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Timofeyev Petro

( Scientist and inventor)

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Biography Timofeyev Petro
Peter V. Timofeev (1902-1982 gg.) - Scientist and inventor in the field of electronics. His main scientific works were devoted to the photoelectric effect and the secondary emission from complex surfaces. P. V. Timofeev, organized the first in the USSR industrial production of solar cells, created a number of new photonics devices, widely used in film, television, special equipment, as well as in research.

P. V. Timofeev was at the forefront of regular broadcasting from Moscow, which began in October 1931. He suggested photocells with secondary emission for the first television cameras. In 1934, Mr.. All-Union Electrotechnical Institute (VEI) was set up TV installation with development iconoscope P. V. Timofeeva. A little later he, together with P. V. Shmakov has received the copyright certificate on a fundamentally new pickup - superikonoskop.

The cycle of studies of the photoelectric effect of alkali metals, complex photocathodes Petro started in 1929. He is the original construction of photomultiplier tubes (without magnetic focusing). In 1936, Mr.. He began to develop an electron-optical converters (EOC). And in 1940,. defended his doctoral thesis "The emission of electrons from complex surfaces and its use in electronic devices". In 1942, Mr.. P. V. Timofeev appointed chief engineer and supervisor of the Special Design Bureau of VEI, worked for the defense industry.

. Largely through the work led by the Bureau of the Black Sea fleet at the beginning of the war there were devices infrared waves - IR direction finders
. Command of the fleet was transferred to the infrared lights the entrance to the main base - Sevastopol. It was noticed that the enemy did not fire on the channel when you turn on the infrared lights, because they do not see them. In 1943, Mr.. Similar lights have become the main means of enclosure of the channels and it was recognized that the sensors are based on them - finder "Omega-VEI and binoculars Gamma-VEI" - very reliable. All ships of the Black Sea fleet have been equipped with infrared devices. Comparative evaluation developed in the VEI and captured German IR devices showed that the Soviet night vision equipment for its tactical and technical data is not inferior to Germany. State highly appreciated the works: P. V. Timofeev and team EDO became Stalin Prize winner.

In the postwar years under the leadership of Peter Vasilyevich Timofeyev infrared technology VEI has successfully developed. Was completed EOP'ov with electronic focus, improved photocathodes, and screens, optical infrared devices, searchlights, lighting and power supplies. In the 60's were created bespodsvetochnye night vision devices that can operate without the tell-tale infrared searchlight.

. This principle of operation used in night vision device (PNV), the sight of Crystal-PA (for T-72) and "quince-PA (for infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1)
. PNV VEI were introduced into mass production and entered service. Licenses for the manufacture of these instruments were transmitted to many allied countries.

By the end of the 50-ies P. V. Timofeev set a new task: to create devices for the vision of objects at the expense of their own thermal radiation. Subsequently, such devices are called thermal imagers. In 1975. the first time in the Soviet Union was developed and adopted for thermal air reconnaissance complex "Open space" in which the photographic heat maps of the terrain from the aircraft and transfer of information on the ground. Much attention P. V. Timofeev given to the establishment of thermal imagers for use in medicine. In the late 60-ies of the USSR Ministry of Health recommended that the thermal imager VEI for mass production.

By the end of the 70-ies thermal imagers found quite a broad military and civilian applications, but their radiation receivers require cooling with liquid nitrogen. P. Timofeev set the task: to create a thermal imager without cooling. A sample of such a device was used in the field when checking the reliability of thermal camouflage objects.

Even before the advent of lasers Petro began research on light location. The result is a light locators, defining the lower boundary of the clouds, mastered their production. "Oblakatory" found almost all the airfields of the Soviet Union.

P. V. Timofeev has pioneered the development of the first "Storage tube" - special oscilloscope tubes and oscilloscopes for high technology. These oscilloscopes and today are the best for high-voltage research and used in several laboratories.

Peter V. Timofeyev was one of the founders of the Russian school of Photonics and infrared. He had a huge impact on not only domestic but also global photonics. In 1959, Mr.. He was elected an honorary member of the American Institute of Radio Engineers.

. Activity Peter Vasilyevich Timofeyev has always characterized the scientific vision, the ability to find the most relevant in the future directions of development of photonics and a clear desire to bring development to the introduction
. Many of them today are mass-produced.

Honors P. V. Timofeeva been noted repeatedly by the Government and the scientific community (National Award - 1946 and 1951.; Title of "Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR - 1947; Corr. Artillery Academy of Sciences of the USSR - in 1949, corr. USSR - 1953). In 1982, Mr.. Peter Vasilyevich was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

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Timofeyev Petro, photo, biography
Timofeyev Petro, photo, biography Timofeyev Petro  Scientist and inventor, photo, biography
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