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Volpin Mikhail Davidovich

( Screenwriter, poet)

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Biography Volpin Mikhail Davidovich
Volpin, MICHAEL DAVYDOVITCH (1902-1988), Russian writer, poet. Born December 28, 1902 in Mogilev, father - official. Participated in the Civil War, was an artist and wrote the texts in the 'windows GROWTH' (1920-1921), studied in VHUTEMAS (1921-1927), published in journals.
In collaboration with V. Tipote for the 'Theater of Satire' created review "late edition" (1927), with the same composed buffoonery "Who cut?" (1928) for 'Blue Blouse', with which many worked. Among other works, in particular, written with composer K. sheet operetta "The Queen made a mistake" (1928). With I. Ilf, Petrov, V. Masson, B. Ardov and N. Erdmann composed for the Moscow Theater of Satire script reviews "Restructuring on the fly" (1932), banned by the censor. To play "Listen - agreed" (1933), who was walking in the Leningrad Music Hall, with Ilf and Petrov created theatrical Entertainer.

Published in periodicals lot of satirical poems, writing poems (also co-authored), such as the fable "The law of gravity" (with mass and Erdmann) in the anthology 'Year XVI'. In 1933 he was arrested and was in the camps until 1937, after his release he was forbidden to live in the capital and some cities. Of the other pre-war works - one-act comedy "Much Ado About Silence" (1938, Erdmann and aq 'Aktil), which was made by one L. Utjosov programs, as well as Utesov program "Nesmeyana Princess" (1940, with Erdmann ). Erdman, with whom Volpin met and became friends back in 1920 in Leningrad, became its permanent co-author of the decade. Friendship and constant cooperation did not prevent them to work independently or with other sponsors.

The war caught Volpin and Erdmann in Ryazan, where they were former political prisoners, not prescribed. The sponsors got to Stavropol and were enrolled in the army, but no weapons, no uniforms have not been. In plain clothes, on foot, they went along with the retreating parts of almost 600 kilometers, while in November 1941 they reached Saratov. On the way Volpin and subsistence for two (painted portraits of the peasants), and helped Erdmann go (in addition gangrene). In 1942, both were sent to Moscow, where for several years served in the Song and Dance Ensemble at the central club NKVD. In the ensemble worked as S. Yutkevich, artist P. Williams, choreographers and K. A. Messerer Goleizovsky concertmaster Sveshnikov, actor Yuri Lyubimov. Here they have created one-act sketch "Private Schulz" (written in autumn 1941, . published in 1942), . dramatized scenario of "Fatherland" (co-authored with M. Dobrovolsky; premiere in November 1942), . made Frontal variant overview "In their native land" (1942), . scenario theatricals "Russian River" (co-authored with Dobrovolsky, . premiere in June 1945),
. From the post-war theatrical works Volpin Johann Strauss operetta "Die Fledermaus" in explanation libretto A. Meilhac and L. Halevy: Dialogues were written by Erdmann, poems Volpin (premiered in June-July 1947 in the Moscow Operetta Theater).

Scenarios Volpin, and Erdmann, which were taken either full-length feature animated films, made an entire era in film. They are characterized by sharp reprizny dialogue and action on the verge of buffoonery: "The Island of errors" (1955, with Erdmann) classic cartoon sisters in. and Z. Brumberg, comedy on the stage "(1956, dir. AK Yudin) on vaudeville D. T. Lena Lev Gurych Sinichkin "fairy tale" Jack Frost "(1965, dir. A. Roe)

. Volpin and Erdman were taken virtually any topic, . if she does not incompatible with their life plants, . and enlivened it with his imagination, . personal preferences (as, . in the films "Old rider", . 1940, . and "brave people", . 1950, . reflected that, . that the sponsors have been regulars Hippodrome),

Volpin died in July 1988 in a car accident.

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Volpin Mikhail Davidovich, photo, biography
Volpin Mikhail Davidovich, photo, biography Volpin Mikhail Davidovich  Screenwriter, poet, photo, biography
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