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Nikolay Chistyakov Iosafovich

( Scientist and inventor)

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Biography Nikolay Chistyakov Iosafovich
Nikolay Chistyakov Iosafovich - famous Moscow professor, a prominent Russia specialist in the field of radio engineering

Books H. I. Chistyakov translated into many foreign languages and served as the foundation of knowledge for thousands of professionals in many countries have chosen their radio technician, radio communications and broadcasting.

. It affects a huge amount of research and education work done by N
. I. Chistyakov the past nearly 70 years. Admires his encyclopedic, enthusiasm and constant aspiration for the future.

Born H. I. Chistyakov in Moscow on 16 July 1914. Family Professor of Mathematics Petroleum Institute. I. M. Gubkin Iosafa Ivanovich Chistyakov.

In 15 years, H. I. Chistyakov entered Moscow telegraph College, where for three years studying communication technology. After his graduation in 1932. he immediately entered the evening department of the Moscow Engineering Institute of Communications (now MTUCI), of which the greater part of his life as a scientist and educator. In the same year he began work as a senior technician at Reutovskaya node communication. A few months later he moved to the Research Institute of Communication - first as a technician and then as an engineer.

While still a student in displaying a bright talent H. I. Chistyakov as a teacher and scholar. In 1935, while still a student, he began his teaching career, began to read lectures at the rate of radio receivers on the specialty radio and broadcasting ". Immediately after the defense of diploma H. I. Chistyakov enters the post-graduate institute and continues to teach at the department of radio receivers, zaveduya while teaching laboratory. In 1939, at age 25, he successfully defends his thesis and became an assistant professor.

By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, h. I. Chistyakov - a recognized expert in the country in the field of radio receivers technology. From the first days of war H. I. Chistyakov drawn to the development of radio equipment for domestic aviation. In 1940. he transferred to work in the Research Institute for aircraft equipment (INSS). In this institute, he worked for 8 years - first senior research engineer, then - head of the laboratory, and from 1943. - Head of Department.

In the INSS has not ceased active research is N. I. Chistyakov. In 1946, Mr.. He defended his thesis, and it will receive the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Since 1948. N. And Chistyakov returns to the pedagogical work. In 1948 and 1949. he - Professor of electrical and radio equipment of the Academy of the aviation industry, from 1950 to 1952. - Associate Professor of the Moscow Energy Institute.

In 1952, Mr.. N. I. Chistyakov returns MTUCI and permanent, for 35 years, heads the department of radio receivers. In the same institute, he continues to work at the present time.

. Zaveduya chair in MTUCI while lecturing at the rate of radio receivers in many major Russian institutions, . - Such, . as the Moscow Aviation Institute, . Moscow Power Engineering Institute, . Moscow Aviation Technology Institute, . Moscow Higher Technical School of,
. Bauman, All-Union Correspondence Institute of Electrical Communications and others, H. I. Chistyakov participated in the preparation of hundreds, and possibly thousands of Soviet specialists.

The Department H. I. Chistyakov conducted extensive research and created the invention of radio. Many of these studies led Nicholas Iosafovich. More than fifty of his students defended their dissertations.

As one of the largest domestic scholars in the field of radio, H. I. Chistyakov was appointed concurrently and 1957-1961. Deputy Chief of Science one of the largest Russian research institutes - Research Institute for the radio, which were the development of virtually the entire fleet of radio equipment for civilian radio communications.

. As a recognized authority in the field of radio technology, H
. I. Chistyakov was elected for the period from 1966 to 1970. Vice-Chairman of Study Group (SG) II "Radio" of the International Radio Consultative Committee (CCIR) at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). In the next period - from 1970 to 1974. He was elected vice-chairman of IR III "Fixed service at frequencies below about 30 MHz". In these positions he worked for 8 years, participated in shaping the international technical policy development radio receivers technology and radio communication systems.

. For almost 30 years, Nicholas Iosafovich actively participated in developing the principles of national policy and technical development of radio communication and in promoting the interests of our country on the international arena
. In 1945-1973 he. he repeatedly headed the delegation of Soviet specialists sent to the meetings of the CCIR and UNESCO. n.

For 30 years he was a member of the editorial board of "Radio Engineering", of which 11 years - editor. Since 1956. Nicholas Iosafovich - an active member of the editorial board of another of Russia's largest technical journal - "Telecommunication". At various times he was a member of the editorial boards publisher of Radio and Communication "," Knowledge "," Russian "," Mass radiobiblioteki, scientific consultant publishing "Great Soviet Encyclopedia". For many years, he has to "radio receiver" in a refereed journal "Radio communication" VINITI. This section examines trends in radio receivers technology and published abstracts of all the most important articles and inventions, published in various countries.

