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Novakovskaya Sergey

( Scientific)

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Biography Novakovskaya Sergey
photo Novakovskaya Sergey
Sergey Nowakowski - Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR State Prize winner, member of the International Academy of Informatization, PhD, professor of television MTUCI.

With. V. Nowakowski born December 25, 1913. G. Uman, Kiev province, in the family agronomist and winemaker. Mother taught music and foreign languages. Shortly after the birth of his son, the family moved to Novorossiysk. With the establishment of Soviet power father worked as manager of the farm, and then was transferred to Moscow to work in the People's Commissariat.

In 1930. Sergey graduated from Novorossiysk in high school, he moved to Moscow, worked as a welder at a factory "Sickle and Hammer", then moved to the electrical. In 1927, Mr.. carried away in radio, joined the Society of Friends of the radio.

In 1932, Mr.. enrolled part-time faculty telegraph the Engineering Academy of Telecommunications. V. N. Podbelskogo, then moved to radiofakultet. He graduated with honors in 1938. was appointed chief engineer of the Moscow TV Center (ITC) on Shabolovka. Supervised the completion of its construction and operation of the organization.

In 1941, Mr.. Sergei Vasilyevich called the Red Army, he served in the 771-meters of the station-rehabilitation Separate Battalion, participated in the defense of Moscow, commanding radiorotoy. In 1943, Mr.. S. V. Nowakowski was discharged and was appointed chief designer of the plant? 5 Narkomsvyazi.

In 1944-1947 he. He graduate faculty television MEIS and at the same time (February 1944 - December 1950. ) Chief engineer of the ITC. Theoretically From. V. Nowakowski find the optimal system of television broadcasting scan images at 625 lines and together with C. I. Kataev invited her to introduce in the Soviet Union. In drawing up the document to validate the system in the Soviet Union attended a number of specialists and scientists. For this work, Sergey together with his colleagues received in 1950, Mr.. State Prize. In 1948, Mr.. he, with a group of employees, has developed the country's first mobile television station (PTC-ITC) for reference-studio broadcasts, the station operated at a frequency of 10 GHz. Was sent to New York in order to purchase equipment for the ITC.

From 1951 to January 1963. S. V. Nowakowski worked at the Radio Research Institute, where he organized and headed the laboratory, and then of TV. In 1953, Mr.. master's thesis, and in 1965. - Doctor.

Together with F. I. Bolshakov, and H. A. Skachko offered in 1953. build a multiprogram television center in Moscow with an antenna tower height of 500 m. The proposal was subsequently implemented.

A month after the launch of the Soviet Union's first artificial Earth satellite (satellite) C. V. Nowakowski, together with C. I. Kataev turned to H. S. Khrushchev proposed the broad deployment of work on transfer of a television signal via satellite to remote and inaccessible areas. The proposal was approved by the Government and adopted for implementation.

In April 1963. S. V. Nowakowski became director of the Moscow Research Institute of TV (MSRT).

In 1977. began his teaching activity - he went to work in the MEIS, the post of professor of television, which he headed in 1982-1987. Currently Sergey reading rate bases television courses, supervises graduate and post graduate. 25 candidates have defended under his guidance Ph.D. dissertation.

Scientific Works With. V. Novakovsky devoted to the theory and technique of black and white and color television, . frequency modulation, . TV standard and TV colorimetry, . methods of transmission of TV signals, . building networks, . digital and cable television, . History of Radio Engineering, . Telecommunications, . television.,

. He has published more than 280 works - articles, . manuals, . guidelines for laboratory work, . written 30 books (in particular, . independently and in co-written and published "Frequency Modulation", . "Engineering the frequency modulation broadcasting", . Shows Moscow, . "Color Television", . "Television in the XXI century", . "The new television system", . "Design and maintenance of television equipment", . chapter in the textbook "Fundamentals of Television", etc.,
. ), They read more than 200 scientific papers, received 26 invention certificates. Among them - a way to use microwave links to the establishment of the reverse channel; way to get a positive color TV images from color negatives, etc.

. For many years, Sergey was a member of the Academic Councils of MEIS and MEI, Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR, a member of the Presidium of the Central Board of NTORES
. A. S. Popov, chairman of the Moscow city government NTORES (1961-1986 gg. ), Chairman of the Television section of the CPU NTORES, scientific advisor of interdepartmental commission on color television in the USSR Radio and Television.

Sergey - Honorary Member of RNTORES them. A. S. Popov, Honorary radioman, Master of Communication, Life member of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He was awarded honorary diploma for active cooperation between the USSR. and the GDR (1971. ), Honorable Mention Center for the CMEA member countries on the development of medical technology (1974. ) Orders of Honor, "the October Revolution, 12 medals.

Sergey has made a major contribution to the development of the theory and practice of television systems for various applications. Experienced, . enterprising organizer, . experimenter and inventor, . talented teacher, a tireless worker, . attentive mentor young, . thoughtful historian industry, . prolific writer, . Sergey enjoys the deep respect of his colleagues, . Students, . public radio.,

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Novakovskaya Sergey, photo, biography
Novakovskaya Sergey, photo, biography Novakovskaya Sergey  Scientific, photo, biography
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