing of radio signals, the study of thermal radiation of the Earth in order to study natural resources, the study of the natural frequency of random fields of the Earth. Methods Kobzareva been widely used in radio systems for various purposes. These and other works earned S. B. Kobzarev widely known as one of the greatest scientists of the country, the founder of scientific school of national experts on the theory of nonlinear processes in radio circuits, radar, jam-resistant radio.

The role of S. B. Kobzareva in setting targets examine the human-physical methods.

In 1949, Mr.. YU. B. Kobzarev was awarded the academic degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences and professor. In 1953, Mr.. He was elected a corresponding member, and in 1970 he. - Member of the Academy of Sciences.

. Much attention is always paid to the training of scientific personnel: For many years he taught at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, . Electrical Military Academy, . Moscow Energy Institute (1944-1955 gg.), . where he organized the department and created a course of theoretical foundations of radar,
. They produced a lot of highly skilled candidates and doctors of science.

S. B. Kobzarev successfully combined research and teaching activities with a large public and organizational work. He was chairman of the Expert Commission WAC, . chairman and member of the Academic Councils of a number of SRI, . Chairman of the sections of the Expert Council of the USSR State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries; for many years was chairman of the Scientific Council of RAS on the complex issue of "Statistical Radiophysics and coordinated basic research in this area,
. Kobzarev was one of the creators (January 1956) and for many years deputy chief editor of Radio Engineering and Electronics ".

The merits of his highly rated state. In 1975. Academician Yu. B. Kobzarev was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, he was awarded several decorations and medals. For fundamental work in the field of radio engineering, radio physics and radar in 1980. he was awarded a Gold Medal. S. Popova, he was elected an Honorary Fellow of NTORES. A. S. Popova.

Academician Yu. B. Kobzareva distinguished creative approach to modern problems of science and technology, a new feeling, the enthusiasm in the formulation and development of complex scientific problems, exceptional attention and friendly attitude to staff and colleagues.

. Umer S
. B. Kobzarev in April 1992

Yuri won universal love and respect as a great scientist, a teacher, a true intellectual, a great eccentric personality. The name of Academician Yu. B. Kobzareva forever inscribed in the history of Soviet science.

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Kobzar Yuri, photo, biography
Kobzar Yuri, photo, biography Kobzar Yuri  Scientific, photo, biography
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