Much has been done H. I. Chistyakov on education field for the development and improvement in our country radio education. He has more than 20 years headed the Bureau of the Scientific and Methodical Council on Higher Education Radio Engineering, . was vice chairman of the main terminological commission by the USSR State, . was a board member of society "Knowledge", . was chairman of the section of radio receivers and a member of the Bureau of the Historical Commission of the Central Council of NTORES them,
. A. S. Popova, was a member of the governing bodies of NTS Priborproma them. N. I. Vavilov All-Union Council of NTS.

Merits H. I. Chistyakov were highly appreciated by the scientific community in our country. In 1974. he was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR. In 1989. He was elected a corresponding member of USSR Academy of creativity, and in 1993. - A member of Housing and Municipal Academy of Russia. N. I. Chistyakov awarded the distinguishing signs of many ministries and scientific societies: the aviation industry, communications, higher education, the press, the State Standard, NTORES them. A. With Popova, NOT Priborproma, Society "Knowledge". He has the government awards: the Order of the Badge of Honor "and seven medals.

H. I. Chistyakov - active inventor. His ideas (in some cases, co-authored) are embodied in the 30 inventions. The first was done by him in 1941. during the war and was associated with its activities in the INSS for the development of air navigation equipment. Until 1948. Nicholas Iosafovich received 24 certificates of authorship for various improvements to such devices. Very interesting are his inventions in the field of antenna technology, in particular, for the reception of signals from the polarization spacing in the range of short waves. The last of them received certificates of authorship dates back to 1985.

From studies H. I. Chistyakov the history of radio engineering related dramatic episode in his scientific life. This episode is instructive in that it is characterized primarily to the totalitarian regime. In 1975. in one of its publications Nicholas Iosafovich opposed the directive established by the state an opinion on the absolute priority of invention radio prominent Russian scientist A. S. Popova, and in fact for the restoration of historical truth. However, this immediately led to a number of tough administrative measures: H. I. Chistyakov was removed from his position of chief editor of "Radio Engineering", . it no longer included in the composition of delegations of specialists, . traveling abroad, . the press, a number of publications, . including those signed by a large team of authors, . treat scientist.,

. Sad, and not yet understood the fact of Russia's history is the fact that many of our scientists, including a
. S. Popov, in his lifetime did not receive adequate support to their ideas and have not been able to realize them in their homeland. Because of this, their ideas have not been able to adequately influence the development of world science, . though their names are very often used by a totalitarian state for campaigns and a bitter debate on national priorities,
. And here it is appropriate to recall the saying of Jesus Christ, saying that there is no prophet in his own country. This is confirmed by numerous examples from Russian literature and history.

H. I. Chistyakov, wrote a series of vivid portraits of domestic scientists and engineers who have made significant contributions to the progress of Radioengineering. They are presented in detail the activities of one of the closest associates of A. S. Popov P. N. Rybkin, who together with another member of A. S. Popov D. S. Troitsky found possibility of clear reception of weak signals on a rumor that has significantly increased the sensitivity of receiving devices and increase the communication range. In another of his paper is a portrait of one of the most prominent domestic Radio personnel in. K. Lebedinsk - educator, inventor, popularizer of science and the first chronicler of the radio.

Considering biography H. I. Chistyakov, you can not help feeling that the life of this worthy man was already considered and planned from a young age. This is an example of an organized and harmonious whole life, every day, which is accompanied by spiritual growth. He achieved excellence in his profession and is recognized by the wider scientific community in our country and abroad.

He is one of the outstanding educators of Russia in the field of radio engineering. In his lectures and numerous books, mastered the radio equipment, thousands of Soviet engineers. Dozens of his students became scientists and took an active part in improving the domestic technology of radio communications.

Through outreach H. I. Chistyakov programs have been teaching students of radio engineering courses at educational institutions in the country, were published dozens of scientific, educational, scientific and popular books on radio engineering.

H. I. Chistyakov - one of the leading historians of Radio Engineering, regularly presenting original historical work, revealing new aspects of the history of radio equipment. They set up the course of history of radio engineering, which he had already read a few years students MTUCI. This course is, apparently, the first domestic course on the history of radio engineering.

Filled with creativity and prosperity life of Nicholas Iosafovicha lodtverzhdaet justice Socratic principle of the identity of knowledge and virtue. Through the work and the mind is being developed and improved as the man himself, and his moral principles.

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Nikolay Chistyakov Iosafovich, photo, biography
Nikolay Chistyakov Iosafovich, photo, biography Nikolay Chistyakov Iosafovich  Scientist and inventor, photo, biography
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