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Kurt Vonnegut

( American writer)

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Biography Kurt Vonnegut
photo Kurt Vonnegut
Vonnegut, Kurt (Vonnegut, Kurt) (p. 1922), American writer. One of the leading masters of prose in works by modern life is presented as absurd, uncontrolled, apocalyptic comedy. The leading theme of his art - the dehumanizing effect of technology and kindness as the only means to overcome human stupidity and cruelty, the struggle of man against a hostile universe. Giving an artistic interpretation of these themes, the writer is fused together irony, satire, science fiction, tragicomedy, the spoken language of his prose contains a wealth of neologisms.

Born November 11, 1922 in Indianapolis (pc. Indiana). Having the birth name of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., he threw the word 'Junior', when he published his eighth novel, "Balagan, or more I'm not alone!" - Slapstick or Lonesome No More!. In 1940-1942 he studied at Cornell University, published in the student newspaper at the 'Cornell Sun'. In 1943 moved to the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie - Mellon University) and soon joined a volunteer in the army. He was wounded, taken prisoner and prisoner of war camp near Dresden has witnessed the barbaric bombing of the city. It left an imprint on his life and work and is reflected in his best novel "Slaughterhouse-Five" (Slaughterhouse Five). In 1967, received a Guggenheim fellowship that enabled him to come to Dresden to collect material for "Slaughterhouse". Published in 1969 the novel was recognized as a masterpiece. Film based on the novel, shot Dzh.R.Hillom, was released in 1972.

Returning in 1945 to civilian life, Vonnegut has changed several jobs, the last of them was advertising and information department of the corporation 'General Electric' (1947-1950). Recalling how he left this work to completely switch to the literature, Vonnegut said in his characteristic manner: 'I Became moral higher after this, I can not say yet. I'm going to ask the Lord in the Day of Atonement '.

Vonnegut's first novel, "Mechanical Piano" (Player Piano), a satirical view of drawing the consequences of automation, was released in 1952. Was followed by "The Sirens of Titan" (Sirens of Titan, 1959), "Mother Night" (Mother Night, 1962), a movie in 1996 with N. Nolte in the lead role, "Cat's Cradle" (Cat's Cradle, 1963) and " God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater "(God Bless You, Mr. Rozewater, 1965).

In 1965-1967 worked with the University of Iowa, during this time prepared a collection of short stories, "Welcome to the Monkey House" (Welcome to the Monkey House, 1968). After Slaughterhouse-Five wrote the play "Happy Birthday, Wanda June" (Happy Birthday, Wanda June, 1970), which was placed in one of vnebrodveyskih theaters in New York and went on for six months. Film based on the play came out in 1971. In 1973 appeared "Breakfast of Champions" (Breakfast for Champions), to acquaint readers with Kilgore Trout, a misunderstood science fiction writers and the second 'I' Vonnegut. In the same year the writer was made an honorary professor of English prose of the City University of New York, succeeding in this position E. Burgess

. Other novels of Kurt Vonnegut: "The Prison Ptah" (Jailbird, . 1979), . "Deadeye Dick" (Deadeye Dick, . 1982), . "Galapagos" (Galapagos, . 1985), . "Bluebeard" (Bluebird, . 1987), . "Hocus Pocus" (Hocus Pocus, . 1990), . "Timequake" (Timequake, . 1997), . which reappears Kilgore Trout,
. For recent publications include written previously 'small prose' Writer Snuffbox Bagombo "(The Bagombo Snuff Box, . 2000) and "God Bless You, . Dr. Kevorkian "(God Bless You Dr.Kevorkian, . 2000) - 'age' the writer's reflections on life after death,

By 'most talented living writers' counted Vonnegut G. Green. Capacious description of the writer is given in one of the many reviews of his books in The New York Times ':' He has proved his creativity, . that the division of literature on the 'real' and the rest - is nonsense, because he was laughing and sad at the same time, . because its gravity is not pathetic, . Kurt Vonnegut is a unique phenomenon. ",

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Kurt Vonnegut, photo, biography
Kurt Vonnegut, photo, biography Kurt Vonnegut  American writer, photo, biography
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