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Biography TERENT'EV Boris
photo TERENT'EV Boris
Boris Petrovich Terent'ev - a great scientist and inventor, honored worker of science and technology, doctor of technical sciences, Professor. He has made a significant contribution to the establishment and development radiostroitelstva in our country and has trained numerous cadres of highly qualified specialists.

. A talented engineer, designer of the electronic equipment, the founder of scientific schools, a prominent educator, author of numerous books, articles and inventions, an active public figure, B
. P. Terentyev for decades remained a well-known public sector. Its design includes a history of practical radio engineering in Russia, but in his writings constantly referred to all the new generation of communications specialists and radio.

Muscovite, Boris born on 14 December 1899. He graduated from the 5-th Moscow school. He was an electrician, then a radio technician at the famous Khodynskoe radio, which gave the direction of its activities. He studied at the College for communications, graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School. Supervised the construction of the first radio transmission line in Moscow on Tverskaya Street, then the first long-distance radio transmission line Moscow - Voronezh. He worked as chief of station "Radio Program", a design engineer Institute of Radio Equipment. As a Head of Laboratory Institute Commissariat connection. Under the leadership of Boris Petrovich developed photo-equipment, . transmitter power of 3 kW for Moscow's ties with Berlin, . experienced transmitter NKsvyazi 20 kW, . worked on a wave 800 meters (the best on quality indicators at the time), . shortwave radiotelephone transmitter is 40 kW to link Moscow - Tashkent,
. While working on advanced transmitter Boris proposed a scheme for simultaneous transmission of telephone and telegraph signals, the phase automatic frequency control, widely used in the present.

. Boris was directly involved in addressing the many practical and scientific problems associated with the use of wireless devices and techniques in various fields of technology
. A consultant at SRI "Spetsstroy" by doing a number of works to improve the efficiency of radio stations; consultant NII GVF, where he developed radar altimeter instrument and a blind landing, as well as transmitters and VHF ranges KB. Participated in the execution of works on aviation radio technology in TsAGI.

. During the Great Patriotic War, worked extensively for Radio personnel training for the Soviet Army, participated in the creation of radio equipment - designed and built a KB powerful transmitter to communicate with America, established in 1942-1943 he
. at the October radio center, at the Research Institute of Radio created radiopritsel for fighter involved in the use of radio frequency currents for hardening steel.

. In the postwar years under the leadership of Boris Petrovich had made a number of developments: e protection rectifiers powerful transmitters, . to create an electronic telegraph, . systems of phase synchronization, . measuring transmitter power, . the addition of transmitter power, . study a new method of amplitude modulation - changes due to load, . to suppress harmonics KB transmitters, . Power and many others.,

. He was one of the founders of both developed into the present radio communications with mobile objects.

. Being very young, Boris began teaching - first in the College context, then institutions of higher education - the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute, Academy of Telecommunications
. V. N. Podbel'skogo. Supervised established under his leadership, the Department of transmitting devices Academy, subsequently converted to the Moscow Institute of Engineers of communication.

Under the leadership and personal involvement of B. P. Terent'eva in different years were delivered courses: "Rectifiers", "Equipment for transmitting the centers", "Radiobyuro lines and radio communications, with all the necessary forms of educational work.

He had a real talent of the teacher. Lectures Boris read brilliantly: liveliness and clarity of presentation is organically combined with the depth of production problems, the novelty of the material presented. And the examiner was a strict. Students, and graduate students so interpreted his initials - BPL: "Boris!" Put your top three! ". Protect students laboratory Boris spent not at the table, and in the laboratory setup. And to answer the questions the student was not so much words as meaningful clear actions with the equipment. Laboratory workshop, methodically researched and deeply embodied in metal "under the direct supervision of" BPL ", took two semesters, and 17 rigidly interconnected three-hour laboratory work each. At least four times during the work of Boris Petrovich at the department and laboratory facilities are fully updated and improved continuously. The role of the laboratory workshop (with a two-month practice at the Radio Engineering Center) in the preparation of future engineers-radio operator was very significant.

Under the direction of B. P. Terent'eva prepared and defended more than 50 Ph.D. and doctoral theses. They personally and co-authored published nearly 100 printed works, among them 12 monographs, textbooks, teaching aids. Tutorial for a transmitter, written under his guidance and with his participation in 1962, is still considered in its classical part of the best. In the currently used textbook, written by disciples of Boris Petrovich, the authors attempt at the present stage of technological development to follow his methodological traditions. On his creativity speak and 19 inventor's certificates.

. Boris for many years participated in the edition of the journal "Telecommunications", a number of editorial boards of journals, a member of the Higher Attestation Commission.

. Merits B
. P. Terent'eva in the development of national radio engineering awarded orders of Labor Red Banner of Honor, medals and honorary diplomas.

Boris went on to work productively and once in 1970. almost completely lost sight. There remained a Professor of radio transmitting devices MEIS, advising graduate students, researchers, had business contacts with the specialists of industrial enterprises. His career and publications have been reflected in the biographical index of "Blind leaders of science and culture" (Volume IV, Moscow, 1981).

Labor continued its activities until 1979, Mr.. Boris died after a serious illness June 8, 1995.

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TERENT'EV Boris, photo, biography
TERENT'EV Boris, photo, biography TERENT'EV Boris  Scientist and inventor, photo, biography
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